The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 2 Episode 8

Holly Jolly Jimmy

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Dec 08, 2003 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • On the chalkboard when Jimmy is trying to explain to Carl and Sheen that Santa doesn't exist, one of the equations on the board says 3 French Hens divided by Tree = No Santa.

    • In this episode, Cindy has a video camera. But when she first shoots the three boys with it at the North Pole, a flash goes off on it and we hear a Polaroid whirring noise. Real video cameras do not do that.

    • Hugh, trying to cover for Jimmy (who ruined Christmas), creates a new "holiday" and calls it "Pule," from pie and yule. For this holiday, you recieve pie - via Croppy, the Pule Duck (Hugh) - stuffed in your stocking. The good kids receive apple or cherry, and the naughty ones get mince.

    • We finally see the inside of Sheen's room. He has an orange UltraLord bed.

    • This is the first time we see inside the Hyper Cube.

      Actually, if you remember the cartoon shorts they used to give before the show actually debuted, this is the SECOND time we see the Hyper Cube. The short in question was when he loaded it with the creamed corn and it blew up no thanks to Hugh.

    • Santa Claus quotes Jimmy with his Brain Blast scene and his farewell of "Gotta Blast!"

    • This episode features special Christmas-themed scene-changers instead of the usual atoms.

    • This is the first time someone other than Jimmy does a Brain Blast.

    • Sam the Snowman makes a surprise cameo appearance.

    • For some reason, Nick is back in his old non-suede jacket in this episode. However, that is just because this episode was intended to air before "Monster Hunt / Jimmy For President," so he is not supposed to have the suede jacket yet. Or, it could just be that the suede jacket is not a permanent thing

    • When Miss Fowl's class starts singing in front of the school, you can see the grass. Then, when they cut to an aerial shot, the grass is covered with snow without explanation.

    • In "The Phantom of Retroland," Sheen's autograph book shows identical signatures from his dad and Santa Claus. He says, "Wait a minute?!" as if to imply both that Santa doesn't exist and that Sheen does not believe in him. Here, however, Santa obviously exists and Sheen believes in him.

    • The Neutrons' stockings were empty.

    • Goddard's red nose mysteriously disappeared between the time Jimmy's rocket blew up and Santa rescued him and the boys.

    • The elf tells Carl to just call the presents in Santa's sleigh an even 2 billion. However, that figure seems a little too low for all the children that Santa delivers presents to.

    • Jimmy said that 2 years ago, he wrote to Santa asking for a core sample from Dwarf Star NG738. He didn't get it that Christmas, but this time, he did. However, Santa's note that came with the sample said that he was sorry it took so long, but he had to let it cool for 5 years. This leaves a 3 year cooling period before Jimmy asked for the sample!

    • While over Japan, Jimmy says that they have a few minutes until sun-up and they still haven't covered Retroville. It's a little more complicated than that, since Japan and Retroville are obviously in different time zones, it can't be sun-up in both places at once.

  • Quotes

    • Cindy: A lump of coal?!?
      Libby: Do me a big favor. The next time I humiliate somebody, don't listen!

    • Judy: Hugh, are you sure this is a good idea?
      Hugh: Of course it is! I'm Puley, the Pule duck and on Pule I bring the gift of pie to children. See? Its all right here, the good kids get apple or cherry and the bad ones get mint.

    • Newscaster: Christmas has been canceled!
      Hugh: Oh, no! That's the worse thing that could have ever happened!
      Newscaster: And its all because of this boy, Jimmy Neutron.
      Hugh: Uh, except for that.

    • Hugh: What do you get when you combine "pie" and "yule"? (starts thinking)
      Judy: "Pule"?
      Hugh: Yes! "Pule"!

    • Santa: You're sorry, I still got protons where my ions should be!

    • Santa: Ho ho ho! Gotta blast!

    • Sheen: I got peace on Earth! And a Robo-Fiend orbiting death-blast war and carnage inducing plasma cannon, cool!!

    • Jimmy: I'm just a regular kid. And if a kid can deliver everybody's Christmas presents using science, you'll all be forced to face the awesome, incredible truth - there is no Santa Claus!
      Sheen: Okay ... but the Easter Bunny's real, right?

    • Sheen: How do you explain the elves?
      Elf: We prefer the term "diminutive helpers."
      Jimmy: Short guys with an ear condition.

    • Sheen: (after seeing Santa's workshop) Words and bladder control almost fail me!

    • Carl: Santa's saliva, YAY!
      Jimmy: Hold on, hold on! Now, there's no way to prove that short of traveling to the North Pole and scanning for the same pattern, and we're certainly not going to--
      Sheen: (in winter gear) To the North Pole!
      Carl: (also in winter gear) Yay! We're gonna see Santa!
      Sheen: Shotgun!
      Jimmy: (sighs) I have to work on my communications skills.

    • Sheen: (after they sing about Christmas) That was fun! (shakes maracas) Now let's do a hot salsa number about Arbor Day!

    • Hugh: Why, of course there's a Santa, Jimbo. He's a jolly old man with a white beard and a lazy eye, and every year, he removes asbestos from the attics of all the good little boys and girls.
      Judy: Oh, Hugh, you're thinking of Mr. Hingus, the housing inspector.
      Hugh: Oh, right.

  • Notes

    • Cindy and Libby received two pieces of carbon each like present for Christmas. They promised not to defame Jimmy again.

    • The voice of Santa Claus was going to be Jerry Lewis, but he was unable to do it. So, Mel Brooks took the part of Santa.

  • Allusions

    • The duet Have Yourself a Merry Little Pule, is a spinoff of Have yourself a Merry little Christmas.

    • Holly, Jolly Jimmy: Music

      Two songs were played during this episode: one featured a duet with Judy and Hugh, and the other was with Miss Fowl and the class.

    • Warp Drive: Appearance

      One of Jimmy's devices - the Warp Drive - is similar to a Game Boy cartridge or a Sega Dreamcast VMU (Visual Memory Unit).

    • Cindy: Scrooge-tron!

      Reference to Ebenezer Scrooge from "A Christmas Carol."

    • Game Force Mini: Appernece

      Libby was playing a "Game Force Mini," which looked a lot like a Game Boy Advance.

    • Sheen: Goddard, you'll go down in hist-or-y!

      Goddard's red nose is an obvious reference to Rudolph. When he turns around, you can even hear "Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer" playing in the background! Sheen's quote is from the end of the song.