The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 1 Episode 15

Party at Neutron's / Ultra Sheen

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Feb 17, 2003 on Nickelodeon
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Party at Neutron's / Ultra Sheen
Party at Neutron's: Sheen and Carl convince Jimmy to throw a party when his parents go out to watch Ducks. But when Hugh and Judy come home early, how can Jimmy convince his guests to leave?Invention: Time Accelerator. Ultra Sheen: Jimmy's new invention lets you actually be a player in your favorite video game! Sheen enters UltraLord Versus Robo-Fiend and is later joined by Jimmy. But when Carl enters in Llamapalooza, Jimmy's faced with the problem of getting them all back into the real world. Invention: Neutronic Game Pyramid.moreless

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  • im only doing ultra sheen since its the only good one out of the two

    im going to take a break from reviewing wipeout episodes and review episodes from this show infact i already posted one up so check it out if you want to

    anyway ultra sheen is an absoulute classic episode because its about sheen bringing a video game at jimmy;s labatory and going in it to act cool in it this was defindly the episode i liked better out of the two because its nice and sweet to see a tv character in a video game and this is defindly an episode i overall reccomend to anybody who you want to get into this show not to mention the episode also had a funny ending so overall this episode gets a 11/11 A++++ ultra sheen defindly brought my grade up from a 4.5 to a 9.5 kingnicky1 outmoreless
  • Very good episode!

    This was one of my favourite episodes. The first introduction of Betty Quinlan, if memory serves me correctly, and the first sign of Cindy being a little bit jealous (flutter, flutter).

    The party at Neutron's was good in the respect that it was quite revealing of Jimmy and Cindy's relationship...the first time I saw it, I was annoyed at the introduction of Betty, because I wanted to see Cindy and Jimmy get together. But after watching again, I realised that Jimmy needed a character like better to eventually become closer to Cindy.

    Ultra Sheen was a good episode, and I found it very entertaining. The best part was when Carl came riding in on lamas...boy, he is one obsessed kid!moreless
  • Party at Neutron's is a classic.

    Though I liked “Ultra Sheen” as an amusing episode, the real gem here is “Party at Neutron’s.”

    A definite series classic as Jimmy’s parents are off to see the hit musical “Ducks” and after a few awkward previews from Hugh, Jimmy is glad to be left at home to his own devices. Judy has him sign a sort of “No parties or shenanigans” contract before they depart for the show however, so Jimmy looks forward to just hanging at home tinkering with his inventions.

    Enter Carl and Sheen who happen by and soon discover that Jimmy’s parents won’t be home until late. Jimmy tries to curtail Sheen’s enthusiasm at the opportunity by reminding him that he signed a legal document but a logical conclusion is made after analyzing the prospects of a visiting Betty Quinlin, Jimmy’s mom said nothing about Sheen inviting people over after all. Jimmy gives Sheen the green light but the wheels are already in motion. The rally cry is, “Party at Neutron’s!”

    The mob arrives at Jimmy’s house with Nick (the coolest kid in school) at the forefront as sort of a “Cool Party” litmus test. Cindy and Libby happen by too, but only to offer ridicule and criticism. They are only there in hopes Jimmy’s party flops thus giving them (especially Cindy) more grist for the mill to ride him with. Cindy is clearly in a win/win situation because if the party is a hit, she ends up having a good time. However, the party is off to a slow start and desperate measures are needed to keep Nick from leaving. While Jimmy retreats to the kitchen to gather flurp, pizza, and party games, Sheen leads the crowd to Jimmy’s room, which is full of his various inventions. Things are now officially out of control and Jimmy comes out to see the commotion around him. Nick is flying through the house on his Jet Pack, Sheen is time warping in dinosaurs, Goddard is playing the latest boy band, and Cindy got a hold of his shrinking device. Jimmy wants to put a halt to it but is stopped in his tracks by the arrival of Betty. Her comely smile and twinkling manner are more than Jimmy can resist, and she soon coaxes him for a dance. Goddard immediately provides the appropriate “Twist” music from “Pulp Fiction” as Betty and Jimmy perform that very dance on the living room table. This is clearly the highlight of the episode as the pair is actually having a good time, and looking good dancing together. A little too good for Cindy’s liking and she vocalizes her “who would dance with Neutron?” disapproval to Libby making sure she was in earshot of Jimmy. An unusually perceptive Sheen calls Cindy’s bluff implying that she’s protesting a bit too much, hinting that maybe Cindy would like to be the girl doing the twist with Jimmy. Cindy naturally rebuts with the threat of bodily harm and Sheen backs off.

