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  • Ended Over Money

    After the 2006 movie, "Ant Bully" DNA Studios made a massive 55+ million dollars. This led to issues With Steve Oedekerk who owned "O Entertainment"(A Co-Producer) (Back at The Barnyard) and thus he sued DNA Studios and the founder John Adams paid him off. This put DNA Studios in major financial issues due to the lawsuit and in 2006 the show came to an end. This was a close childhood favorite of mines. Its nostalgic, genius, creative and funny. Its a TV show that spun off a innovative movie and is a good show. Steve the company did not deserve this, a chunk of my childhood was removed, for greed.
  • this show actually holds up

    This will be a short one. Its rare that a TV show like jimmy neutron comes around because it was based on a movie by the same company, had all the voices reunite for the series, had some really good writing, jokes, plotlines, and even character development (though the animation sucks, but it has charm), and when the show ran out of ideas, it ended while it was still good. if you can find a way to watch this show, please do. it surprisingly holds up after all these years
  • A Childhood Classic!

    I've grew up with this show as a little kid, and I just miss this show today.
  • A heck lot better than most Nicktoons airing today.

    A silly but charming show about a super genius boy who's gets more than what he and his friends bargained for from his inventions and antics. Definitely worth watching. Has really good moments.
  • Good!

    I like this Show!
  • My timeline in Nickelodeon

    1999-2001: The first few years of my life. When everything was as it should be.

    2002-2004: Rugrat's final 2 year living corpse period dies. Spongebob still is buff and strong, Jimmy Neutron comes along and is almost as tough as Spongebob. Things are as strong as they will be at this point in my life.

    2005-2006: Spongebob begins to start loosing strength. Jimmy Neutron still pretty strong dies. Leaving Spongebob and Fairly Oddparents.

    2007: Spongebob really begins to start become a living corpse. Fairly Oddparents is still a wee bit strong, Nick is starting to make terrible shows.

    2008-2010: Spongebob becomes a living corpse. Fairly Oddparents begins to loose it's strength. Nick makes the worlds worst show on the planet.

    2011-2012: Spongebob heads to a more near death condition. Nick's shows are really becoming terrible. They get rid of the worlds worst show though.

    2013-present: Fairly Oddparents' 12 year wall collapses hard. Fairly Oddparents is now in a dying condition. Nick's wall falls down almost hard as there are these very weak shows trying to hold it up. And Spongebob who is in a far beyond death condition will never be the same. Nick makes the worst shows of all time.

    Jimmy Neutron was a great show. Now that everything that was golden that is still living is in a dying condition. I must say goodbye Nick. It was fun while you had all the good shows.
  • One of Nicks greatest hits

    When computer animated shows were still young, this show really helped us get love for this new style of cartooning. It is actually funny and the early episodes were the most enjoyable.
  • why did they stop making jimmy neutron boy gienus

    why did they stop making jimmy neutron like just moving on to planet sheen like continue it or make another won like jimmy neutron:boy genius 2 and i have alotes of ideas for the new episodes like saving sheen,all ready and steady,were not losing,i am a genius
  • Only have 2 words to say!

    I only have 2 words to say: GOTTA BLAST!
  • Cool!

  • no dont ever ever ever watch this show

    i say no between the goods and bads in this show there are more bads in the show then goods and bye that i mean that the hummor is FUCK UP and alot of other problems
  • Got to be one of the best Nickelodeon shows I've seen... and yet they canceld it.


    Jimmy Neutron wasn't like most other Nicktoons in it's time. It was the first CGI cartoon Nickelodeon had, and it was good. Also, Jimmy Neutron is the only cartoon I know of where the writers actually put effort into making a geniu's lines sound real. Jimmy used REAL science terms, and REAL science methods, to make this show make sense. But I'll wait to tell you the rest of my compliments of this show until I adress the few problems.

