The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 1 Episode 9

Hall Monster / Hypno-Birthday to You

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Nov 01, 2002 on Nickelodeon

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  • good

    this episode, one of the earilest episode of the series was good

    Hall Monster: good episode i like when people get mad with power in shows its acutally funny this episode wasent bad i liked the part when sheen and carl was in the bathroom and then Jimmy caused a flood in there LOL

    hypno birhtday to you: that episode was more funnier then the last episode Birthday every day? lol i dont think i would want to have a party every day i would get sick and tired of that i was shocked when jimmy's parents said that jimmy was going to go to collage i realy belived it for a few seconds but by the look at jimmy's parents face i knew it was all a FAKE i liked these episode
  • Just average.

    The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius,
    First the hall monitor leaves and Jimmy is picked to become the new one. He gets out of hand when he involves his science material.In the end he relizes what he has done and sort of fires him self. Next. Jimmy wants to get a chemisty set and hipnos his parents over and over again to have his birthday over and over again.Not funny,
  • Both good episodes. Hypno-Birthday: Jimmy in need of a chemistry set and patience for his birthday tricks his parents into thinking it's his birthday. Hall Monster: Chosen to be the new hall monitor, Jimmy begins to exert hi

    I liked both of these episodes, but I'm leaning in favor of Hall Monster. In Hypno-Birthday he took advantage of his parents, feels good but so wrong. In Hall Monster, he had authority! And I'm glad because of the way some of Jimmy's classmates treat him. Vengenace can be the sweetest thing ever known. Even though Jimmy did take it overboard a little.
  • Jimmy becomes hall monitor and gets mad with power. in the second part he hypnotises his parents into thinking that tomorrow is his birthday.

    Great episode, In hall Monster, jimmy becomes the hall monitor and at first everything is fine but then he gets carried away, it ends up with Jimmy relizing what a jerk hes been and gives it up (he gets himself fired). It was pretty funny, never abuse power when you have it.

    In Hypno Birthday to you, Jimmy wants to make a 4-D hyper cube and since he cant wait for his birthday he hypnotises he parents into thinking that tomorrow is his birthday. It backfires and they think that everyday after that is his birthday. It was good Jimmy has to got to summer school to payoff the clown.
  • These ones were so funny. Two fo the best ever. Good birthday episode and hall monitor episode!

    Hall Monster: A tremendous episode that I love so much. Jimmy is so funny as a Hall Monitor, bossing everyone around and letting people go to he loo for 1 minute!

    Hypno Birthday To You: Happy birthday Jimmy! This episode is cool. I just love it when Jimmy keeps having a birthday, and people start to to get bored and sick. And literally sick! Ha ha! And that clown is so funny. "And now I'm going to pull a mysterious label out of my hat!" (pulls out label) "'Dry clean only.'"

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