The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 3 Episode 4

Lights! Camera! Danger!

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Nov 27, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

The gang enters a script-writing competition, where the winning script will get turned into a movie! The director, Quentin Smithee, chooses Jimmy, Cindy, Libby, Sheen, and Carl (much to Hugh's disappointment) to star in Jimmy's movie, which will be shot entirely in Retroville. During the filming, however, dangerous on-set "accidents" start to happen, and the rest of the kids start to doubt starry-eyed Jimmy and inexperienced Smithee.moreless

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  • A parody of several different movies.

    Jimmy enters a screen righting contest and wins. Then he is recruited to be in the movie along with his friends. At first they think its cool but after accidents on stage end up almost costing them there lives after time the realize that some one is trying to kill them. Soon after they find out that the man behind the plan is none other that an old villain. Finbar calamitous. Just when it seems there going to be destroyed donut boy aka (Jimmy's dad) comes to the rescue and saves! After that calamitous is sent to jail and the gang decides to make a real movie.moreless
  • good episode

    well theres a contest in town and jimmy and his friends won now they get to be in a movie though they dont know that the director wants to kill all of them

    this episode wasent bad, we get to see what happens if jimmy and his friends got to be in a movie. this episode has some parodys of movies like they had Harry Potter but they just changed the name of it. they also have some others i think one was star wars (i dont know i forgot)

    anyway that was the funny part of this episode. The parodys of other movies. Jimmys dad was also funny in this episode. i find that shocking because he dosent come out in alot of episodes hes alittle like a background character. when hes in the episodes hes not that funny but i think jimmys dad was funnier then all the other episodes. i give this episode a 9.1/10 this episode was not badmoreless
  • really funny and clever

    The subtle humor in this episode is just awesome! I loved it to death! A really great part is when Jimmy is watching the greatest movies of all time at hyperspeed and the last clip that we hear is obviously Jimmy in Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius saying "gotta blast". Jimmy raises his eyebrows at the camera. Classic and funny. I loved it.
  • Jimmy makes a movie and a big shot director, but the truth is the movie is just a trap to try and get jimmy killed.

    Professor Calamitous in his latest attempt to get rid of Jimmy impersonates a director, and flims Jimmys movie in Retroville, He savatoges the sets hoping to finally get rid of Jimmy but each attempt back fires. This episode was just plain silly, it had alot of great film periodies and refences, I love show that do that, espically since it had two my favorite movie series Star Wars And Harry Pottermoreless
  • There is a contest in Retroville, to see who can write the best screenplay. Jimmy's screenplay wins and everyone can be in the movie. But life threatening things keep occuring on the set.moreless

    After Jimmy is told by his friends that he can't write a screen play, he writes one and his wins the contest. Jimmy,Sheen,Carl,Libby and Cindy are all in the movie.Quentin Smithey is the director of the movie, and noone has ever heard of him, not even Jimmy. Strange things start happening on the set, that are life threatening. Jimmy is so stuck on having his movie made even after his friend's protests. In the last scene of the movie, Quentin Smithey turns out to be none other but Professor Calamitous! A robot dragon tries to demolish Jimmy and the gang, when Hugh tries to fight it being his role of doughnut boy, but knowing Hugh it doesn't work. Jimmy then tells him to throw doughnuts into it's mouth, causing the machine to short circuit. Calamitous is locked up and the rest of the kids decide to make their movies, not Jimmy's. So everyone had a happy ending except for Jimmy of course.

    My favorite part of this episode was is when Cindy was susposed to kiss Jimmy, yet they both didn't seem so angry about it. The kiss didn't happen because of the rollercoaster falling off the tracks. Another JC moment ruined.moreless
Andrea Martin

Andrea Martin

Miss Winifred Fowl (voice)

Carolyn Lawrence

Carolyn Lawrence

Cynthia Aurora "Cindy" Vortex (voice)

Jim Meskimen

Jim Meskimen

Quentin Smithee

Guest Star

Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Goddard (voice)

Recurring Role

Crystal Scales

Crystal Scales

Liberty Danielle "Libby" Folfax (voice)

Recurring Role

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

Carlton Ulysses Wheezer (voice)/Butch, Principal Willoughby

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • After Hugh is told that he has a part in the movie, you can see John A. Davis (the show's creator) walking on the sidewalk in the background.

    • Jimmy: But, uh, Mr. Smithee, my movie is set in London, the Atlantic Ocean, a mythical world, and Texas! Retroville doesn't look like any of those places.

      Even though Jimmy says that where they live doesn't look like any of the places that his movie is set in, Retroville is actually supposed to be in Texas.

