The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 3 Episode 18

How to Sink a Sub / Lady Sings the News

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Nov 17, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • defenetly one of the best episodes i have seen(and I have seen most episodes)my favorite part is at the end something brilliant we have always wanted to happen but i can't tell you but you will "love" it

    when people tell libby all there secrets she youses to her advantage when she gets a gossip section on the news along with carl-weather sheen-sports Jimmy-ancore and cindy-co-ancor there is a little surprise at the end what you will "LOVEEEEEEEE"i wish i could tell you but i can't the english will no
  • LSTN was a great episode.

    J and C flirted heavily a stuff but all in all it was an awesome episode. It couldnt get any better than the way it was. The kiss was awesome!!! I loved so much!!! I just wish it isnt the series finale cuzif it is nick will have hell to pay!!!
  • The gang does a news show and Libby spills some secrets about her friends when Corky wants to make them Super Stars. There are some JC moments in there you dont want to miss.

    First off, When i first heard about this episode I couldnt wait to see it. Now, that i've heard it on audio I could have waited till it came out on tv. This episode had some humerous elements but, it was too short and kinda weird. They shoved everything into a 11 minute episode. This should have been an 30 minute episode. The kiss was out of the blew too. Dont get me wrong I love that JC kissed but there wasnt no romance there. All in all, they should have made it a longer episode and not have a kiss that didnt make sense to the scene. But, i gave it a 9 cause JC kissed and it was funny.
  • I cried!

    I love this episode,it shows Jimmy and Cindy KISS for the second time in the series! It is a great episode and should stick it to Stranded's face. Well,I'll not get too far! It could be the last episode of the series,but it ended in style,I think. I can say I cried,and taped it. If it was said to be the best episode of the series,I would agree. All Jimmy Neutron fans,I can't believe I'm saying this,but if you like Stranded,watch this one first for it's great installment. I give this the highest of high tens,for anything really,and for all people who want to watch this great episode,go to

  • I missed Lady Sings The News but I saw How to Sink a Sub.

    It was an okay episode except it was a bit out of character in my opinion. So Jimmy sent out all of the teachers and tells Carl to spread the news and he tells all of the parents. IDIOT lol! So now the parents substitute for all the absent staff members. They are doing thinks to embarass their children in gross ways. Carl's mom cooks throw up and chews it for carl and Carl was giving his dad a bath. Sheen was playing with dolls with his dad and othr thinks. They start to act out of control and the teachers come back and stop the madness
  • it's cool

    I loved lady sings the news episode better than how to sink a sub but it's still . Cindy is now more open with libby about her ralionship with jimmy than before she would denied it and ireally felt bad for the characters especially Cindy because libby promise not to tell and Cindy tells libby she played footsie in the library with jimmy and libby told everyone secrets like jimmy/Cindy flirting carl had paper on his shoe and sheen played with sockpuppets and in this episode be learned that they will be friends forever and that's really cool for a cartoon series because how they created the plot of the characters how the girls and boys hated each other in the first season then they become close friends by the end of the series and we learned that jimmy/Cindy did liked each other that's really cool for a cartoon to have a plot since the movie and they all learned lesson and grown and jimmy/Cindy playing the walking elephant and imagine how humiliating that should have been for the characters but it would have been better if ustace stritch haved blab it all that in my opinion would have been really cool but this was 10 overall :)
  • Totally Fricken Wicked Awesome!!!!!!!!!

    The highlight of the episode for me...Jimmy and Cindy KISS!!!! Finally!! Total J/C shipper here. What more can I say it was awesome, and I totally loved Cindy's hair. It looked good on her. And Libby called Sheen cute. The idea of the parents rebelling instead of the kids, very cool. I liked the second half more though. The joke about it being the 15th time Nick's broken his leg this year and was expected to recover quickly then break it again, very good. Then of course, we found out about Sheen's tragic candy addiction.J/K:) An all out awesome episode, I watched it live and recorded it, go watch!
  • Loved it!!

    I loved them both. But I liked LSTN better because that it had more J/C stuff and had better Carl and Sheen scenes than HTSAS. It was an excellent episode!!!!!!! I would like to see it air on TV in the US,though. I saw it on Google video and on Youtube. I am glad El Magnifico and Best in Show and King of Mars are going to air in the US,though. Even though I have seen them, I would like to see them on TV.
  • The best episode EVER!

