The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 3 Episode 19

League of Villains

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Jun 18, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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King Goobot has gathered together a collection of Jimmy's previous adversaries, including Professor Finbarr Calamitous, Beautiful Gorgeous, Jimmy's evil-genius baby cousin Eddie, the Junkman, Eustace Strytch, Grandma Taters and the Space Bandits (Zix, Travoltron, and Tee). The mission of this League of Villains? Get Jimmy Neutron. Inventions: The Essence of N-Men, The Gravitational Wormhole Generator, "Negative Ions".moreless

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  • Great Episode!

    I am quite cool with the fact that this episode had many JN villains teaming up against him. Despite all this though, Jimmy learns to forgive through Sheen helping Tee learn good and the latter releasing the boys from the prison cell on the Junkman's Ship. I also was quite touched that Zix and Travoltron reluctantly but surely followed in their friend's lead by saving the kids from the T-Rex at the end as well. As for the other villains, I'd say that when Jimmy trapped them in the Cretaceous, they got what they deserved. Another hilarious scene was what Hugh did in Jimmy's Lab while he and Judy tried to help the kids save Jimmy and Sheen!moreless
  • it was awsome

    This ep. Was awsome cause it show alot of j/c and all the villains joined forces to get jimmy a true classic but awsome i didn't like Carl so much in this ep. He was more of a follower the when they found jimmy he was blaming Cindy about what she did and libby like oh carl in that part though jimmy was more preoccupied that Cindy saw betty photo's then Cindy almost tells jimmy she loves him but can't say anything further than lo jimmy assuming she means love gives him an idea to use the love potion and kisses Cindy but Cindy denies it that she wasn't going to say love and i kinda like the parts where beautiful gorgeous and the junkman fight because it shows alot of how it use to be with Cindy and jimmy in the first and second season while in the second season the still hated each other and jimmy uses the love potion with beautiful gorgeous and junk man to fall in love with each other is like a b/j thing like a love hate thing like with Cindy and jimmymoreless
  • I really like this episode.

    I really enjoyed watching this becaus ei t showed a lot of cindy's jealousy but I think it's weird that she likes Timmy too! I tink CIndy and Jimmy work better.I thought it was a good twist that they all got the wrong N-Men packets. I love watching Cindy get overprotective over Jimmy's crush on Betty. I can't wait to see more episodes like this one. TH e make this show much more interesting. I can't wait till Jimmy and Cindy are a couple but then again it wouldn't be as good of a show. But I still can't wait.moreless
  • This hour-long special is one of JN's best plotted yet.

    With Jimmy Neutron, you can always expect some comedy, science(fiction), romance, and good-heartedness, and this one is a great exapmle. If someone came up to me, and said "which Jimmy Neutron episode should I watch first?" With a smile, I would promptly answer, "The League of Villians!" Why, you ask?

    You can catch Eusatce strych, Beautiful Gorgeous, Professor Calmitous, Baby Eddie, Grannma taters, Junkman, Zix, Travoltron, Tee, and King Goobot planning their evil plot in the beginning. All of Jimmy's help supplies are disabled, and Jimmy is abducted! Luckily, (as always) sheen has a plan...... ("What Plan?" "well, I haven't really gotten to that yet.") As they are captured, Carl, Libby, and Cindy fly off in Jimmy's rocket. They eventually meet....but Cindy is driving his rocket!!!!!

    They crash land on Mars, and the kids, along with Tee, who saved Jimmy ans Sheen, get blasted into a crater. Cindy almost admits her love for Jimmy, and then Jimmy pecks her on the cheek and shoots out love potion at the BG and Junkman. They fall in love and Jimmy and the gang are not destroyed.

    After they all go into the wormhole, Jimmy traps them in the Cretacious era (except the space bandits) and everyone is treated to milkshakes at the Candy bar and Jimmy and Cindy hold hands... how sweet.

    Jam-packed with action, romance, comedy, and suspense, this is a must see for JN fans world-wide!!!!!moreless
  • all of Jimmy's enemies come to together to do away with Jimmy once and for all.