    Problem #1 Ideas- This problem was actually randomly found throughout the whole series. Not all plots, but some, were a little uninspired, and bland. However, most of these bland plots were given a little twist my Jimmy to make them somewhat refreshing. This problem isn't huge, but it's there. For example, in one episode, Jimmy, Cindy, Sheen, and Carl go out to search for a legendary "sea monster" that was terrorizing there town. This is one of my least favorite episodes, because it felt awkward and uninspired. Like I said though, this is very rare in the show, and it's very likely you won't run into it.

    Problem #2 Voices- Ok, I'll admit, some of the voices in this show are nutty. Nutty like, annoying the crap out of you. For example, Miss Fowel, the kids teacher. She was supposed to have the voice of some kind of bird, and she always like, put her arms together like a bird. Her voice was somewhat unbearable. Luckily, she wasn't in to many episodes, but some. It was very rough and screechy, and sent goosebumps down myy back. >.< Another strangley-voiced character is Carl. At some points, his voice is very funny and perfectly fitting for the show. At other points, though, Carl strechted words and just seems stupid. This happens mainly in the newer ones. However, it's good that Carl's voice is in the show, because it does fit in a good way. Try to ignore these voices, and the show is bearable, in fact, great.

    Now, let's get down with the good stuffs. :]

    Compliment #1 Character Variety- Especially in modern TV shows today, (both kid and adult) the show seems to be dominant towards one gender. For example, while watching Disney Channel, there's only about two or three shows that the whole family can enjoy. Others, like Zeke and Luther, or Zack and Cody, are leaned towards males. And shows like Shake it Up!, and Hannah Montana, are leaned towards females. But in Jimmy Nuetron, there is a colorful cast of both boys and girls. Even though the three main characters are all boys, the main girls, Cindy and Libby, pop up in almost every episode, usually with major roles. The show gives all genders a dose of comedy and drama, which leads me into my next compliment.

    Compliment #2 Genre Blending- Like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Jimmy Neutron has a good blend of drama, action, and adventure. Even sometimes, the show throws in a little "kid-friendly" horror. It all works well together. If your wondering, action can be found throuout the series, drama can be found more near the ending of the show, "horror" is mainly in the beggining of the series, and comedy, (which is exceptinol), can be found throughout the whole thing.

    Compliment #3 Effort Into Charatcers- You can tell when you here the many charatcers talk, that the writers did thier homework. Jimmy says actual science terms and methods, and dosent bore you either. In fact, it's quite funny when he says his complex plans. Sheen just sounds plain dumb, in a good way. He talks about action figures alot, and he sounds like he's really into it. Carl constantly refers to body parts that he isn't good with, or injured, or something like that. He constantly refers to his "scabula" which is hilarious even after the 10th time. Cindy's voice actor is spectacular, with her emotion always wonderful. Libby has a good knowledge of music, and says all kinds of things about "funk". Its cool. The charatcers (unlike LOTS of cartoons) say the exact right thing at the exact time.

    Compliment #4 Inventions- The inventions in this show many times serve as the substance of the whole conflict in the episode. They are usually wonderful. The inventions constantly change characters, or take them to exotic places where we've never dreamed of. This is almost opposite of Phineas and Ferb, where they're building cliche things like rollercoasters, or haunted houses.

    So, overall, if you counted, there's way more compliments flooding this show than problems, and there minor ones anyway. No matter who you are, young, fat, old, stupid, bored, ugly, skinny, beautiful, odds are, you'll get a kick out of Nickelodeon's genius show about a genius kid.

    **NOTE: The opinions stated in this reveiw are refering to Jimmy Neutron only, and not it's spin-off Planet Sheen.***

  • Awsome Show.

    This show is just awsome. I used to watch it alot when it was out. Too bad this show got cancelled.
  • More Jimmy, less Cosmo, PLEASE!

