The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 1 Episode 2

Normal Boy / Birth of a Salesman

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Sep 06, 2002 on Nickelodeon

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  • not so great but .

    Well i did like the episodes but not as much as the others

    In Normal boy jimmy doesn't want tobe a genius so he drains out his brain but the the a meteor coming to earth but because he made himself dumb he can't do anything and there's j/c it's really cute

    And the birth of a salesman jimmy and Cindy compete to go to retroland but at the end it's a tie and the both get to go to retroland but aren't happy about it
  • superb

    Normal Boy- Jimmy is tired of being a boy genius because he is not very popular and nothing but trouble happens. So he makes an invention that will make him normal, but it goes wrong when he becomes stupid- very stupid. At first things are alright, but soon an asteroid is heading for Retroville, and only Jimmy can save everybody.

    Birth of a Sales Man- Jimmy invents a robot that is designed to sell candy, but things go wrong when the robot refuses to take people saying 'no' as an answer. Can Jimmy fix this?

    Good episodes. B+ or so as my final grade.
  • Normal Boy; good...Salesman-not as good.

    I didn't really mind Birth of a salesman, but I far preferred Normal Boy. It was so adorable when Jimmy said that Cindy was 'kinda cute!' Birth of a Salesman was OK too, I guess, but was a little lacking in depth...on the other hand, you need episodes like that once in a while, to get back to the 'core' of the show, so it is excusable. Whilst it is not the best episode of the series, it is most definitely a very good one...I would rather watch it than any of the new shows on Nick anyday!
  • a good episode

    In Normal Boy Jimmy gets tired of being a Genius so he invents a Brain Drain helmet to make himself normal, something goes wrong and he ends up a drool Monkey.

    This was a good episode Loppy Jimmy was crazy, he was less of a show off.

    In Birth of a Salesman , Jimmy's class is having a candy sale so instead of selling the candy himself, he invents a robot salesmen that won't take no for an answer. and ends up giving all of jimmy's thing away as gifts with the choclate

    This was a nice episode,The Willy Loman 3000, was a a funny character, and not a bad sales man.

    Overall: it was a Superb episode.
  • It was not the best episode of the series!

    But it was funny! I loved that episode dearly! It is one of the top episodes of season one! I loved Normal Boy more than Birth of a Salesman! But I still loved the overall episode! It is one of the top! Keith did well directing this episodes! It is so awesome!