The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 3 Episode 11

One of Us / Vanishing Act

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Jan 24, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • I wish My Score Could Be Higher

    I wish I could give this a higher score, One of Us is probably one of my favorites from the show as a whole, I just love the plot of zombies and I think it is funny. But, unfortunately, I think the Vanishing Act episode wasn't very funny, and it didn't interest me because magic does not interest me. So, I think overall my grade would be a B-. It pains me to not be able to give it an A+, but I think the magic episode ruined the experience. Still, a pretty good episode, overall, I think at least
  • Jimmy debuts his singing career!

    I totally enjoyed this episode simply because Jimmy acts totally weird. Seriously -- how PRETTY does he think Betty Quinlan IS to the extent that he is pushed to watch a stupid show? I love how he sings! I couldn't stop ing up -- really. I'd like to see more episodes like this.
  • Lot's of J/C!

    In one of us, a mysterious show is hypnotizing the kids of Lindhberg elemntary and slowly they creep up on others. Whne Jimmy's brainwashed friends fail to convince him to watch, Betty quinlan does the trick, and ends up having Jimmy running away into Cindy, who has been away on a karate competetion. They both must run and defeat Grandma taters. And Cindy bugs Jimmy a lot about Betty. ("So, what were you doing at Betty Quinlan's house?" "Nothing." "Good! I mean- go, let's go.")

    In an attempt to impress Betty, Jimmy performs in a magic show, but everything goes awry. Cindy, Betty, Sheen, and Carl lose they're heads and are chased by an arm along with Jimmy into a cyber-room. Betty and Cindy then have a talk about why Cindy's so jealous and tells Cindy that "He's all yours." The Great Spamdini helps the kids escape. All this time, Libby works so hard to keep them entertained, it's funny.

    A great two episodes all around.
  • Wow I really like this ep cuz cindy almost blew her cover

    Well Jimmy is the only one who doesn't get hipnotized cuz he thinks the show is idiodic, stupid, and so on and so fourth any was they start to chase him and cindy comes out of a bus and he bumps into her and she gets upset cuz she lost the karate tornament and jimmy said that was great and she kicked her suit case and jimmy said no then he expalins it to her while there flying in the air and she is kind of 'okay' and they go back and stop granny taters from ruleing the world and then cindy ask him what he was doing at Betty's house and he again say's nothing.ahh... pointless jc fluff
  • Both good episodes. One of Us: The people of Retroville are behaving in a strange manner due to a TV show. Vanishing Act: In an attempt to wow Betty Quinlan, Jimmy puts on a magic act that goes horribly wrong.

    I wouldn\'t call this my favorite episode, but it was fine. But really in One of us, only Sheen creeped my out with his big pretty eyes. Also I knew that Cindy was faking because the show was almost over and she was nowhere near a television. And she was all in his about going to Betty\'s house. Was Jimmy all down her throat about Timmy?

    Vanishing Act was more funny. I didn\'t think Jimmy was such a romantic they way he welcomed Betty. But she lost her credibility when she told Cindy she could have him. Jimmy treated her so nicely and she dogged him like she doesn\'t care. I wish Cindy would\'ve taken her out just for that. Why is she jealous of Betty Craplan again? I wonder how Sheen got his head back on the right way and how much Libby got paid for playing piano, Riverstomping, throwing knives (and other things) during the magic show.

  • Easy to see why J/C fans like these episodes.

    These two episodes hint at the changes in Cindy and how she relates to Jimmy. Basically her annoyance at Jimmy’s little crush on Betty Quinlin seems to be coming to the surface more and more. This is easy to see why because Jimmy is, with all respect, Cindy’s crush and her combative attitude towards him is brought on by the fact that Jimmy provides no real amiable attention to her. Girls still repulse Jimmy for the most part save for Betty. Cindy’s frustration at Jimmy’s swooning for Betty is easy to break down. She’s wondering why, since Jimmy is starting to like Girls at bit more, she has been left out of his affectionate eye.

