The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 3 Episode 11

One of Us / Vanishing Act

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Jan 24, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • Easy to see why J/C fans like these episodes.

    These two episodes hint at the changes in Cindy and how she relates to Jimmy. Basically her annoyance at Jimmy’s little crush on Betty Quinlin seems to be coming to the surface more and more. This is easy to see why because Jimmy is, with all respect, Cindy’s crush and her combative attitude towards him is brought on by the fact that Jimmy provides no real amiable attention to her. Girls still repulse Jimmy for the most part save for Betty. Cindy’s frustration at Jimmy’s swooning for Betty is easy to break down. She’s wondering why, since Jimmy is starting to like Girls at bit more, she has been left out of his affectionate eye.

    In “One of Us” Jimmy encounters Cindy just getting of the bus after losing her Karate contest. She’s confused at to why Jimmy is so delighted that she’s noticeably angry, until she sees the hypnotized people chasing Jimmy. The two escape via Jimmy’s jet pack. During the ride Cindy seems to enjoy the closeness with Jimmy, there is noticeable grin on her face up until he drops her on the ground with all the care of an albatross landing. Jimmy is trying to find the source of the TV show’s signal but Cindy seems more concerned about what he was doing over at Betty’s house. Even after the two defeat Grandma Tatter’s plans, Cindy starts in on Jimmy again about his visit to Betty’s house, only even more determined to get an answer. Jimmy’s lack of experience in dealing with the opposite sex are apparent as Cindy is trying to hammer home the fact that his little crush on Betty is really bothering her. This only adds to the already fun chemistry between the two characters.

    In “Vanishing Act” Jimmy puts on a magic show to again try to impress Betty Quinlin. Jimmy actually pulls out some stops in order to woo Betty; the special saved seat in front complete with red rose was a nice touch. Cindy, of course, is getting more and more annoyed by Jimmy’s efforts to impress Betty. She secretly wouldn’t mind Jimmy giving her a special seat with a red rose herself. Since she can no longer hold her jealousy in check, Cindy attempts to sabotage the act but ends up drawing the whole gang, including Betty, into a strange dimensional gate. While the gang attempts to sort out how to get back, Cindy’s continued bickering with Jimmy finally forces Betty to pull her aside to find out “what’s this thing with her and Jimmy.” Cindy of course denies everything but Betty clearly sees the romantic tension causing Cindy’s outburst and tells her basically if she stays out of her face, she can have him. Cindy is clearly delighted knowing that Betty is stepping aside allowing her to focus on keeping Jimmy, and her feelings for him, in check.

    Both episodes have lots of funny moments, but the viewer is left with the feeling that there’s more than just rivalry between Jimmy and Cindy, at least as far as Cindy is concerned.