The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 1 Episode 12

Journey to the Center of Carl / Aaughh!! Wilderness!!

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Jan 31, 2003 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Journey To The Center Of Carl

In this short, Jimmy creates a disease very similar to the flu. When Carl and Sheen come over to give Jimmy his homework. Jimmy tells them about this Neutron Sick Patch. They want to have one and of course Cindy and Libby overhear and want one too. We get a cutscene and then we see them handing them out in front of Jimmy's house to a group of kids. Later on Jimmy finally gets "sick" of being sick and decides that going to school would be better. Right when he reaches to his arm to remove that patch, his skin absorbs the patch and then he is bombed with phone calls about other peoples' patches disappearing.

So then we cut and see Jimmy, Sheen, and Carl in Jimmy's lab. They decided to journey inside Carl. So Jimmy and Sheen shrink themselves and the hover car and go up Carl's nose. They pass Carl's brain and Jimmy finds the bacteria that they need to make a cure. Unfortunately the bacteria has called back-up. So Jimmy is being attack. He tells Sheen to go something to distract them. Nothing that he does works so then Jimmy tells Sheen to cry. Jimmy tells him to pretend Ultra Lord has just been canceled and then Sheen starts to cry like a baby. Jimmy gets what he needs and then gets to the hover car and picks Sheen up. They are being followed by the bacteria, so when in the nose Sheen "breaks out the pepper," and they are sneezed out of Carl's nose. Everyone is healed and they learn that being in school is better than being stuck at home.

Aaughh!! Wilderness!!
In this episode, Hugh takes Carl, Sheen and Jimmy on a camping trip. When they are in the car, Hugh says that he remembers everything he did as an Acorn Lad. He tries to sing the Acorn Lad song, but doesn't remember any of it. They get to some place where they can park, get out of the car and start walking around. They walk for a while until Jimmy says that they have already passed that rock four times already. Hugh says that this open area is his own private camp site. He tells Jimmy to setup camp while he tries to go get fire wood. Jimmy shows Carl and Sheen his new invention "The camp in a box" He throws it into the air and poof, the camp is all setup with a huge TV, two chairs, a soda bar, and a semi holographic butler that can actually touch real objects. Hugh comes back and says that Jimmy did a good job of setting up camp. The butler appears and then Hugh realizes that Jimmy used science to set all this up. He asks how to destroy it and the butler says to unplug the battery back that will cause a catastrophic meltdown. Now they don't have food or a place to sleep. They hear a roar and get all scared, but they only see a squirrel. The bear is behind it. So the boys start running and screaming. They eventually get cornered. All hope looks lost until Hugh actually makes fire. Unfortunately the bear just knocks the torch away. Lucky for them Godard and Jimmy's Mom come and save them.