    Unlike \\\"The Fairly Oddparents\\\" a show I used to love, \\\"Jimmy Neutron\\\" just gets better and better with time. The characterizations and relationships have a depth one wouldn\\\'t normally expect in a Nicktoon, the CGI is impeccable, better than in some bigscreen CGI toons, and the writing is superb. Plus it\\\'s funny, imaginative and original. A toon for the ages. I can\\\'t believe Nick is ordering more FOP (garbage) and not ordering more JN (a feast for the eyes, brain and heart) this season. JN is a toon for the ages, an instant classic! And we want more~!
  • Beautifully Animated and Creative that its cancellation shows shame in Nickelodeon.

    Did you like sci-fi and adventure series that you would love to see in a series? There were two places to go, Dexter's Laboratory or Jimmy Neutron. At the time Dexter's Laboratory had gotten so much people interested in sci-fi animated series that when the series fell apart in its revived moments, Jimmy Neutron was created at that same time, and it gained so much attention to it's clever plots, great humor, and SPECTACULAR animation provided by DNA Productions. Jimmy Neutron is close to being the greatest Nicktoon ever created, you could watch it forever. I was incredibly dissapointed in the cancellation of this show, but hey, at least they made a know...Planet Sheen...Got our hopes up a bit during the pilot episode am I right?
  • I used to like it but then I was like, What the heck is this?

    Yep. I used to like this series but now it's just like: Why the heck did I start watching it. First of all, it's extremely predictable. Jimmy messes up something then has to do something to make it right, which he does. And along the way the writers try to jam in some jokes but let's face it: They're not good jokes. They're just old bathroom jokes and annoying ones that Sheen and Carl use like every single episode. Second, I agree with Chowder23, the Jimmy and Cindy relationship is so dumb. They don't really deserve each other and it's shown in like almost every single new episode. And the really corny moments in the episodes,"Stranded" "Lady sings the news" and "Vanishing Act" sometimes it can be so cheesy well especially in Stranded because for some reason when on the island they want to express their likeness for each other. So stupid.
    Oh, and Jimmy Neutron, himself is so darn annoying. I hate him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • One of those classic Nicktoons Nickelodeon needs to start showing again

    I was a fan of Jimmy Neutron's original movie, so I was more than happy to give the actual show a chance. And for the most part, I wasn't disappointed.

    This show could be over-the-top, but in a way that wasn't annoying. Jimmy was indeed a genius, but at the same time, his inventions could cause as much harm as good. Furthermore, Jimmy would take responsibility and try to fix the problems he caused in the first place, even when some people, or even half the town, were against him.

    The other characters had their good points, too. Carl and Sheen were entertaining (much more than Sheen is in his new show, which I don't think is even on anymore), and Jimmy's parents had their good points as well. They were both quirky, but in a way that wasn't unbearable to watch. And then there's the girls; namely, Cindy. I thought the love-hate relationship between her and Jimmy was interesting, but it was pretty much inevitable that they ended up together. Either way, I definitely liked Cindy and Libby as friends with Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen instead of antagonists. Speaking of which, the antagonists of the show (like Professor Calamitous and Eustace Strych) were both threatening and funny to watch, so that was fun, too.

    Sure, the show had its faults. And it was pretty clear that it was running down by the end of its run. But even so, "Jimmy Neutron" is definitely one of those shows that needs to be shown on Nick in reruns. And I don't mean the occasional showing of the "Jimmy/Timmy Power Hour" episodes.
  • Great 3d cartoon show. I hate it when they cancel decent shows and replacing it with an unbearable one.

    This show, is one of the greatest moments of cartoon history.

    Plot: James Isaac Neutron, a child prodigy, has alot of inventions! He tests it in some situations, some are really good, some fail. But he fixes the problem by using his Super brain! One think, Brainblast!

    Characters: Good, there are some downsides, but not too much. The characters here are annoyingly funny.

    Humor: Good, some are a little cryptic and not much of a laugh.

    Art: Great animation and 3d art. I am wondering why they can't maintain this kind of 3d art. Most of the 3d cartoons we have today in the TV sucks.

