The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 3 Episode 18

How to Sink a Sub / Lady Sings the News

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Nov 17, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

How to Sink a Sub
Jimmy sends the teachers away for a week into hyperspace, so the parents decide to step in. But every parent has their own way to teach with embarrassing and disgusting results!
Inventions: Hyper-chip, Rebellion (test tube with concentration of hormones to make kids challenge authorities).
Lady Sings the News
After a prank with the local TV news, Jimmy, Sheen, Carl, Cindy and Libby are chosen to lead as news anchors for a local television network for kids. But Libby's gossip section soon reveals the most precious secrets of everyone, and uses them as blackmail! Can the other kids put a stop to her before it's too late?moreless

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  • it's cool

    I loved lady sings the news episode better than how to sink a sub but it's still . Cindy is now more open with libby about her ralionship with jimmy than before she would denied it and ireally felt bad for the characters especially Cindy because libby promise not to tell and Cindy tells libby she played footsie in the library with jimmy and libby told everyone secrets like jimmy/Cindy flirting carl had paper on his shoe and sheen played with sockpuppets and in this episode be learned that they will be friends forever and that's really cool for a cartoon series because how they created the plot of the characters how the girls and boys hated each other in the first season then they become close friends by the end of the series and we learned that jimmy/Cindy did liked each other that's really cool for a cartoon to have a plot since the movie and they all learned lesson and grown and jimmy/Cindy playing the walking elephant and imagine how humiliating that should have been for the characters but it would have been better if ustace stritch haved blab it all that in my opinion would have been really cool but this was 10 overall :)moreless
  • One of my favorite episodes is Lady Sings The News, but How to Sink a Sub is not good.

    First, I thought "How to Sink a Sub" is really bad. It was not that funny as the other episodes. I thought it was poorly-written and was just a filler, but it was great to see the teachers and their personalities. But, only six teachers? Anyway, onto "Lady Sings the News". I thought it was cleverly plotted and one of my favorite episodes. Not just because of the Jimmy/Cindy relationship taking another step, but because Libby was the star of this episode. We don't really see her being that important in the other episodes, so it was something fresh. Sheen and Carl were funny as usual, and I thought it was a touchdown!moreless
  • Jimmy sends teachers into outer space. The gang does a kids News shows and secrets are revealed!

    'How to Sink a Sub' is about Jimmy sending a couple of his teachers and the priciple to outer space so that the kids could do whatever they want. When the parents find out, they volunteer to teach. Each of the three characters are humilated beyond belief by their parents. At the end, the teachers come back and they get the parents to leave.

    This wasn't the best episode, it was more of a filter one.

    'Lady Sings the News' is where the gang get their own News shows on TV. Libby gets her own gossip segment where she reveals secrets about her co-workers. The others come up with a plan so the people wouldn't believe her but it back fires. At the last minute, Libby convinces the town that she in over her head and they forgive her. As the rest of the gang leaves, Jimmy grabs Cindy's hand and kisses, which what myself and others have been waiting for.

    Though the kiss is random, I have to say I love this episode.moreless
  • it was a little random when they kissed

    i thought it was sooo cute though!i was waiting forever for them to kiss beacuse all they ever did was hold hands and im glad tat they made "king of mars" because it was like cindy only had feeling for jimmy until they came out with king of mars and i think "stranded" is the best one. i cant wait until they make another J/C episode!
  • Best of the Best... well no, but it's still freaking sweet episode

    This episode was one of the best Jimmy Neutron episodes to air. When the gang get there own news program, Libby gets assigned to the Job of Gossip. What's funny is that Libby thinks that she's a star by telling all of these very personal things to everyone in town.

    We learn that Jimmy and Cindy are now flirting more then ever. Such as when Cindy told Libby that they were playing footsie in the library, and when you see jimmy kind of fondling up Cindy, that is until the camera shifts onto them and they quickly stop what they were doing. Theres also a very special J/C moment at the end that I'm sure every single J/C fan has been dying to see, but I'm not going to spoil it for you. Anyway, even though American's are unfortunate to not be able to see this on the air yet until 2007, i found a link that will let you see it ahead of time. Hope you enjoy it.

Carolyn Lawrence

Carolyn Lawrence

Cynthia Aurora "Cindy" Vortex (voice)

Crystal Scales

Crystal Scales

Liberty Danielle "Libby" Folfax (voice)

Debi Derryberry

Debi Derryberry

James Isaac "Jimmy" Neutron (voice)

Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Goddard (voice)

Jeffrey Garcia

Jeffrey Garcia

Sheen Juarerra Estevez (voice)

Mark DeCarlo

Mark DeCarlo

Hugh Beaumont Neutron (voice)

James Belushi

James Belushi

Coach Gruber

Guest Star

Joe Lala

Joe Lala

Mr. Estevez

Guest Star

Billy West

Billy West


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • At the end of "How to Sink a Sub," Principal Willoughby gives Jimmy 900 days of detention, except Jimmy is in 5th grade, and by the time the days are completed, Jimmy will be in middle school, and possibly in 8th grade.