    King Goobot, Baby Eddie, Grandma Taters, Professor Finbarr Calamitous, Beautiful Gorgeous, the Junkman, Eustace Strytch, and the Space Bandits (Zix, Travoltron, and Tee) form the League of Villians, with one mission, destroy Jimmy Neutron.

    All of Jimmy's past enimies come together to get rid of Jimmy, and they all have there plans on how to get rid of him they are split into teams to take out Jimmy lab, incapacitate his friends, and short out his dog leaving Jimmy defenceless, Cindy, Carl, Sheen and Libby attempt to Save Jimmy and Sheen from the League of Villians, while Jimmy and Sheen team up with Tee and escape in a pod, after the league shoots Jmyy's rocket out of the sky, Jimmy, Sheen, and Tee land on Mars, and are reunited with Cindy, Carl and Libby.

    When it looks like Jimmy has finally met his match Cindy almost tells him that she loves him then he remebers the love potion, and Beautiful Gorgeous and the Junkman fall in love, whith the league destricted Jimmy and the gang return to eath only to find out that Retroville had been sucked into the past.

    Jimmy finally defeats the league of Villians with the help of his friends and Zix, Travoltron, and Tee, and traps them in the dinosaur era.

    Great episode, like all of the villians comming together to try and stop Jimmy, a true classic.moreless
Andrea Martin

Andrea Martin

Miss Winifred Fowl (voice)

Carolyn Lawrence

Carolyn Lawrence

Cynthia Aurora "Cindy" Vortex (voice)

Crystal Scales

Crystal Scales

Liberty Danielle "Libby" Folfax (voice)

Debi Derryberry

Debi Derryberry

James Isaac "Jimmy" Neutron (voice)

Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Goddard (voice)

Jeffrey Garcia

Jeffrey Garcia

Sheen Juarerra Estevez (voice)

Wendie Malick

Wendie Malick

Beautiful Goregeous

Guest Star

Charlie Adler

Charlie Adler


Guest Star

Edie McClurg

Edie McClurg

Grandma Taters

Guest Star

Tim Curry

Tim Curry

Professor Calamitous

Recurring Role

Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson


Recurring Role

Billy West

Billy West


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • The alien creatures called "Twonkies" from the special "Attack of the Twonkies" can be seen throughout the episode, including at the beginning when Jimmy is showing the others the N-Men packets and the Love Potion #976/J.

    • Jimmy grabs Cindy's hand in the last two minutes of the episode. And instead of objecting, she just smiles and walks off with him. Jimmy also kisses Cindy on the cheek.

    • We learn that Beautiful Gorgeous's real name is Georgia.

    • When Jimmy, Cindy, Sheen, Carl, Libby and the villains get back to the prehistoric forest, Professor Calamitous, Beautiful Gorgeous and The Junk Man are not with them, nor were they in the bubble Jimmy put the other villains in.

    • When Sheen jumps up on the ship he is still dancing. Libby then destroys the boom box and they stop dancing. Sheen shouldn't have been dancing as he was not in earshot of the music.

    • When Jimmy sprays the love potion on The Junkman and Beautiful Gorgeous they fall in love, but in the episode "Love Potion," Jimmy said the it is the hormone that make boys likes girls. So, Beautiful Gorgeous should not have fell in love with The Junk Man. It's a possibility that Jimmy could have changed it since then.

    • Granny Taters' guitar has the pic saver on top instead of on the bottom.

    • It's never explained how the Space Bandits (Zix, Travoltron & Tee) escaped from Sheen's room and got back to their normal size.

    • When Grandma Taters says, "Put ice cubes down his back", everyone stares at her, including Tee. Tee should be with Jimmy and Sheen!

    • When Carl slaps his color coded stickers on the N-Men packets, he puts the blue one on Jimmy's. When he's leaving the lab, he drops the orange one. However, when he passes out the packets at the end of the episode, it seems the one he dropped is Jimmy's.

  • QUOTES (29)

    • Jimmy: (referring to Love Potion #976/J) Perhaps you recall Love Potion #976/J.
      Carl: Oh! I know! It's a potion that makes you fall in love from someone else. You fell in love for Cindy, Sheen fell for Libby, (hold a picture of him and Judy) and I fell in love with the most beautiful person in the.. (stops and record scratches) Nothing.