    The party is a success, however Jimmy’s parents are on the way home. Apparently an overzealous Hugh tried to join the show from the audience. The destruction wrought by Hugh’s enthusiasm causes the “Ducks” musical to be cancelled and the couple is now returning home from certain social embarrassment. Jimmy’s only recourse is to use his time accelerator to move the party along before his Parents return. He’s successful save for the raptor in the closet, which Hugh discovers with hilarious results.

    This is the first episode that we learn about Jimmy’s crush on Betty and, of course, Cindy’s open disapproval of Betty and Jimmy’s affection for her. As we come to see in further episodes, Betty is actually a nice person who at times returns Jimmy’s affection where Cindy does nothing of the sort. Even when Betty does not respond to Jimmy’s swooning, she at least treats him decently. Often Betty appreciates Jimmy’s attention and is not afraid to show it. Cindy’s response to Jimmy’s swooning for her (i.e. in the Love Potion episode) was having an obvious look of confusion/surprise/delight, then giving him a Butternut Ripple facial. Fortunately for Cindy, Betty recognizes a female bluff when she sees one and she doesn’t want to get in the middle of a Jimmy/Cindy tornado. Though Betty must be somewhat dumbfounded at Cindy’s treatment of Jimmy seeing that she obviously wants him for herself. Betty is content to let Cindy have her shot, but may not be entirely disinterested if Cindy should manage to mess it up. Cindy is barely able to utter a kind word to Jimmy and even when she does, she feels vulnerable which is not a position she’s comfortable with at this point in her life. She immediately follows any hint of a compliment with swift consternation to protect herself. These factors all play out for these characters in the following episodes and provide a lot of fun for the viewers.

  • The first episode was only an appetizer while the second one was the main course.

    Not much to say about \"Party at Neutron\'s\", but plenty to say about \"Ultra Sheen\". Though that episode has a trainload of parodies like the title card having the same design as SEGA\'s logo, the Neutronic Game Pyramid which is an obvious spoof of the Nintendo Gamecube, the Ultralord Power Crystals a spoof of the Choas Emeralds from the Sonic Series, and the Mega Blast battle between Sheen and Robofiend which is a spoof from Dragonball Z, etc. But still, I enjoy this episode very much due the action that culminates most of the episode. This episode should be a nominee for the Kid\'s Choice Awards, at least thats what I think. This episode rocks out loud!!moreless
  • Jimmy throws a party,/ Jimmy invents a way to actually play in a game.

    Jimmy's parents go to a musical, and while they are out Carl and Sheen convince Jimmy to throw a party, with the thought that Jimmy's crush Betty Quinlan, the party goes well, Jimmy gets to dance with Betty, and if it had not been for the raptor, his parents would never have found out.

    Jimmy invents a game pyramid, which allows a person to actually go inside of a game, well of course Sheen, is obsessed with Ultra Lord, so that the game of his choosing, and after Sheen loses Jimmy restarts the game and joins him, after they beat the game they expect to exit but Carl not knowing that they are in the game, restarts the game, and sets it to Level 7, onec again they beat it but leave Carl in there until after lunch.

    This was a great episode, I love video games so the idea of being able to go inside a video game whould be like a dream come true.moreless
Andrea Martin

Andrea Martin

Miss Winifred Fowl (voice)

Carolyn Lawrence

Carolyn Lawrence

Cynthia Aurora "Cindy" Vortex (voice)

Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Goddard (voice)

Recurring Role

Crystal Scales

Crystal Scales

Liberty Danielle "Libby" Folfax (voice)

Recurring Role

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

Carlton Ulysses Wheezer (voice)/Robo-Fiend

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • Carl's last name is Wheezer.

    • In ultra Sheen, Jimmy finds the power crystal. Sheen and Robofiend touched it and became Ultra. However, when Jimmy touches it, nothing happens.

    • In Party at Neutrons, when he signs the contract, his room is normal. But when Sheen shows Nick and kids Jimmy's room, there is a bunch of stuff.

    • "Llamapalooza," the game that Carl plays is rated "EC" for Early Childhood.

