The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 1 Episode 8

Phantom of Retroland / My Son, the Hamster

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Oct 30, 2002 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Mr. Wuggles chews the old man's cane near the tip, but the old man looks at it and it's chewed off near the handle. After the cut-scene, Mr. Wuggles is still chewing on the tip.

    • Carl's has a hamster named Mr. Wuggles.

    • Sheen says that the Phantom's autograph was going right next to his dad's and Santa Claus's, but there's no room between the two.

    • How did the first "Phantom" realistically float if he was really Nick in disguise?

    • In "My Son, the Hamster," Judy tells Hugh that she's going shopping, and it would be a good time to spend some quality time with Jimmy. However, a few minutes later, she fends off Hamster Jimmy from a pie. Apparently, she never left the house.

    • When Jimmy's trying to convince the hawk not to eat him, he says, "You know, I'm really high in HDL cholesterol. That's the bad kind!" But HDL cholesterol is refered to as "good cholesterol" - LDL is the "bad kind."

    • In the credits at the end of the episode, everything is messed up: Everybody in the cast is credited with voicing the wrong people. It said that Debi Derryberry played Mom, Megan Cavanagh played Dad, Mark DeCarlo played Cindy, etc. But the only thing wrong is that everybody is credited with the characters played by the person above them. So, really, Debi Derryberry plays Jimmy (as usual), Megan Cavanagh plays Mom (as usual), Mark DeCarlo plays Dad (as usual), Carolyn Lawrence plays Cindy (as usual), etc.

    • Nick said that his "history report" happened at Retroland in July '97. Retroland opened in the movie, which is set in 2001. Did the kids hop the fence into Retroland's construction site?

    • When Jimmy's naming off goofs in Nick's report, he creates one of his own. "Secondly, how do we know Billy's alleged last words if no one ever saw him again?!" he exclaims. But Nick didn't say anything about anyone named Billy.

    • Nick says that the Phantom of Retroland has a Genoa salami for a right leg. All the Phantoms of Retroland had this, but on the artist's drawing that Nick showed at school, the salami was on the Phantom's left leg.

    • Jimmy says that Foucault proved the Earth revolves. Actually, Foucault proved the Earth rotates.

      RESPONSE: Jimmy must've found out he goofed; he only used the "revolve" term during his report, but when he is demonstrating Foucault's experiment at Retroland on the swinging pendulum ride, he actually does say the Earth rotates.

  • Quotes

    • Jimmy: That is so ridiculous, it doesn't even deserve--
      Cindy: What, a 600-page report on how ridiculous it is, in French?

    • Nick: Everyone that has seen the phantom has never been seen again.

    • Carl: Sheen, the phantom of Retroland is gonna tear us limb from limb and eat us! Say something!
      Sheen: You ever notice how Jimmy's hair is like one of those gum massager things? It's all swirly and--WHAT?!

    • Phantom #3: ((sniffs))What's that smell?
      Sheen: You mean (points to Phantom #3) your salami leg, (points to Cindy and Libby) their salami leg, (points to Nick) his salami leg, or Carl's shoes (points to Carl's shoes)?

    • Jimmy: Glad you could make it, Sheen. How did you sneak out?
      Sheen: Oh, I just told my grandma that I had to go to a deserted theme park to be eaten by a maniac. She told me to wear clean underwear.

    • Sheen: Jimmy! You're like a hamster! Or a gerbil! Or a dolphin or somethin'!

    • Carl: Jimmy, what about science?
      Jimmy: Science, shmience! Run for your lives!

    • Sheen: All right! A lizard! If I use Jimmy's pods to switch bodies with him, I could be LizardLord! Behold my tongue of doom and tremble.... (looks at the lizard as if in thought, then looks at Carl, points lizard at Carl) TREMBLE!!
      (Carl runs around screaming)

    • Jimmy: Hah! We did it! We took a hypothesis, constructed a scientific protocol, and conclusively proved it false. Take that, Nick, and all of your ilk!
      Carl: You know what I smell, Jimmy?
      Jimmy: Victorious truth rising above the ashes of superstition?
      Carl: No. (turns around, says shakily) Salami. . .

    • Sheen: Boy! You really showed him, Jimmy! Wham! Now let's beat it before the real phantom shows up.

    • Judy: Why don't you spend some quality time with Jimmy? It could be a special Father-Son day.
      Hugh: That's a great idea! I used to have those with my Aunty all the time! Only we called them Aunty-Nephew days, but it's probably the same basic, uh, idea. We could go to the park, we could, uh, ... eat cheese! We could even go to Retroland! I love those zig-zaggy lines! They're so ... not ... straight.
      Judy: (sighs) Oh, Hugh.

  • Notes

    • Running gag: "When a phantom would ask what's that smell?" Sheen would say the people who dressed up like the phantom's salmai leg or Carl's shoe burf

    • "Phantom of Retroland" can be seen on the DVD Sea of Trouble, and "My Son, The Hamster" can be seen on the DVD Jet Fusion.

    • The original name of "My Son, the Hamster" was "The Hamster."

    • Aired in Nickelodeon's Shriek Week (October 27th-November 3rd 2002). When it was supposed to air October 18th 2002, they replaced it with "Granny Baby / Time is Money." This episode was also supposed to air on October 25th 2002, but they replaced it with "Normal Boy / Birth of a Salesman." They finally aired it on October 30th, 2002.

  • Allusions

    • Plot

      The plot of this episode is similar to the 1958 Vincent Price movies "The Fly" and "Return of the fly"where a scientist goes through his teleportation machine with a fly and his head and arm are switched with the fly's head and arm. In "Return of the fly" the same thing happens, but in the end they successfully get the scientist with the fly's head, and the fly with the scientists head into the teleporter and run them through it, and The scientists is cured

    • My Son, the Hamster: Plot

      Also similar to an episode of Kim Possible. Barkin and Rufus are put into pods but instead of switching heads, they morph into one. But, when fixed, Rufus wears Barkin's clothes and Barkin is naked.

    • My Son, The Hamster: Plot

      This episode is a spoof of The Simpsons "Treehouse Of Horror" when Bart switches heads with a fly.

    • Carl: Ooh! Pretty Lights!

      Patrick said the same thing about the Fireworks in the Spongebob Squarepants episode "Mermaidman and Barnickleboy".

    • Title: "Phantom of Retroland"

      This title was probably taken from a popular theater show (which is now a movie) called the Phantom of The Opera. In that drama there is a phantom who wears a half mask that covers his distorted face.

    • Jimmy and Mr. Wuggles: (switch bodies)

      Jimmy and Mr. Wuggles switching bodies through the Telepods was a reference to The Fly.