    • Travoultron: Strap him to a bed of spikes!
      Beautiful Gorgeous: Dip the spikes in poison!!
      Grandma Tatters: Put ice cubes down his back! (everyone else glares) from the carbolic ice mines of Planet Krull...
      Everyone else: Ohhh....

    • (Zix and a giant T-Rex roar at each other) (T-Rex understands and leaves)
      Jimmy: What'd you tell him?
      Zix: Oh, we told him to eat Baby Eddie.

    • Libby: But my mom said never burp in public!

    • (while being invisible) (pokes the giant snake)
      Carl: Ha, ha, I'm poking you! You can't see me but I'm poking you!

    • Carl: Jimmy said to put the rocket on Auto-pilot!
      Cindy: (mimicking Carl) "Jimmy said to put the rocket on Auto-Pilot"!!
      Carl: Hey, that's a good imitation of me!

    • Tee: (to Sheen) Does this mean you and me is........friends?

    • (Jimmy, Sheen, and Tee are in an escape pod towards Earth when Sheen spots their friends in Jimmy's rocket and points them out to him. He mentions that Cindy's driving.)
      Jimmy: This is terrible! They're coming to save us, and we're on our way towards Earth-- (sfx: record scratch) CINDY'S DRIVING MY ROCKET?!?

    • Tee: (emotionally) I'm gonna weep openly... GIMME A TISSUE, FOOL!

    • Butch: (holding up a flattened out rock approx. the same size as a piece of paper, 8x11, but thicker - and with bite marks in the upper corner) Ms. Fowl? A raptor ate my homework!

    • Sheen: (after using a comically long "pioneer trick" to find Cindy, Libby, and Carl; yelling) HEY, CARL! CINDY! LIBBY! WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU GUYS?

    • Cindy: I'd like to see Betty Quinlan try to do that!

    • Hugh: Don't worry, Sugarbooger, we're in the late Cretacious era. We have millions of years to think of a plan to save our Jimbo.
      Judy: Hugh, are you aware that most of the things you say make no sense?
      Hugh: Yes. (a Pterradactyl drops a rock on his head). . .Ow. . .That hurts every single time. (faints)

    • King Goobot: I'm King Goobot, of Yolkus, and this is my assistant, Ooblar... (points to nothing; realizes) Oh! Oopsie! I forgot... (laughs) I traded Ooblar for some sulfur butter.

    • Travoultron: Tee, you broke my heart!
      Tee: (Angry) I'll break your face fool!

    • (The gang is about to be crushed by a giant rock)
      Cindy: Jimmy, there's something I've always wanted to tell you.... I luh.... I luhh...
      Jimmy: The Love Potion! Thanks, Cindy! (kisses Cindy on the cheek and runs off)
      Cindy: But I wasn't going to say "love"! (puts a hand on her cheek where he kissed, and gets a love struck look on her face)

    • Baby Eddie: (chasing after Eustace) Change this diaper or WEAR IT, Rich Boy!!
      Eustace: (frantically running from Baby Eddie) Never!!!

    • Grandma Taters: I'm going to take a little nappy. (leans over, falls asleep, and starts snoring)

    • Baby Eddie: (after seeing Beautiful Gorgeous and Junkman kissing) Uh, I think I'm going to puke...
      Eustace: Yes, there's a good lad. Give the other end a rest.

    • Sheen: Well, maybe if you had gone along with my plan to rescue you…
      Jimmy: (sarcasticly) What plan?
      Sheen: Oh, right.

    • Eustace: (complaining) Oh, can we rap this up? I have a polo lesson in 2 hours...

    • Cindy: Okay, tell me again, why am I risking my life to save Nerdtron?
      Libby: Because you're in love with him, but you won't admit it, and we have nothing else to do.
      Cindy: (smiles in suspicion of Libby's motives) Is that why you're saving Sheen?
      Libby: (Has a realization then scoffs) No way. (smiles) I just wanna be Invisible Sister again.

