The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 3 Episode 8

Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Nov 18, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • Very funny. Love the S/L moments thrown in there!

    Sheen must fight Yoo-yee who has Libby hostage after they perform at a dance. Havign absoulutely know martial arts knowlendge whatsoever, he relies on Jimmy's help, and with his old dance-teacher, teaches Sheen kung-fu. But when the effects wear off 48 hours before the battle, Sheen must go to some real training before the fight. When he learns nothing, Jimmy tries to help, but Carl mistankently grabs the dance disk and Sheen dances his way to the fight. But when Sheen is about to face his doom, Libby tells sheen she's his girlfriend. Gaining 'the eye of the tiger,' sheen fights yoo-yee and wins Libby's love. Whoo-hoo!!!!!!! Very com edic.
  • Perfect - funnny, but with a great plot too!

    The first 20 seconds of this episode looked stupid, just some kung fu kid (to quote Sheen), "Doing chop-sakaki stuff." Well, thank god I didnt change the channel. This episode is my favorite Jimmy Neutron one and is in essence what the show is all about. The plot was strong - Yoo Yee (the kung fu kid) wants Sheen's job as the chosen one and must fight him for it. In order to get Sheen to Shagra-Llama, he takes Libby. It was fully engaging and I didnt move, even during commerical breaks.

    But this episode was also just hysterical. When Sheen was doing the "Funky Porpouse" I almost fell out of my chair. I have made it my goal in life to learn that dance (jk . . .well, kinda). This episode also never gets old, I've seen it about 10 times, and every single time, I start laughing when Sheen does that funaky porpose. (EEEK!)
  • Yoo-Yee wants to be "The Chosen One" so he kidnaps Libby in a attempt to lure Sheen into a battle.

    This episode was too funny, Yoo-Yee is great at kung fo, but the one thing he lacks to become the chosen one is that he can't put his foot behind his head, so he kidnaps libby in hopes that he can challage Shenn and become the new chosen one, Sheen excepts but before he fights Yoo-Yee he inlists the help of Master Hong, witch fails terribly, but Sheen sitll manages to neat Yoo-Yee after Libby proclaims to be his Girlfriend and awakens the tiger within Sheen. Another Jimmy Neutron Classic.
  • Yoo yee wants to be the chosen one, a position held by sheen since the Jet fusion episode, so he kidnapps libby and challenges sheenn to fight for her,

    I love sheen, I love dancing, and I love ninjas, could this episode get any better? I thought I was going to die when sheen was doing the crazy porpose, and there was even a but of JC involved. Sheen is a plethera of quotes, and this episode had many of his best
  • In this episode Sheen finds out he is the chosen one is Shangri Llama because he can put his foot behind his head.Libby is kidnapped by ninjas and it's up to Sheen to save her.

    This was a great episode. It was great to see Sheen to fight martial arts style with the help of Jimmy's invention. I liked this episode because Libby called Sheen her boyfriend. This episode showed how much Sheen and Libby cared for each other even more.This episode lost a point because I really wanted to see Jimmy and Cindy dance together in the dance contest.
  • Martial Arts at it's wackiest

    This was a pretty good episode plenty of comedy and plenty of action. This episode had all of the elements of a martial arts movie with the fight sequences, the plot and the idea that in kung-fu movies that the martial artists talk to themselves a lot. Although the ending wasn't what I expected bu other than that, I give this episode a thumbs up.
  • Libby is kidnapped by a kid from Shangri Llama who wants Sheen's position as "The Chosen One". Sheen has to train himself in karate in order to save his girlfriend and stop Yoo Yee.

    I loved this episode. I loved the fight scene. heen had hilarious lines in this episode. My favorite parts were when Sheen spit his milkshake on Jimmy and Carl, when Carl said he wanted to learn how to dirty dance, and when Sheen was fighting Yoo Yee. If you are a Sheen fan you should definitly see this episode.
  • One of the best yet! A good episode to see and see again.

    This episode had everything you'd ever need in jimmy Neutron! It had some small laughs which are always good. It also had action from when Sheen had to fight and dance on the so called "Chosen One." Overall this episode was great to see and that is why I give it a 9.5.
  • this episode is awesome

    from the starting to the end i loved this episode. it was well thought of and well wrtien. who would of thought by adding konfu and dancing to a cartoon like jimmy neutron that it would be so awesome. For the first time in the series sheen really showed that he truely loves libby. Just awesome espicially the bloopers.