The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 1 Episode 2

Normal Boy / Birth of a Salesman

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Sep 06, 2002 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • In "Birth of a Salesman", the Neutron family is eating canned cranberry sauce for dinner.

    • When the kitchen items were shot through space, you could clearly see the refridgerator floating in the middle. But when the screen goes back to the house to Judy, you can clearly see the refridgerator behind her, wide open.

    • "Loopy" means "crazy" in Slovak.

    • The four settings on the Brain Drain 8000 are Drool Monkey, Normal Boy, Ben Stein, and Einstein.

    • After Jimmy presents his plates floating in the air because of magnets, the plates are two. But when the camera pans to Cindy telling him to move to college, there was only one plate.

    • When Jimmy uses the Brain Drain 8000 for the first time, he pushes the slider to "Normal Boy" (but it slides to "Drool Monkey" instead). It stays there in all the shots until just before Jimmy starts his loopy dance, where it's mysteriously back at "Einstein."

    • After the JuiceBot 3000 sucks almost everything out of the Neutrons' kitchen, a drop of orange juice manages to land in the cup. But a few seconds later, the drop is gone.

    • When Cindy presented her project, she said that lava engulfed the citizens of Pompeii. However, Pompeii was destroyed by the falling ash and rubble from the explosion of the eruption, not from the lava itself.

  • Quotes

    • Carl: (wields Sheen's Robo-Fiend action figure, pretending to make him talk) ...Don't make me PINCH you!
      Sheen: "Don't make me pinch you?!" You know what? I don't think you're ready for this. These are intergalactic warriors, you know.
      Carl: So? Pinching STILL hurts!
      Sheen: No, it DOESN'T... (Carl pinches Sheen) OW!
      Carl: Told ya!

    • Miss Fowl: Ok, who can tell me the square root of 144?
      Jimmy: (brain-drained) I know! eleventy.. six?!

    • Cindy: Tell them, Neutron! Tell them how I helped you save Retroville.
      Jimmy: I'm sorry, miss. Do I know you?

    • (after Cindy tells Jimmy to do one of his famous brain blasts)
      Jimmy: (starts his brain blast) (we see inside there's only vacuum, then a toy monkey appears, playing drums and doing several clang noises) (blain blast fades) Oooh...funny mooonkey! (claps)

    • Sheen: (pretending to grab Jimmy's nose) I've got your nose.
      Jimmy: (panicing) Ah! My nose! My nose!
      Carl: Give him his nose back Sheen!

    • Cindy: (sung tauntingly) I'm gonna have so much fun at Retroland. And Neutron won't, 'cause he is lame, and I am not.

    • (After Jimmy drains his brain)
      Sheen: Wow ... he looks so ... so similar...

    • (After Miss Fowl announces that Jimmy and Cindy are tied for the grand prize)
      Jimmy: I demand a re-count!
      Cindy: I demand a transfer to another school!
      (Later at Retroland, on the Eye in the Sky ride)
      Jimmy: I am not having fun.
      Cindy: Neither am I, Nerd-tron!
      Jimmy: Want some gum?
      Cindy: (yells) NO!!

    • Willy Loman 3000: You can never have enough ca-aa-aa-aaandy, sir!
      Janitor: I can, and I do! Goodbye! (tries to close door)
      Willy Loman 3000: (holds door open) Y-y-y-yes, this is a good buy!

    • (After Jimmy says that it's a heavy burden being a man of science)
      Sheen: I know what you mean, Jimmy. That's why I decided early on to sabotage my highly scientific brain with cartoons and sugar.

    • Carl: HUZZAH!
      Jimmy and Sheen: What?
      Carl: Huzzah. Some really goofy way of saying COOL!

    • Hugh: I'll give you one dollar!
      Cindy: Two dollars!
      Willy Loman 3000: Two dollars! Going once, going twice....
      Hugh: Eh, too rich for my blood. See ya, Jimmy.
      Judy: Hugh Neutron, you buy our son this instant!
      Hugh: But I only have a dollar!

    • Jimmy: Ladies and gentlemen! ... And Cindy.
      (Cindy makes a face at him)

    • Jimmy: Why spend endless hours reading a book when you could simply chew the book instead?
      Sheen: Wow, Jimmy, chewing a book.
      Jimmy: Oh, no, Sheen. You don't actually chew a book. I have reduced the contents of many books into gum form.

    • Cindy: (asking Jimmy about the Brain Drain 8000) Okay, Neutron. How does this thing work?
      Jimmy: (acting like a Drool Monkey because he drained his brain) I don't know, Suzie.
      Cindy: It's Cindy!
      Jimmy: You're kinda cute....
      Cindy: (makes a disgusted face, but then goes back to the matter at hand) Ugh...I'll wing it!

    • Principal Willoughby: Okay, time for recess. NO ONE GO NEAR JIMMY'S HEAD!! (whispers) That's precious cargo.

    • Jimmy: I'm loopy, I'm loopy . . .

  • Notes

    • This episode can be seen on the DVD Confusion Fusion.

    • About 4.3 million people watched the show's debut, putting it ahead of several offerings on the broadcast networks that night, including CBS' "NFL Kickoff Concert" and the WB's "Reba." It was the most-watched premiere in Nickelodeon's 23-year history, surpassing "ChalkZone's" 4 million viewers the previous March.

  • Allusions

    • Taco Bell
      When Libby mentioned Taco Horn, this is a parody of Taco Bell.

    • As a drool monkey, Jimmy writes a 7 after ABC on a blackboard. This is a reference to the ABC7 television network in New York.

    • Max Headroom:
      The stuttering salesman is a reference to the short lived 80's computer genereated character Max Headroom. Max's personality was characterized by his jerky movements and, what can best be described as, electronic stuttering.

    • Cindy: That's a beautiful horse you got there. It would be unfortunate for it to have an accident - capisce

      When Cindy acts like a mobster to try to get Gus to buy her chocolate, she mentions that it would be terrible if something were to happen to his horse, lawn ornament. This is a reference to The Godfather, where a man's prize horse had an "accident" at the hands of the mafia.

    • Johnny Waffle: Name

      Johnny Waffle is a spoof of Johnny Appleseed.

    • Brain Drain Setting: Einstein

      The Brain Drain 8000's highest setting, Einstein, is a reference to the genius Albert Einstein.

    • Cindy: (after eating the Neutronic Book Gum) Oh Ashley, Oh Rhett, I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' no baby.

      This is from the novel Gone with the Wind, but when Scarlett tells Rhett she can't birth Mrs. Milli's baby, Ashley is away at war.

    • Title Screen: Normal Boy

      The "R" in the opening credits of "Normal Boy" is backwards, which refers to the 1968 movie Charly (in which the "R" was also displayed backwards), about a mentally retarded janitor who undergoes a radical operation to become a genius ... only to find that the effects are short-lived.

    • Willy Loman 3000: References made while overloaded with Book Gum

      The WL 3000 made many references to classic books when he was overloaded with the Book Gum. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times," is from A Tale of Two Cities. "Elementary, my dear Watson," was meant to represent Sherlock Holmes, though the detective never said that phrase. "Hop on pop!" was a reference to the children's book of the same name. "You're a sor-sorcerer, Harry," is from Harry Potter.

    • Libby: Yeah, Cindy won the Girl Club cookie selling contest three years in a row!

      The Girl Club is a spoof on Girl Scouts.

    • Jimmy: Turbines to speed....

      In Batman, Robin would say this before the Batmobile started up.

    • Title: Birth of a Salesman

      This title is a reference to the play Death of a Salesman, by Arthur Miller. The main character's name was Willy Loman.

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