The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 2 Episode 11

MaternoTron Knows Best / Send in the Clones

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Mar 09, 2004 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Judy's list for Jimmy only had 5 chores, yet he created 6 clones. This means one clone had nothing to do.

    • Apparently, it took Jimmy 4 hours to explain to the crowd about The Clones which could be summarized in a 15 minute episode.

    • Goof: When Evil Jimmy says to everyone of the clones who found him: "Well if it isn't Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Goddard and Jimmy", he missed one Jimmy!

    • In the end of Send In The Clones where the crowd is chasing Jimmy, a voice that belongs to no one in the crowd says "Follow His Ass!"

    • Fifth appearance of Betty Quinlan - she nearly swooned over Macho Jimmy when he was walking down the sidewalk in "Send in the Clones."

    • As shown in "The Eggpire Strikes Back," there's an entrance to Jimmy's lab from his room.

  • Quotes

    • Evil Jimmy: Hey, buddy, you want a pie?
      Man: Yeah! (Evil Jimmy throws the pie to the man's face)
      Evil Jimmy: (laughs) You can't beat the classics.
      Man: I say!

    • Macho Jimmy: Hey, it's the Nickster.
      Nick: Neutron, what are you doing?
      Macho Jimmy: I'm walking here. You got a problem with that, skateboard boy?
      Nick: Skateboard boy? (Macho Jimmy gets the skateboard and makes some cool moves) I don't believe it. Neutron has the moves. (Macho Jimmy comes back with Nick's skateboard broken)
      Macho Jimmy: Next time, you should have a skateboard that can handle the Neutron style. Later, Nick-o-Rama. (Nick goes angry)

    • Hugh: Calm down, folks. Just tell me what did the Jimster do.
      Nick: He busted my skateboard, dude!
      Carl: He said I'm gonna be dust in the wind.
      Grandma Neutron: He made me smile and my dentures fell out! (false teeth falls out)
      Sheen: He mocked Ultralord's family.
      (about Jimmy)
      Cindy: (dreamily) He made my heart sing--I mean (seriously) he said said things to me so vile and despicable that I cannot repeat them in mixed company!
      Man: And he threw a pie on my face!
      Hugh: (chuckles) You can't beat the classics.

    • Hugh: (whining about Maternotron) She didn't even let me play with Mr. Bath Time Ducky!!!

    • MaternoTron: Where do you think you're going?
      Jimmy: Uhh, outside?
      MaternoTron: Too dangerous! Outside is where the Civil War was held! I'm putting you on (ferocious evil tone of voice) LOCK DOWN!.

    • Sheen: Hey Jimmy, would you like to play UltraLord with me?
      Funny Jimmy: Are you kidding? Does Robin Hood where pantyhose? Hey! Why did UltraLord cover himself with mayonnaise?
      (Sheen stares strangely)
      Funny Jimmy: Because he wanted to make a hero sandwich! (laughs) Hello, anyone in there? (knocks on Sheen's head) Attention, Sheen: the village called and they want their idiot back!
      Sheen: Uhh, Jimmy, are you okay? Because you seem really weird....

    • Jimmy: Stop that person who looks just like me!

    • Jimmy: (stumbles into kitchen, rubbing an eye and stretching out a hand) Something's wrong. (opens eyes) There's no juice in my hand. And I don't smell waffles with meticulously syrup-filled dimples!
      Hugh: And there's something wrong with my bowl full of cereal!
      Jimmy: There's nothing in it, Dad.
      Hugh: That's it! This isn't a bowl full of cereal! It's just a bowl of milkless air....

    • Cindy: (sigh) What do you want, Neutron?
      Romantic Jimmy: To return a book, and to drink your beauty, Ms. Vortex.
      Cindy: Very funny.
      Romantic Jimmy: I jest not! Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? No! Even Shakespeare seems inadequate to describe your perfection!
      Cindy: Cut it out, Neutron, before I barf!
      Romantic Jimmy: Uh uh, but before that would you favor me with a kiss?
      Cindy: (shuts door in Romantic Jimmy's face) Is he for real? And what's with the bad French accent? (hears something and opens door)
      Romantic Jimmy: (singing and playing guitar) Oh Cindy, I love you, more than Albert Einstein's theory of relativity! Oh Cindy, ma cherie, oh-ho, my Cindy, won't you please come and kiss me?
      (Cindy faints)
      Romantic Jimmy: (confused) Wait, why are you sleeping?

  • Notes

    • Send in the Clones is similar to the Catdog episode Nine Lives, where Cat's eight other lives escape into the city, and at the end, there is one left that Cat didn't get.

    • 'Maternotron Knows Best' episode is similiar to one from Dexter's Laboratory, 'Maternal Combat' where Dexter makes a robot mom because his real mom was sick.

    • "Send in the Clones" can be seen on the DVD Attack of the Twonkies.

    • There is also an episode of Johnny Bravo called "Send in the Clones." Additionally, there is a segment of The Simpsons's episode "Treehouse of Horror XIII" entitled "Send in the Clones," in which Homer makes clones of himself to help him with his chores.

    • A book version of "Send In the Clones" appeared in stores a long time before this episode aired.

    • This episode aired at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, March 9, 2004.

    • Cindy does not appear in "MaternoTron Knows Best." Libby does not appear in either episode.

  • Allusions

    • In Maternotron Knows Best, when Jimmy and Hugh are watching the gross-out marathon on TV, the channel narrator says "Now back to My Big Fat Greek Infected Scab". This is a spoof of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

    • Evil: Jimmy
      Evil Jimmy was probably based on Jack Nicholson. It could be a reference to his portrayl of Jack Napier/The Joker from the 1989 Batman movie.

    • Title: Send In The Clones
      The title is a spoof of "Send In The Clowns," by Frank Sinatra.

    • Music: Reservoir Clones
      The scene in which all the clones are walking together (along with the accompanying music) is eerily similar to the famous scene from Reservoir Dogs.

    • Macho: Jimmy
      Macho Jimmy walking down the sidewalk carrying a paint can was a reference to John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

    • Jimmy: Retroville, we have no problems.
      This is a reference to the famous line, "Houston, we've had a problem," from the space mission Apollo 13.

    • Music: "MaternoTron Knows Best"
      The theme music for "MaternoTron Knows Best" was based on the theme of Father Knows Best.

    • Evil Jimmy: Here's Jimmy!
      The is a spoof of a line in Stephen King's movie The Shining. The main character, Jack, is driven mad by a ghost haunting a hotel. He is often quoted as saying "Heeeeeeeere's Johonny!"

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