    I really like this episode, and I had been waiting weeks before I finally saw it (Seriously!), but my waiting was worth it, absolutely. Especially Lady Sings The News, the people who have seen this episode know EXACTLY what I'm talking about ;) But How To Sink A Sub was really cool too, Jimmy's baby picture was extremely cute! And who would've thought Sheen and his dad make wooden dolls together? (Sheen: They're not dolls, they're Action Figures!) :P
    Only now it's even more depressing to think about the fact that after the last JTPH, the show is gone... I could cry all day.
  • i haven't realy seen it yet like everyone else here that desperately want to see it. but i saw the jimmy and cindy kiss! and it was so cute but no audio!! i am just so excited to see this!! can't wait. =]

    i really want to see this, there were a few kisses in the show, but this one they actually meant it though. hard to explain. but i don't really get why they haven't aired this episode yet. i so wish that i live in Canada right now, just to watch it! hopefully that this episode isn't a let down because a lot of people want to see it. including myself. i guess that we have to wait and see then.
  • After Hearing the adio...

    ...I cant wait till this episode to air! After hearing it i think its gonna be pretty good, no better than good, GREAT! lol but I actully really want to see it cuz Jimmy and Cindy actully kiss in this episode! And i really cannot wait till that happens. :) So when it airs im like gonna be so happy! LOL! :D
  • for the love of God somebody please tell me how I can see this on audio or video PLEASE!!!!

    I really really really really really really wanna see this episode please somebody tell me how I can see it on video or audio I just wanna see it could be the Greatest episode of JIMMY NEUTRON ever besides some other great great great great great episodes PLEASE somebody tell me please.........that is all.

    p.s please tell me how to see this episode!!!
    sorry for saying please so much but I really like the summary of this episode.very violent how in the summary cindy kicked butch on the floor which was also funny.okay now thats all.
  • My personal favorite

    Wow what an amazing episode! and SO revealing(if you watch it then you will know).It also was very funny watching Sheen and Carl as news reporters(well you can imagine how it was LOL).It´s almost about Libby since she becomes OBSESED(literally) with gossip.You find out many things in this episode like for example: half of Sam´s chocolate sprinkles are really ants(well it´s Sam, what else did you expect from a guy like him?) and other funny and interesting things.A very wonderful episode, i´m sure that it will even be better than any power hour(JTPH2, JTPH3).Well I hope that it airs in the US soon(many people are dying to watch it)....Me:that´s just an expression Sheen,
    Sheen: oooh, now I get it....and an expression is a?:.....
    Me: Just forget it Sheen...
  • it was a little random when they kissed

    i thought it was sooo cute though!i was waiting forever for them to kiss beacuse all they ever did was hold hands and im glad tat they made "king of mars" because it was like cindy only had feeling for jimmy until they came out with king of mars and i think "stranded" is the best one. i cant wait until they make another J/C episode!
  • LSTN was a great episode

    Ok above all, LSTN was a great episode, and im very glad someone put it up so i could see it. Jimmy plays a prank on the local TV news broadcast, and end up becoming newscasters themselves on a kids evening news. Jimmy is anchor, Cindy is co-anchor, Carl is weather, Sheen is sports, and Libby is gossip. I thought the stories Jimmy and Cindy reported were hilarious. So once Libby starts revealing all of their secrets, they come up with a plan to stop her. The kiss kinda dissapointed me though, i was hoping for a better one with some backround music, and i wish Carl wasnt right there to see it. But i was still happy they did before nick cancelled JN. I still dont understand why they made a great episode like this only 15 minutes when it should have been 30 or an hour. But above all, it was a great episode.
  • Best of the Best... well no, but it's still freaking sweet episode

    This episode was one of the best Jimmy Neutron episodes to air. When the gang get there own news program, Libby gets assigned to the Job of Gossip. What's funny is that Libby thinks that she's a star by telling all of these very personal things to everyone in town.

    We learn that Jimmy and Cindy are now flirting more then ever. Such as when Cindy told Libby that they were playing footsie in the library, and when you see jimmy kind of fondling up Cindy, that is until the camera shifts onto them and they quickly stop what they were doing. Theres also a very special J/C moment at the end that I'm sure every single J/C fan has been dying to see, but I'm not going to spoil it for you. Anyway, even though American's are unfortunate to not be able to see this on the air yet until 2007, i found a link that will let you see it ahead of time. Hope you enjoy it.

  • Cool!

