The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 3 Episode 11

One of Us / Vanishing Act

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Jan 24, 2006 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • The weapon Grandma Taters is carring is called a nunchak.

    • After Carl says that Sheen should look at his contract, do you notice Sheen's hair is different?

    • In One of Us, there is a brief shot toward the end where Cindy is holding Jimmy's cue cards for the Happy Show Show. The lyrics to the song that he sings are on the cards, but in the first line, "Be angry if you're feeling mad," "you're" is spelled "your."

    • Although certain types of karate have different belt colors, Cindy, with her blue belt and expert moves, is clearly very advanced.

    • We find out that Jimmy and Carl have known Sheen for ten years. Even thought that couldn't make sense, because Jimmy moved to Retroville when he was in third grade.

    • The retirement home Grandma Taters stays at is called "The Retroville Rest Home for the Old and in the Way."

    • When the kids enter the dimensional portal to return home, Betty went in first, followed by Cindy, Sheen, Carl, and Jimmy last. But it's not the same order upon exiting as Jimmy appears first, followed by Betty, Cindy, Carl and Sheen last.

    • When Sheen interupts Jimmy, who is talking to Spamdini, his head is facing forward on his shoulders, instead of backwards, as it should be.

  • Quotes

    • Cindy: (after whacking Jimmy on with her head) Oh, sorry. I have 2 left feet. Oh, wait. NO I DON'T!

    • Jimmy: Come on! Magic is so lame.
      Betty: I think magic is awesome!
      Jimmy: Me, too! In fact, I've been doing it for years!

    • Grandma Taters: I guess I'll be going now.
      Jimmy: But I'm confused. Isn't this where you live?
      Grandma Taters: No! This is just a one-week gate.
      (Grandma Taters calls a flying saucer by the press of a button. The flying saucer arrives and Grandma Taters' twin sisters come out)
      Grandma Taters: I'm sorry, girls. I failed.
      Grandma Taters' Twin Sister 1: That's all right, Ally.
      Grandma Taters' Twin Sister 2: Come in and have some muffins--
      Grandma Taters' Twin Sister 3: --and brain juice.

    • Sheen: (as a happy zombie) Hi, Jimmy! I saw the most glorious TV show last night!
      Jimmy: Let me guess... Is there a 'UltraLord' word anywhere on the title?
      Sheen: No. It's called the Happy Show Show. You gotta watch it! It will make me... veeery happy!

    • Sheen: (to Betty) Wow, this is the first time I've ever really gotten into art. You get it? Into art? You didn't get it? 'Cause we-we're in the art-
      Betty: I get it.

    • Cindy: That's her? She's so sweet and innocent looking.
      Jimmy: Yeah, so are child stars.

    • Jimmy: Being different is what keeps us all from being a pack of mindless meat puppets.

    • Bolbi: (Butch is about to throw Bolbi to the trash) Wait! Bolbi not recyclable!

    • Jimmy: Libby did you just turn some music off?

    • (Jimmy looks through the window that Betty is watching Grandma Tatters's show)
      Jimmy: (concentrates) Argh! Betty's worth it, Betty's worth it.

    • Cindy: Jimmy! I'm so happy to see you!
      Jimmy: I'm not happy to see YOU happy!

    • Sheen: Don't worry! They can't hide from us forever.
      Carl: (puts a hand on Sheen's shoulder and smiles) What a happy thought.

    • Carl: Jimmy! Jimmy!!
      Jimmy: Whats the matter?
      Carl: It's Sheen! He's acting REALLY wierd!
      Jimmy: Yeah, Carl? Where have you been for the last ten years?

    • Jimmy: Hey, Cindy, you're not happy!
      Cindy: No, but I'm filthy. AND I lost at the karate competition to a six year old beige belt on CRUTCHES!
      Jimmy: That's great!
      Cindy: (assuming an attack stance) WHAT?!

    • Jimmy: (singing) Be angry if you're feeling mad. And if you're sad, be weepy. But don't be happy all the time, 'cause frankly, it's creepy. (stops singing) Oh dear, I'm talented.
      Cindy: (sighs irritated, rolls her eyes) Oh, boy...

    • Cindy: So ... why were you at Betty Quinlan's house?
      Jimmy: Research....

    • Betty: Look, tell me all about this you and Neutron thing.
      Cindy: "Thing"? What "thing"? There's no "thing"! We've never had a "thing"!
      Betty: Yeah, right...Just relax and keep out of my face. He's all yours.
      Cindy: (quietly, after Betty walks away) YES!

    • Sheen: Ow, ow, six syllable words hurt my brain!!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Jimmy and friends: Jumping through painting portal.
      This is a reference to the painting worlds Bowser turned the paintings of Princess Peach's castle into in Super Mario 64 and the remake, Super Mario 64 DS.

    • Sheen: (repeating) And the next day...

      This is a reference of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode, "The Algae's Always Greener" when Mr. Krabs walked out of the Krusty Krab repeating, "And the next day..."

    • One of Us: Music

      The theme music for this episode is similar to the style of music for the long-running PBS show, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

    • Libby: (dances)

      In "Vanishing Act", Libby's dance was the same one that she did with Cindy in "Battle of the Bands."

    • Portal Room: Apperence

      The room with the red curtains (towards the end of the episode) and black and white striped floor is nearly identical to red-curtained room in the "Black Lodge" from Twin Peaks.

    • The Great Spamdini: Name

      Spamdini is a reference of Harry Houdini.

    • One of Us: Plot

      The main plot in One of Us resembles a lot the episode Chosen from The Twilight Zone (2002).

    • Jimmy: (goes through portal)

      When Jimmy goes through the portal in "Vanishing Act" it is a lot like the beginning of Twilight Zone.

    • Music: "Weapon of Choice"

      In "Vanishing Act", the tune that Libby plays on her keyboard after Jimmy goes into the dimension after his friends sounds like the Fatboy Slim song "Weapon Of Choice"