    • Running Gag: Carl sleeping, someone saying something important, then Carl waking up and saying, "Hah?"

    • While Libby was gossiping about Jimmy and Cindy, it shows them flirting, and Jimmy does the "Mr. Walky Man" thing, the same Hugh did to Judy in the Love Potion episode.

    • While Cindy is Co-Anchoring, she has her hair done in the same way that Jimmy invisioned her after he had enhaled the Love Potion.

    • Libby's essay which got a C says:

      "Major Report

      Back in the old time days it was hard. There were people who did not have cars and airplanes and they had to walk or ride a horse sometimes which was bad on their people feet and they didn't have sunburn. And horse do bite too, so that was something to really worry about too.

      When kids were born in old west times they sometimes got the mumps. Then the doctors did not have ice cream to give the kids so they have to stay with their mumps".

    • Ms. Fowl has been working for 74 years as a teacher.

    • The positions given to the gang:

      Jimmy - Anchor
      Cindy- Co-anchor
      Sheen- Sports
      Carl- Weatherman
      Libby- Gossip

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Oleander: Hey Sheen! How 'bout our hand puppets do lunch!

    • Principal Willoughby: (to Jimmy) You're still gonna get 900 days of detention!
      Hilgo: And no more soup for Soup Tuesdays!
      Coach Gruber: I need you to do 100 push-ups, now!
      (Jimmy begins doing his push-ups)
      Jimmy: But you're not the boss of me.

    • Carl: Hello, Retroville! I hope you had a scrumdillyicious day! Let's wish a big ol' Happy Birthday to Old Lady Nusbaum who turns 102 today! Here's a nice big weather center hug from Dr. Carl!
      Sheen: (offscreen) Just tell us the weather!
      (Carl blows raspberry in Sheen's direction and turns to smile at the audience again.)
      Carl: Tomorrow's Wheezer weather: (takes out a large sombrero and puts it on) ya better grab your sombrero, mi amigo, 'cause it's gonna be as hot as Mexico! (takes out some maracas and shakes them as he hums to the conga beat) Da da da da da da! Da da da da da da! Da da da da da... Ow, my scapula!

    • Sheen: (playing with his food) Could our parents have embarrassed us more today?
      Mrs. Wheezer: (approaches) What's wrong, Carl? Is my seven layer soy mulch too tough? Let mommy pre-chew it for you... (introduces Carl's food in her mouth and chews it)
      (Jimmy and Sheen get sicken)
      Mrs. Wheezer: (barfs Carl's food on the plate)
      Carl: (eats barfed food) (enjoys it)
      (Jimmy and Sheen get more sick than before)
      Carl: (notices Jimmy and Sheen's faces) I mean gross!

    • (Carl washes Mr. Wheezer's back while he's in a washbasin showing class how to wash themselves)
      Mr. Wheezer: C'mon, son! Show the germs who's the boss!
      Cindy: Hey, Carl! Can you come over and wash my parents?
      (Class laughs)
      Mr. Wheezer: Now show them how to lance a boil! (he raises his foot full of boils)
      (The class get sick)

    • Sheen: I'm king of the world! (smacks with an exit sign)

    • Libby: What's up, y'all? This is Libby with 'Da Word'! Well, it seems a certain big headed genius has been playing footsy in the library with a blonde colleague. (the camera shows Jimmy and Cindy playing the walking elephant) Looks like this love-hate relationship is turning into ALL love ALL the time. (the camera pans again to Jimmy and Cindy on which both back away)

    • Ike: Hey, Carl! Your foot is out of toilet paper!

    • Cindy: And then, in the library, Neutron's foot hit mine, so I tapped his foot back, and he kicked mine again. I think we were playing footsie! Promise you won't tell anyone!
      Libby: Of course. You know how I respect people's privacy... So what are the guys doing now?

    • Sheen: Um, hello. This just in: I am not wearing pants under this desk. Repeat. I am not wearing pants.

    • Cindy: Exchange student, Bolbi Stroganovski, officially entered Miss Retroville Beauty Pagent today. After explaining his actions, Mr. Stroganovski replied: (imitating Bolbi's expresions and movements) "Bolbi pretty! Bolbi win pagent good!."

    • Butch: (after hearing Libby's news, teasing Cindy) Jimmy and Cindy, sitting in a-- (Cindy makes a karate move on him - on the floor)...tree....

    • Jimmy: Good evening. I'm Jimmy Neutron. Hear now the news: Tragedy struck Retroville today as local boy Nick Dean broke his leg for the fifteenth time this year. Nick is expected to make a full recovery then break his leg soon after.

    • Cindy: (to Sheen) You think she eventually report on your addiction to candy?
      (As Cindy says that, Sheen starts to pull candy after candy out of his mouth)
      Jimmy, Carl, and Cindy: (look at Sheen, stunned)

    • Libby: Ain't no way Miss Fowl's a man!
      (someone knocks the door)
      Libby: I gotta go, Principal Willoughby.

  • NOTES (5)