    A Great Episode! and A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A WONDERFUL EPISODE!
  • this is very revealing jimmy and cindy kissing something we all wanted to happen

    all i want to say is that we need to save jimmy neutron o yea and we need to hair something from Keith i love jimmy i love jimmy neutron i mean really cindy has some good taste if she dosn't choose him for jtph2 who will choose him really.
  • Jimmy sends teachers into outer space. The gang does a kids News shows and secrets are revealed!

    'How to Sink a Sub' is about Jimmy sending a couple of his teachers and the priciple to outer space so that the kids could do whatever they want. When the parents find out, they volunteer to teach. Each of the three characters are humilated beyond belief by their parents. At the end, the teachers come back and they get the parents to leave.

    This wasn't the best episode, it was more of a filter one.

    'Lady Sings the News' is where the gang get their own News shows on TV. Libby gets her own gossip segment where she reveals secrets about her co-workers. The others come up with a plan so the people wouldn't believe her but it back fires. At the last minute, Libby convinces the town that she in over her head and they forgive her. As the rest of the gang leaves, Jimmy grabs Cindy's hand and kisses, which what myself and others have been waiting for.

    Though the kiss is random, I have to say I love this episode.
  • Perfectly awesome!

    These episodes were great, and were perfect conlusions to the averege episode aspect of the series. These last two 15 minute episodes are a great example of this show's likeability.

    Lady Sings the News was the more enjoyable epsiode in my opinion. I loved the news theme and the reports they gave were extrememly funny. Libby got power hungry, and seemed a tad out of character, but all in all set a good theme for the episode. In my opinion, this episode felt a bit rushed, and should have been extended to a half hour episode.

    How to Sink a Sub is a perfectly accurate title in it's own respect, but not exactly what you may think at first. Sub is not standing for Submarine, but and Substitute teacher. When Jimmy sends the teachers "away", the kids party, that is, until Carl tells the parents...
    This episode was very interesting, and enjoyable to watch, but not one of my top favorites, but it's worth it to watch the epsiode anyways! I mean, what episode, other than When Pants Attack, was below decent?
  • Another reason for Jimmy Nuetron to continue

    This was a great episode. Not the absolute best, but very good anyway. First, How to Sink a Sub. Yes Jimmy, send your teachers into hyperspace. NOTHING can go wrong. Classic. The parents were funny, the teaches were funnier and the kids seemed very realistic. In Lady Sings the News, they figured it out perfectly. Like the Jimmy Cindy news segment being a total rip of SNL's weekend news review or w/e it's called, great. Stories: great. Sheen: great. Carl: Carl. Libby: annoying as anything, but sets up the plot very well. If Nick thinks they should end this, they should think again.
  • Great episode!

    In HTSAS, Jimmy sends his teachers into a magical, mystical world and the school children go wild, until the parents come and take over. The episode in itself wasn't bad, it had some disturbing scenes with Carl's parents though, but I don't think it was a good idea to put it together with LSTN.
    LSTN would have been the perfect series finish, if it had been a 30 min episode, instead of just 15 minutes. There was so much cute J/C and for once, the storyline was almost entirely focused on Libby! The ending, as everyone undoubtedly knows, was what many fans had been waiting for, for a very long time. One can only hope know that we get one more season, or at least a spin-off of the show, to see where Jimmy/Cindy relationship will go now.

    Until then, I am contenting myself with fanfics!
  • Short, but funny...

    I LOVED this episode! It was... so... funny! Go to, click on the "Episodes" tab, click on "Lady Sings the News" (Part 1) and you will be directed to and part one of the episode! You would be pretty stupid if you need instructions on how to get to part 2...

    Please take my advice and watch this!
  • How great was that! Jimmy plays a prank and then him and the gang get cast as newspeople! But Libby\'s gossip section embarrases all of them!

    I haven\'t seen how to sink a sub, but you can catch LSTN on a thread right now! It\'s loaded with J/C moments, funny times and lots else. Jimmy and Cindy play footsie in the library (whoo-hoo!), and during the part where Libby reveals to the world their relationship, you can catch Jimmy holding Cindy\'s hand and running his fingers up! At the end they share a sweet little kiss.

