The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 3 Episode 18

How to Sink a Sub / Lady Sings the News

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Nov 17, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • For Lady Sings the News, I was very impresssed. However, How to Sink a Sub blew the rest of it for me.

    This is one of those strange episodes in where one half of the episode is good, but the other half is horrible beyond comprehension. In this case, Lady Sings the News was the good half, but How to Sink a Sub was the horrible-beyond-comprehension half.

    This is the first Jimmy Neutron episode that's let me down (HTSAS). Lady Sings the News was fine, but How to Sink a Sub blew it for me.

    Lady Sings the News was excellent. We begin with the boys playing a prank on local television, subsequentially becoming news casters after Corky Schumatzu finds them. Libby's The Word, a gossip segment of the show, is focused on announcing Lindbeurg-Elementary-School gossiping to her audience. When Jimmy and his friends find out that their secrets have been told on television (and after a rather cute J/C flirt scene), the rest divise a plot against Libby to stop her from continuing her gossip segment. However, it goes awry, resulting in Carl almost tried by the townspeople. However, Libby confesses, and the group, per Schumatzu's command, is no longer on "Kid News."

    My only problem with that half was the fact that Carl was left in the guillotine-thingy during the episode's end. Jimmy would never betray his friend.

    Next is the one that made me write my great dissatisfaction throughout the first 1/4 of the review: How to Sink a Sub.
    Unfortunately, this one blew it for me. Apparently, Jimmy Neutron sent his teacher, principal, and coach into hyperspace. Then, the children create anarchical chaos, similar to the one in the movie (without the flood, of course). However, Jimmy is caught by his parents, and the student's parents becomes substitute teachers. Being even harrassed even more, Jimmy manually creates a hormone in his laboratory to make the students have more of a rebellious action. However, it is consumed by the parents, and after thinking the students are the authority figures, they go on a rampage, harrassing children. Luckily, the teachers are able to return to the school, and defeat the wild parents.

    All right. I didn't like it. And I'll tell you why:
    * Jimmy is FAR out of character. I can see someone else taking Jimmy's travelling device and use it for similar purposes (and then Jimmy would become suspicious of why their teachers aren't here), but Jimmy Neutron? Please. He isn't rebellious at all.
    * Only four teachers in Lindbeurg Elementary were sent? If that were so, some of the existing teachers there would, instead, substitute instead of parents.
    * Jimmy knew he'd be in grand trouble, so why did he do it?
    * At least SOMEONE should be suspicious! Usually, in cases like these (well, it's not every century you get to send your teachers to hyperspace), there is always a skeptical one; one who senses suspicion. Jimmy would have been perfect for having suspicion, but no, he had to send his teachers to hyperspace...

    Not many reasons, but that's practically why I didn't like that episode.

    So... there you go. Liked LSTN, but hated HTSAS. If a fourth season does come, I would like to ask not to write an episode like HTSAS again.