The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 3 Episode 5

Clash of the Cousins / Who's Your Mommy

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Jun 20, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • Carl gets pregnant/ Jimmy Finds out there’s another genius in the family… an evil genius

    In who’s your mommy Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen travel to a far away planet, while there, a weird looking creature attaches itself to Carl, and the result Carl becomes pregnant.

    I thought this episode was a little weird; it had its funny moments, and when Carl was pregnant all it did was make his back side bulge and glow. It was an ok episode, but not worth a 10.

    In Clash of the Cousins, Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, and Jimmy’s parents go to Jimmy’s aunt Amanda’s birthday party, and the gifts that Jimmy brought for everyone gets sabotaged, Jimmy then learns that the family have another genius… an evil genius.

    I enjoyed this episode, I wasn’t expecting that the genius gene came from Hugh’s side but the fact that it skips a generation explains a lot.

    Overall: even with Who’s Your Mommy, being an ok episode, Clash of The Cousins makes up for that giving it a 9.2 rating.
  • Who's your mommy? Carl get's a face hugging parasite stuck to his face and, once Jimmy get's it off, starts having mood swings and strange eating habits. We later find out that Carl is pregnant. COTC: Someone has rigged Jimmy's great aunt

    I thought that "Clash Of The Cousins" was funny, but "Who's your Mommy?" was weird. I found it creepy that Carl was having a baby and no one seemed a bit weirded out that a GUY was having a alien child. Luckily, Carl didn't get to keep the alien child!
  • I'm really only reviewing "Who's Your Mommy?" because...well, take a look inside!

    "Who's Your Mommy?" is a classic example of a TV show going way too far. As I watched the episode, I was saying to myself, "How are they getting away with this stuff in a cartoon?!?!?" I mean, really, Carl getting PREGNANT?

    I definitely have to critique the writing on this episode. I've always thought of Jimmy Neutron as a kids' show with some adult humor (much like Butch Hartman's shows), but the writing for this episode was RIDICULOUS! There are 8 year olds watching this show, and here they are making all these PG-13 pregnancy references (I won't go into specifics because I don't know if younger kids will be reading this review)! I'm almost 15, and I felt uncomfortable watching it.

    The other thing that bugged me was, well, Carl. Don't get me wrong; I love Rob Paulsen and I'm a huge fan of his work, but his character slipped a few times in this episode. For instance, when Carl's eating his weird pregnancy cravings sundae and he starts to get mood swingy, his voice sounds really angry- but it doesn't sound like Carl. It almost sounds like Rob is speaking in his normal voice.

    So, in all, I give this episode a 2. There were times when I'd be laughing, but as a reviewer, I think it was awful. All I can say is, if we're not careful, kids will know PG-13 things at 8 years old!
  • Two very weird episodes.

    They are weird.... but funny!

    For the first episode, Carl geting pregnant was thecraziest episode idea the JN crew have ever thought of before. It was very weird but still okay to watch. And the baby alien carl birthed was kinda cute, and when he goes off with his real mum, that was also cute. And that baby shower was funny when the girls by his new baby clothes and toys. The ending was okay when they all go round for the alien's party and the laien plays a game of electric tag with Jimmy! Awww!

    And the second segment, we meet loads of the Neutron's family members, like Jimmy's cousin, aunt, uncle, ect. And one relative is trying to destroy the family. Goddard reads it's his two cousins: A dopey idiot and a baby. When it turns out that the dopey one isn't the evil cousin, Jimmy ha sno choice but to suspect the baby-Who relaly is an evil matermind! That's funny. A baby looking like a supervillian is an abviosu allusion of Stewie from Family Guy too. Kind fo weird and crazy ep-But it's still great.
  • naughty! but funny!

    I mean, carl getting pregant is quite odd and creepy but holy cow! this episode is soo funny I laughed so hard I had to run to the he won't be after Judy neutron anymore since he's gonna be a! this episode isn't much of a good episode.*laughs* but it's still so damn funny!