    Sheen and his poor sock puppet are bombarded with items until Sheen\'s ees come out like a 2-D animated cartoon, and Carl and Sheen make great anchors on adult bodies!
  • I only saw Lady sings the News. And when I saw Jimmy and Cindy kiss, I was like \"FINALLY!!! ITS ABOUT TIME!!!\"

    In this part of one of the last few episodes of the hit Nick series. Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius is at it again. The whole gang comprises together to create their own news team. I never knew thatCindy could look so much older, beautiful and sophisticated. Cindy rules. Their plan has bad results when Libby starts lying about everyone. SO to get her caught so no one would believe her anymore, the gang tries to catch her in a lie. It works out when she gets so mad and hurt.

    This episode ended with all the kids being friends again. And then when they turn to go home, Jimmy and Cindy hold back. Jimmy grabs Cindy\'s had and pulls her into a kiss. It was the cutest ending to a really cool episode.
  • A bit rushed, but funny and cute.

    There are a number of viewers out there who feel that this episode was a bit rushed and perhaps could’ve easily been a half hour show. Naturally I agree with this opinion but I thought LSTN was still funny and very cute. I guess the folks at DNA were wrapping things up for JN as a whole, seeing that it’s not very likely that there will be a fourth season and all. For a lot of viewers, this is a sad realization since JN has been a great show all the way from its beginnings in 2002. What we see in LSTN would be, what most consider, the final curtain call for the characters. The slightly somber piano cadence at the episode’s final rewarding moments say it all, “Thank you for watching, it was all very fun but the show’s over now!” Looking closely at this episode we see some very revealing things. We see that Cindy’s crush on Jimmy is more “out in the open” as she’s sharing her flirtatious encounters with him to Libby. We also see that Jimmy got his techniques for wooing girls from his father as we see him briefly doing “Mr. Walking hand” with a delighted Cindy. Hey, if it worked for Hugh, why not Jimmy right? After all, Hugh still does his playful romantic skits with Judy throughout the shows various episodes. Most of all, we notice that Jimmy, Cindy, Libby, Carl, and Sheen are indeed good friends now. Their interaction in early episodes seemed more combative as girls and boys are at those ages. Now we see that they’ve grown up and show genuine friendship for one another. In the case of Jimmy and Cindy, we all know that fate has paired them from the beginning weather they knew it or not. Perhaps Cindy knew it all along, Jimmy just needed more convincing. Some other nice touches are Cindy’s hairstyle during the news broadcast. For those of us who remember that brief shot of the fantasy Cindy during the love potion episode, we saw her with hair up in a bun and a few golden strands of hair falling around her demure green eyes, Lab coat, bifocals, and a pencil resting on her ear. Jimmy’s dream girl was completely revealed in one brief moment. Cindy wore her hair in a similar fashion while doing the news in LSTN, which could’ve been the remaining spark he needed to get completely on board with this whole Cindy romance thing. The kiss was very sudden too; so sudden that Cindy can’t help but pause with a stunned look on her face. That is until she opens up with a smile that we briefly see before she runs to take Jimmy’s hand for their “Walk off the stage together” moment. I’ve said this before, but why not again? LSTN shows us what we’ve all wanted to see with these wonderful characters. They have all grown up together, they will be friends for the rest of their lives, and that Jimmy and Cindy are truly in love. What ending could be better? Perhaps there will be a spin-off show or other episodes involving these characters. In any case, it’s sad to think that LSTN will be the last minutes we see them in their world. It’s amazing that a kids cartoon could convey so much comedy, drama, and romance but as we all know, JN was more than just another kids cartoon. Everyone who watched it was always entertained or touched in some way. For now I guess that Jimmy Neutron and his friends will just move on to High School, College, and Life in general. His enemies are all defeated, he’s got the girl (actually she’s got him), time for him to move on with life and I suspect that’s where the folks at DNA want to leave it!

    Nick will probably air these newer episodes in the U.S. after the first of the year but in the mean time, I guess we can still enjoy the re-runs! “Win, Lose, and Kaboom” was still the best one of all in my opinion.
  • How to Sink a Sub: The teachers get transfered to another dimention while the kids run the school. That is untill the parents step in to become subsitute teachers. Lady Sings the News: Jimmy, Cindy, Carl, Libby and Sheen host a kids news program.