    • When Jimmy uses his levitating shoes to pull the gang back up to the rooftop film site, Cindy is animated for a few seconds without her sunglasses. When everyone falls into a heap on the roof, she has them back on.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Sheen: Quentin, baby. Sheen here! I knew you would love it! What do you think for the title? "Jimmy won you imbecile"!? Thats a dumb title!

    • (in the kids' movies)
      Carl: Judy, this ranch and all of these llams can be yours if you marry me!
      Cindy: I can't! For I am too smart, too blonde, and too popular!
      Jimmy: (rolls eyes)

    • Sheen: Hey, isn't Jimmy's mom named Judy?
      Carl: NO!! I made it up...

    • Jimmy: (standing in front of their booth, pleading for them to come back to act in the movie) Well, guys... will you do it for me? Will you do it for the Jimster? (winks at them)
      Everyone: (think about it for a very split second) Uh.... (yelling) NO!
      Cindy: But... we'll do it for the fame and fortune...
      Sheen: And the monkeys!
      (everyone looks at him as if he is an idiot; Cindy then knocks him out of the booth the 4 of them are sitting in)

    • (singing)
      Libby: Come on boys, we gotta stop that ghost... and save the day!
      Cindy: Halt the alien invasion, or we'll be toast... and save the day!
      Sheen: Destroy the secret formula before the cyborg morphs...
      Carl: Get rid of the mummy, save the seven dwarfs!
      Libby & Cindy: Win the big fight at the colosseum, put the
      guys back in the mausoleum!

      Jimmy: Blow up the shark and find the ark...
      Sheen & Libby: And save...
      Carl & Cindy:: ...the...
      Libby, Sheen, Carl, Jimmy & Cindy: Daaaaaay!
      Sheen: Ya-cha-cha-cha!

    • Jimmy: But when I wrote it--
      Quentin: Oh! Writer versus director ... I win!

    • Quentin: (right before a scene break) Okay, okay--okay, okay-okay-okay, okay. Follow me!

    • Cindy: You planned this all along, Neutron. You wanted to kiss me!
      Jimmy: Hey, hey, hey, I didn't know any of us were going to be in this movie! But make sure you do justice to the material.

    • Sheen: (as the camera slowly pans away, revealing llamas and monkeys frolicking around him) Behold, I am the monkey king! I command you all to dance! Dance, I say! Daaance....

    • Butch: Mr. Smithee, uh, how do I start this thing?
      Quentin: I have no idea. Just keep pushing buttons until something happens.

    • Jimmy: But, uh, Mr. Smithee, my movie is set in London, the Atlantic Ocean, a mythical world, and Texas! Retroville doesn't look like any of those places.
      Quentin: It's called paint, kid. It's cheap, and it comes in a can.

    • Miss Fowl: Libby, you look ten years younger in this make-up!
      Libby: What?! (picks up a mirror to look at herself) But I don't wanna look one!

    • Cindy: Kiss me, my love, before we are attacked by dinosaurs, aliens, pirates, and gladiators!
      (Jimmy and Cindy almost kiss)
      Jimmy: (pulls back) Wait! Stop!
      Cindy: WHAT?! Oh, you big-headed--oh, I was in the moment...!

    • Sheen: I couldn't think of anything, so I just stapled some pages from the phone book together. I call it Attack of the People Named Frank Johnson!

    • Libby: I am outta here!!
      Cindy: Your script is not worth getting killed over!
      Sheen: Yeah! Maybe wounded, but not killed!

  • NOTES (4)

    • The movie-parodies used in this episode (through quotes and other) are:
      - Finding Nemo
      - Toy Story
      - Titanic
      - Star Wars: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back
      - Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
      - Chicago
      - Forest Gump
      - Army of Darkness
      - The Matrix
      - The Princess Bride
      - The Day the Earth Stood Still
      - Cleopatra Jones
      - Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone; Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets
      - The Terminator
      - The Mummy
      - Jaws
      - Ghostbusters
      - Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

    • Jimmy's movie is called A Smidgen of Darkness.

    • This episode aired at 7:00 PM on Saturday, November 27, 2004, as part of Nicksgiving Weekend.

    • This episode marks the third instance where Jimmy and Cindy have almost kissed.

  • ALLUSIONS (28)

    • Quentin Smithee: Sorry. Those hats must have been left over from my last movie, 'When Hats Attack.'

      This is a reference to the first episode of the show, 'When Pants Attack.'

    • Guzzler

      Quentin Smithee's car, the Guzzler, is a spoof of the hummer, and is called the Guzzler because the Hummer gets very little miles per gallon.

    • Jimmy: We're not dead yet.
      This is a reference to a Styx's song titled 'Not Dead Yet'.