    • Nick: (loses his balance on his skateboard and runs into the hydrant once again, yells) WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO ME?!?!?!

    • Hugh: Once when I was 7 years old I sat on a banana… and of course that changed my life!

    • Junkman: (talking about Beautiful Gorgeous; asking King Goobot) Why do I have to stay on the ship with the human lady?
      King Goobot: It's all part of the master plan . . .(sadly) plus, I get lonely.

    • Sheen: (to Jimmy and Cindy) Friends, friends! Let's not fight, let's just agree to disagree...AND THEN WE'LL BREAK OUT THE N-MEN PACKETS AND HAVE SOME FUN!!!

    • Cindy: (discussing what happened when they all were N-Men) Excuse me . . .wasn't there also a big orange monster that went crazy and almost destroyed Retroville? Oh, right, that was YOU!

    • Jimmy: Don't you guys remember what happened the last time we were the N-Men?
      (All say they do, except Sheen, who seems to be thinking)
      Sheen: So, what if I don't? A lots happened since then.

    • (The villains are introducing themselves to one another)
      Eustace: If you gill breathers are done! I'm Eustace Stryche, and I could buy and sell every one of you!
      Junkman: Make me an offer!

  • NOTES (7)

    • This is Sheen's favorite episode according to the Genius Sheenius or Inbetweenius marathon.

    • Jimmy said at one point that the League of Villains was made up of every villain he had ever defeated. This is not true, however. There are some villains that Jimmy has also fought who don't appear in the special:

      -Meldar (Win, Lose and Kaboom)
      -Evil Jimmy Clone (Send in the Clones and Trouble with Clones)
      -Dr. Sydney Orville Moist (The Evil Beneath)
      -Warden Bueford Lee Stormshuckle (Who Framed Jimmy Neutron?)

    • Brobot gets a minor appearance (when the characters decide to land on the moon to get away from the villains, Jimmy remembers Brobot and his annoying ways, and keeps on heading past the moon to planet Earth.)

    • We learn that the Space Bandits belong to the reptile family, because they were able to communicate with a T-Rex

    • The main characters get their N-Men powers back in this TV movie. But they end up mixed up with each character getting the incorrect power:

      Sheen: Special Girl.
      Cindy: Vibrating Lad.
      Carl: Invisible Sister.
      Libby: Burp Boy.

    • Members of The League of Villains include:

      - King Goobot (Runaway Rocketboy, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, The Egg-pire Strikes Back, and the video game: Goobot's Revenge) - Beautiful Gorgeous (Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion and My Big Fat Spy Wedding)
      - Professor Finbarr Calamitous (Professor Calamitous, I Presume, Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion, The Great Egg Heist, Lights, Camera, Danger!, My Big Fat Spy Wedding, and Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2)
      - Baby Eddie (Clash of the Cousins)
      - The Junkman (The Junkman Cometh)
      - Grandma Taters (One of Us) - The Space Bandits (A Beautiful Mine, Men At Work, The Incredible Shrinking Town) - Eustace Strytch (Billion-Dollar Boy, King of Mars, and Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3)

    • Cindy shows a lot of jealousy again towards Jimmy's crush on Betty Quinlan


    • When Jimmy keeps referring to the fact that they have to get 'Back to the Future', it could be a possible reference to the 1980s movie, Back to the Future.

    • Zix: Freeze him in carbonite!

      What Zix says is a referrence of what happened with Han Solo in the movie Star Wars.

    • League of Villains: Title

      The title is very similiar to the 2004 film release: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

    • Music: "The Imperial March"

      When we see King Goobot's ship, the background music is similar to The Imperial March, Darth Vader's theme song from Star Wars.

    • Scene: When Tee is begging Jimmy to save his bandit friends, he gets down on his knees and pleads into a microphone, "Please! Please!" Please!" Sheen walks over and lays a blanket on Tee's back as he leans forward in despair.

      This is a reference to James Brown.

    • Tee: Name and Attitude

      Tee was named and modeled after the famous Mr. T, whose fool-hatin' and head-bustin' attitude got him famous.