    In "How to SInk a Sub", Jimmy sends the teachers into another dimention for a week so the kids take over the school until the parents get wind of the situation and decide to step in to subsitute. There are a couple of really gross scenes but over all it was a pretty good episode.
    "Lady Sings the News" was the episode that all JN fans were dying to see because of all the J/C that were supposed to be in it. Though there were a couple of them the main focus was on Libby. The kids get to host thier own kids news program and all goes well untill Libby gets a little carried away with her supposed stardum as a gossip repoter and starts telling everyone's secrets over the air. Jimmy et al decide to teach her a lesson and make up a fake story that almost gets them all seriously hurt. But as always things work out in the end and we all see one of most anticipated closing scenes of the entire series. This episode has the makings of a good season finale. Unfortunatly it looks like it will never air and there more than likely be another season anyway. Too bad.
  • For Lady Sings the News, I was very impresssed. However, How to Sink a Sub blew the rest of it for me.

    This is one of those strange episodes in where one half of the episode is good, but the other half is horrible beyond comprehension. In this case, Lady Sings the News was the good half, but How to Sink a Sub was the horrible-beyond-comprehension half.

    This is the first Jimmy Neutron episode that's let me down (HTSAS). Lady Sings the News was fine, but How to Sink a Sub blew it for me.

    Lady Sings the News was excellent. We begin with the boys playing a prank on local television, subsequentially becoming news casters after Corky Schumatzu finds them. Libby's The Word, a gossip segment of the show, is focused on announcing Lindbeurg-Elementary-School gossiping to her audience. When Jimmy and his friends find out that their secrets have been told on television (and after a rather cute J/C flirt scene), the rest divise a plot against Libby to stop her from continuing her gossip segment. However, it goes awry, resulting in Carl almost tried by the townspeople. However, Libby confesses, and the group, per Schumatzu's command, is no longer on "Kid News."

    My only problem with that half was the fact that Carl was left in the guillotine-thingy during the episode's end. Jimmy would never betray his friend.

    Next is the one that made me write my great dissatisfaction throughout the first 1/4 of the review: How to Sink a Sub.
    Unfortunately, this one blew it for me. Apparently, Jimmy Neutron sent his teacher, principal, and coach into hyperspace. Then, the children create anarchical chaos, similar to the one in the movie (without the flood, of course). However, Jimmy is caught by his parents, and the student's parents becomes substitute teachers. Being even harrassed even more, Jimmy manually creates a hormone in his laboratory to make the students have more of a rebellious action. However, it is consumed by the parents, and after thinking the students are the authority figures, they go on a rampage, harrassing children. Luckily, the teachers are able to return to the school, and defeat the wild parents.

    All right. I didn't like it. And I'll tell you why:
    * Jimmy is FAR out of character. I can see someone else taking Jimmy's travelling device and use it for similar purposes (and then Jimmy would become suspicious of why their teachers aren't here), but Jimmy Neutron? Please. He isn't rebellious at all.
    * Only four teachers in Lindbeurg Elementary were sent? If that were so, some of the existing teachers there would, instead, substitute instead of parents.
    * Jimmy knew he'd be in grand trouble, so why did he do it?
    * At least SOMEONE should be suspicious! Usually, in cases like these (well, it's not every century you get to send your teachers to hyperspace), there is always a skeptical one; one who senses suspicion. Jimmy would have been perfect for having suspicion, but no, he had to send his teachers to hyperspace...

    Not many reasons, but that's practically why I didn't like that episode.

    So... there you go. Liked LSTN, but hated HTSAS. If a fourth season does come, I would like to ask not to write an episode like HTSAS again.
  • One of my favorite episodes is Lady Sings The News, but How to Sink a Sub is not good.

    First, I thought "How to Sink a Sub" is really bad. It was not that funny as the other episodes. I thought it was poorly-written and was just a filler, but it was great to see the teachers and their personalities. But, only six teachers? Anyway, onto "Lady Sings the News". I thought it was cleverly plotted and one of my favorite episodes. Not just because of the Jimmy/Cindy relationship taking another step, but because Libby was the star of this episode. We don't really see her being that important in the other episodes, so it was something fresh. Sheen and Carl were funny as usual, and I thought it was a touchdown!
  • It just didn't seem right.

    I love Jimmy Neutron, but this episode just seemed wrong. The people were SO out of character. Judy Neutron would NEVER do anything like what she did in How to Sink a Sub, and neither would Carl. Jimmy and Cindy would never kiss or flirt in public like that, though I did think it was about time for them to kiss. I don't know, maybe it was just me, but I just didn't like the episode. But it wasn't so horrific that I'd run out of the room screaming if I saw it again. Don't get me wrong, I love JN, just not this episode.