    • VOX: ...and your little dog, too!

      This is the famous line said by the Wicked Witch of the West (Elphaba Thropp)in The Wizard of Oz and the Broadway musical Wicked.

    • Carl: You are the chosen one.
      This is a reference to the sixth book of Harry Potter where Dumbledore says that everybody in the wizarding world refers Harry as the Chosen One instead of The Boy Who Lived.

    • Jimmy: Surrender, He who's name cannot be pronounced!
      The name He who's name cannot be pronounced is obveously is a takeoff of Voldamort's other name "He who must not be named"in Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secerets

    • Musical: Number
      Right before the music starts, Quentin Smithee says, "5, 6, 7, 8!" The band leader in the musical Chicago says the same thing before the introduction to "All That Jazz."

    • Jimmy: Lord of the Rugs

      The title is a parody of the movie Lord of the Rings.

    • VOX: Nemo!!!
      This movie quote is Marlin, a fish from the Disney/Pixar movie Finding Nemo, crying out for his lost son, Nemo.

    • Libby: Hold up, y'all! Cappucino Jones is here to bring the sass and kick out the jams!
      Libby's fashion-designer by day/FBI agent by night character, Cappucino Jones, is a reference to the title character of the movie Cleopatra Jones.

    • VOX: To infinity and beyond!
      This quote is Buzz Lightyear's catch-phrase/battle-cry from Toy Story.

    • Hugh: (singing) Who's the super-cool cop that always gets the bad guys? Donut Boy! That's me, yeah. He brings a delicious assortment of sweet delights. Donut boy! Got a creamy filling.
      Hugh's Donut Boy song is a parody of the theme from the film Shaft.

    • Jimmy: Klaatu barada nicto!
      Carl is quoting Patricia Neal's character from the classic science fiction movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still, who was talking in a robot's language.

    • Jimmy: (about Carl's name) It's Rob, right?
      This is a reference to Carl Wheezer's voice artist, Rob Paulsen.

    • Sheen: Ya-cha-cha-cha!
      At the end of the musical number, Sheen's impression is of the famous singer/piano player Jimmy Durante, known for his famous line, "Ha-cha-cha-chaaa," and his very large nose.

    • Scene in A Smidgen of Darkness: Perry Bladder
      This is a parody of the popular series Harry Potter. Jimmy and Carl act out the scene where Harry finds out that Quirrel is the villian in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. The last name, Bladder, comes from an All That skit, "Harry Bladder." Additionally, Pigpimples is a reference to the HP school of wizardry, Hogwarts.

    • Professor Calamitous's Snake: Basilisk
      The snake that attacks Jimmy and the others resembles the basilisk in Harry Potter 2: The Chamber of Secrets.

    • VOX: Gotta blast!
      This is a self-reference, being from Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, which is the theatrical movie release that started off this series.

    • VOX: I'm king of the--!:
      and Carl: Now let's take a cruise on this brand-new ocean liner!
      VOX's quote is from Titanic, and Carl's is a reference to it.

    • VOX: ...a box of chocolates...
      This movie excerpt is from Forrest Gump.

    • Jimmy: We can get other actors, right?
      Quentin: No! No, impossible! They--they're irreplaceable! Cindy IS Princess Butterface!
      This is a reference to Princess Buttercup from the movie The Princess Bride.

    • VOX: "May the force be--" and "There is no try--"
      These movie excerpts are from Star Wars: A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back.

    • VOX: Precious....:
      and Hugh: We wants it! We need it! We must have the precious donut ring! No, no, master! Not listening! I hate you! I hate you, too!
      VOX's movie excerpt is from Lord of the Rings. Hugh is parodying Gollum and Smeagol from the same movie.

    • Quentin Smithee:
      Quentin Smithee's look and name are direct references to Quentin Tarantino. Additionally, "Allen Smithee" is used by directors as an alias when they want their names taken off a project.

    • Goddard: (roars)
      In the lab, when Jimmy turns on VOX's screen to watch classic movies at hyperspeed, the MGM movie intro appears with Goddard instead of a lion.

    • Internet Movie Database: Quentin Smithee
      When Jimmy asks for stats on Quentin Smithee on Goddard's screen, the website they're looking at is obviously, by the blue tabs at the top of the page and dark silhouette with a question mark over it in place of Smithee's photograph. Keith Alcorn himself has verified that this was a reference.

    • Title: "Lights! Camera! Danger!"
      This is a reference to a common saying of directors: "Lights! Camera! Action!"

    • Carl: Zero, you are the chosen one. The world is a computer simulation.
      Carl's speech to Jimmy and the resulting fight are references to The Matrix. ("Zero" is taken from "Neo.")