    • Why didn't Jimmy use the the Time Booth to teleport the raptor back to its time after he knocked it unconcious?

    • When Goddard opened up his speakers to play the music, the song was snipped at the beginning. Later, when Jimmy got a call from his parents, before his Brain Blast, "Go Jimmy, Jimmy" wasn't playing, like it was originally - it was a techno beat song. Then, after he said "Brain Blast," the techno beat song resumed in the background, instead of "Go Jimmy, Jimmy"!

    • UltraLord vs. Robo-Fiend Mega Battle is rated T for Teen.

    • We learn Jimmy has a crush on Betty Quinlan in this episode!

    • The quantum replay was introduced in this episode as a time accelerator. It was introduced a second time in "Sorry, Wrong Era."

    • When Jimmy's parents enter his room at the begining of "Party at Neutrons", it's normal, but during the party, when the kids enter his room, it's very messy.

    • When Betty and Jimmy are dancing you see Libby in the background, dancing. A moment later she is next to Cindy.

    • When Sheen says "I'm a ba-a-a-ad Battle Buddy!" after UltraLord gets blasted by Robo Fiend's magma cannon, his eye color switches back to its normal brown for a few moments instead of green, which is how his eyes look while he's inside the game.

    • The sound of Sheen jumping off the llama to catch the Ultra Crystal comes a few seconds before he actually jumps.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Jimmy: Behold, the glory that is the Neutronic Game Pyramid!
      Sheen: (makes triangle with fingers)Ooh, pointy.

    • Hugh: I'll hang up my jacket and then I'll say nice things about Jimmy. (he puts his jacket away inside the closet but a dinosaur raptor hands it)
      Hugh: (to Judy) Uh, sugarbooger? How long do we have a raptor in the closet?
      (the raptor comes out of the closet and roars)
      Hugh: (screams)
      Judy: James Issac Neutron!
      Jimmy: I can fix that! I hope...!

    • Jimmy: Well, Mom didn't say Sheen could't invite anybody. Sheen, I think it's okay if we invite a few people-
      Sheen: Uh, Jimmy, could you hold that for a sec... (with multiple phones in his hands) Yeah you heard me! Call everyone you ever met!

    • Nick: Get out of my way, Shine!
      Sheen: It's Sheen!

    • Sheen: This is going to be the greatest night of our lives!!!
      Carl: (in a monotonous tone) Or a horrible night of pain and suffering...
      Jimmy: Carl, whatda say that for?
      Carl: Hey, I calls them as I sees them. (jumps back on a chair and picks up a phone, smiling like nothing happened.)

    • Sheen: Oh, yeah. I always get magicians and dinosaurs mixed up.

    • (Cindy notices Betty and Jimmy dancing on the table and gets jealous)
      Cindy: Why would anyone want to dance with Nerdtron? I wouldn't dance with him if he were the last kid on Earth!
      Sheen: Methinks the lady doth protest too much.
      Cindy: Methinks you better button your yap 'fore I button it for you! (holds up a fist threatening as Sheen literally buttons his lips)

    • Sheen: We could play Spin The Bottle.... (pulls a bottle out and spins it)
      Libby: Yeah. (stops the bottle) Or we could play Spin Sheen And Hit 'Im With A Bottle!

    • Sheen: There's no way I'm ever, ever playing that game again until next week.

    • Robo-Fiend: Fools! You are helpless before one who now and forever shall be known as MEGA ROBO-FIEND!
      Sheen: You know, you might wanna think about counselling. I'm picking up some self-esteem issues here, and it's really-(Robo-Fiend tries to stomp on him) aah!

    • (Sheen, about carrying his UltraLord video game around)
      Sheen: I don't need to. I can stop whenever I want. I DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM!!!

    • Sheen: I'm telling you, bologna is made by tiny bologna elves!
      Carl: And I'm telling you, bologna grows on mighty bologna trees!

    • Hugh: Bad dinosaur! Bad! Okay, that's it - out of the house! Ow! Ow! You know what? I'm glad you're extinct - you're mean!

    • Nick: You can't kick me out. I'm-I'm me.

    • Cindy: (about Betty) Who invited Miss I'm-So-Beautiful-And-Perfect?