    In “One of Us” Jimmy encounters Cindy just getting of the bus after losing her Karate contest. She’s confused at to why Jimmy is so delighted that she’s noticeably angry, until she sees the hypnotized people chasing Jimmy. The two escape via Jimmy’s jet pack. During the ride Cindy seems to enjoy the closeness with Jimmy, there is noticeable grin on her face up until he drops her on the ground with all the care of an albatross landing. Jimmy is trying to find the source of the TV show’s signal but Cindy seems more concerned about what he was doing over at Betty’s house. Even after the two defeat Grandma Tatter’s plans, Cindy starts in on Jimmy again about his visit to Betty’s house, only even more determined to get an answer. Jimmy’s lack of experience in dealing with the opposite sex are apparent as Cindy is trying to hammer home the fact that his little crush on Betty is really bothering her. This only adds to the already fun chemistry between the two characters.

    In “Vanishing Act” Jimmy puts on a magic show to again try to impress Betty Quinlin. Jimmy actually pulls out some stops in order to woo Betty; the special saved seat in front complete with red rose was a nice touch. Cindy, of course, is getting more and more annoyed by Jimmy’s efforts to impress Betty. She secretly wouldn’t mind Jimmy giving her a special seat with a red rose herself. Since she can no longer hold her jealousy in check, Cindy attempts to sabotage the act but ends up drawing the whole gang, including Betty, into a strange dimensional gate. While the gang attempts to sort out how to get back, Cindy’s continued bickering with Jimmy finally forces Betty to pull her aside to find out “what’s this thing with her and Jimmy.” Cindy of course denies everything but Betty clearly sees the romantic tension causing Cindy’s outburst and tells her basically if she stays out of her face, she can have him. Cindy is clearly delighted knowing that Betty is stepping aside allowing her to focus on keeping Jimmy, and her feelings for him, in check.

    Both episodes have lots of funny moments, but the viewer is left with the feeling that there’s more than just rivalry between Jimmy and Cindy, at least as far as Cindy is concerned.
  • Grandma Taters so cool. Man I finally figure out why she is in the League of Villians. Oh Cindy, so jealous in both episodes! It was very funny.

    One of Us- Finally we see why Grandma Taters is in the League of Villians...and she is kinda crazy. I like how she can be a normal grandma and still be funny! Plus Cindy's jealousness was cool.

    Vanishing Act- This was funny. Cindy's jealousy reached a new time low. That was cool. The great Spamdini was cool. He gave up going to the human world just to go to pastrami world. Betty finally makes a good part in here. Plus she admits that she doesn't like Jimmy. Also she finally gets to see how crazy Jimmy and Cindy are when they act together!
  • One of Us and Vanishing Act

    One Of Us- Gradma Taters comes to retroville and hypotizes the entire town of retroville except for Jimmy and Cindy. This was a good episode I like Grandma Taters even thought she was a little freaky at the end, when she said "we'll be back". I loved how jealous Cindy was in this episode.

    Vanishing Act - Jimmy uses an old magicians magic set and accidentally gets him, betty ,carl, sheen, and Cindy sucked into it. Another great episode once again Cindy gets jealous when jimmy fonds over betty, and sheen was his craziest.

  • It's pretty good! A TV show turns the entire town into mindless zombies. Jimmy leanrs magic and misplaces himslef along with Cindy, Sheen, Carl, and Betty.

    This episode is fairly funny. It isn't the funniest of all and I won't watch it again and again but there are some parts that'll make you want to see what happens next. In my opinion, "Vanishing Act" was much better than "One of Us." This episode is one that deserves watching.
  • One Of Us: The town is acting happy...overly happy! So, Jimmy and Cindy work together to figure out what has happened to everyone in Retroville. Vanishing Act: Jimmy does a magic show to try to impress Betty Quinlan, but accidentally transp

    These both were awesome episodes! They had a lot of Jimmy/Cindy moments in both of them. In Vanishing Act there was a lot of jealousy going on between Betty and Cindy. Betty admitted that she doesn't care for Jimmy and that Cindy can have him. Cindy was happy about that!
  • Now these episodes are just plain hysterical pieces of work.

    'One of Us' was funny. A TV Show to hypnotise children into being happy all the time. This was great! I adored it. Cindy and Jimmy working together to stop taht crazy granny was the best thing. Plase agree with me people when I say this: 'One of Us' is one of the best pieces of work the JN crew have worked together to make.

    'Vanishing Act' was also great. It's kinda crazy with them going into those weird worlds, like the blank world, the digital world ad the space-llike world. That's what made it cool though-an adventure to get back to the real world. And Libby's contsant acts she has to do while the others are gone made me laugh, like when she tap-dances, or when she juggles while everyone is bored.

    Another two good Jimmy Neutron episodes.