The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 3 Episode 7

Jimmy Goes to College

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM May 27, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • Jimmy Goes To College

    Jimmy gets accepted into college by Dean Cain, to help the school win the moran grant, but when its top student get jealous he sets Jimmy up and trys to get him expelled, it backfires and he is the one who ends up expelled.

    I dont know why this series is being cancelled, I loved this episode it was so funny, Carl and Sheen where great in this one funny as usual.
  • Jimmy gets promoted to college. But a classmate, who is very jelous of Jimmy, trys to get him expelled!

    I liked this episode alot but it wasn't my favorite episode. I loved the parts where Sheen and Carl were trying to get into Jimmy's college by dancing, TPing and yelling "Toga". My favorite part was when Carl asked if togas were edible. And the part where Sheen crused the can on his head and burped... classic.
  • Yeah, it's pretty good.

    I just saw this episode five minutes from writing this review! It was pretty fine. I enjoyed Jimmy trying to catch that big-nosed nerd out. It starts well and ends well, when Cindy releases the atomic particles that bounce all over the place. And the ending when Jimmy returns home and gets covered in itchy fleas!

    And that cheeseray made me laugh my head off. It was so funny that a ray can turn something into cheddar. And Jimmy's ant-gravity remote thingy is also funny too. So, I liked this episode. It could of been better because in some scenes I was a bit bored.
  • all right

    This episode didn't have a lot of interesting humor and other stuff. This is one of those episodes where Jimmy get's insulted by people and has bad stuff happening to him most of the time. Don't expect perfect. It was allright. Not really my favorite episode on the list. d
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