    • Jimmy: Well, Mom didn't say anything about Sheen inviting anyone over, so okay! Sheen, uh, I guess it'd be OK if you invited just a few--
      Sheen: Could you keep it down, Jimmy? (into two phones) Yeah, you heard me! Party at Neutron's! Call everyone you ever met in your entire life and tell them to get over here right now! This is going to be the greatest night of our lives! (tosses the phones behind him)

    • Ultra Lord: (after being attacked by Robo-Fiend's Magma) ARRRGH! That's going to leave an Ultra bruise. (faints)

  • NOTES (5)

    • Carl's Llama Videos:

      Larry The Llama in: Laundry Trouble
      Llamas Need Mamas
      Llamathon Vol. 5
      The Cuddlytime Superstars
      All Llamas Go To Heaven
      The Llama Files Vol. 1
      Mr. Mysterious Presents: Llama Cowboys!
      Llamas Are Super and other stories Vol. 4

    • As Jimmy meets his parents outside, he looks inside and notices its a mess, but you can also see that the robotic salesmen from the episode "Birth of a salesman" is lying on the floor.

    • On March 3, 2004, when this episode aired 3 PM, the episode changed from the other times it aired, including when it premiered.

    • "Party At Neutron's" was originally going to air with "Love Potion 976/J," which was originally only 11 minutes. "Ultra Sheen" was originally going to air with "Professor Calamitous, I Presume."

    • The video game scenes in "Ultra Sheen" have different animation. These scenes were animated with Adobe Illustrator.

  • ALLUSIONS (15)

    • Sheen's reference to the song "Doth I Protest Too Much" by Alanis Morrissette is mentioned.

    • Ultra Crystals: Turn Huge
      This is a reference to the super mushrooms from the Super Mario series from Nintendo. Although he size is a little more resembleing the Mega Mushroom from New Super Mario Bros. and Super Paper Mario by Nintendo.

    • All Llamas Go to Heaven
      The title and artwork for one of Carl's Llama Videos parodies the movie All Dogs Go To Heaven.

    • Game Ratings:
      UltraLord vs. Robo Fiend Mega Battle is rated T. Carl's video games are rated E. These are designed to look like their real life counterparts but are lowercase letters instead of uppercase.

    • Ultra Crystals are a spoof of the Chaos Emeralds from the ever-popular Sonic The Hedgehog video game series. The only difference is you only need one Ultra Crystal to gain ultimate power, rather than seven Chaos Emeralds to gain ultimate power.

    • Music: Go Jimmy, Jimmy

      One of the songs at the party was "Go Jimmy, Jimmy" (from Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius) but you could barley hear it. (It's right after his parents call.)

    • Jimmy: Rockem Sockem Einstein.

      "Rockem, Sockem, Einstien" is a spoof of the game "Rockem, Sockem Robots"

    • Hugh: (singing) When you're a duck, you're a duck all the way, from the first time you quack, to the last egg you lay!

      These lyrics are sung the same way as in "The Jet's Song" in the movie West Side Story. The original lyrics are: "When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way. From your first cigarette, to your last dying day!"

    • UltraLord: Would you like to be my Battle Buddy?

      Sheen's UltraLord game is similar to the video game Kingdom Hearts. In that game, Sora teams up with Donald and Goofy, who become his battle buddies.

    • Action: Robo-Fiend fight

      The scene when Robo-Fiend and Sheen attack each other with their mega attacks is from Dragonball Z.

    • Title Screen: Ultra Sheen

      The font of the title screen for "Ultra Sheen" is taken from the SEGA logo.

    • Jimmy: Behold the glory that is the Neutronic Game Pyramid!

      The Neutronic Game Pyramid is a spoof of the Nintendo GameCube

    • Robo-Fiend's Attack: Atomic Breath

      Atomic Breath is from Godzilla.

    • Kids: (Dancing)

      In "Party At Neutron's," right before small Carl says, "Don't step on me!", three kids are dancing like Peanuts characters in A Charlie Brown Christmas. To tie into that, the part of the Men Pretending To Be Boys song playing during that part sounds like "Linus and Lucy." There were at least two kids who were dancing just like Freddy and Velma in A Pup Named Scooby-Doo. Betty and Jimmy's dancing at the party is a spoof of the dance from the movie Pulp Fiction

    • Hugh: We're finally gonna get to see Ducks! The greatest musical ever made!

      Ducks is a spoof of Cats.