    Overall: 8. I still miss this show, it good to chew on when there's nothing to do.
  • Jimmy neutron

    Jimmy neutron is the best show what I ever seen before.. until now i still hope Jimmy neutron make a new season (season 4). there are many big fans of Jimmy Neutron. you can see from the high rating in nickelodeon.we are really miss Jimmy neutron :(
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius is a 3-D cartoon based on a Sucessful smash hit movie, that everyone can enjoy, Most likely people said it's the best 3-D cartoon ever made, but it's still good and I rather watch a Diffrent show.

    My 26th review after a stupid toddler show on cartoon network: "Peppa Pig"

    This cartoon is decent at best. It's about a smart 10 year old boy named Jimmy Neutron. He has his own labatory in his backyard shed, (Silmaur to Dexter's Labatory which his lab is behind his bookcase in his room) He has two best friends known as Carl and Sheen. His netrual rivals, Cindy and Libby, and they go on Scince Adventures. Now for the Grade. I will give this show a B. although the score's pretty low but I'll still give it a good grade. now the results:

    Voice-acting: B 7.5/10.0 Good. That's all I have to say.

    Animation: C+ 6.8 /10.0 Kinda the same Animation as Donkey kong Country but with better Graphics.

    Graphics: A++ 10.0/10.0 Ah, yes. The Graphics are Perfect for a great 3-D cartoon.

    Dialouge: C- 5.9/10.0 There some brain-dead scripts in the series but still fun to watch.

    Sound: A+ 9.0/10.0 The Music and sound effects are perfectly superb. That's all.

    Lasting Appeal: A 8.4/10.0 This can be fun like I said before to a lot of nicktoon fans, and will be entertained in a lot of epiosdes.

    Overall: B 6.6/10.0 One of the better best cartoons to premire on nick, but I rather watch a diffrent show like Dexter's Labatory. I will review that show soon, So Stay tuned with BlueMario1016's TV cartoon and Show Reviews!
  • From the Director of Jimmy Neutron

    Hi everyone,

    I miss Jimmy too! This is Mike Gasaway. I was a Director on Jimmy Neutron. I have been working on some new material and would love your input. Check me out on My new character's name is Mikey the Vampire Monkey! Hope to see all of you soon!
  • Great,intresting show.

    I dont watch the The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius,that much i watch it once a week maybe even once a month.anyway this shows still intresting the characters are funny not all of them some are,some of the characters are driving me nuts.It still doesnt stop me from watching The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.
  • One of the best shows on Nickelodeon to ever exist.

    I loved this show when I was a kid. This show was based on the movie released in 2001. This show is so awesome.
  • Your average nerd trying to make himself known alongside two buddies.

    Jimmy Neutron was one of my favorite Nickelodeon animated series. It's a shame it was cancelled. I guess the one good thing that came of it, though, was that it ended before the writers had to result to more unrealistic, corny episode plots like Spongebob Squarepants and the Fairly OddParents. The characters: Jimmy. For a guy that almost knows it all, he's not cocky at all and I actually like him. Sheen, I love, especially the guy that voices him. Carl, who is like the Chuckie on "Rugrats", kind of got on my nerves though with his timidity. However, his love for Jimmy's mom was a little funny. Jimmy's father was hilarious. The two girls that star in the show are Cindy Vortex and Libby Folfax. Cindy is Jimmy's rival but they still have feelings for each other. I hated Cindy, but I liked Libby who Sheen had a crush on. She sometimes showed her appreciation, which I liked. And don't forget the beloved Goddard, Jimmy's robot dog who he made and loved. Every episode usually revolved around one of Jimmy's inventions proving to be helpful but ending in disaster. When the invention was doing good, people liked him. When they didn't, people disliked him. However, I will always like Jimmy Neutron, one of the underrated animated series of the millennium, that deserves to be aired more on TV.
  • I miss this show so much!!!!

    What can i say? This show is an awesome show on Nick. It's really funny, awesome, but I does have one problem. Sometimes this show got bizzaree. Well this show is way better,than Planet Sheen. But I'm kind of sad that Planet Sheen wasn't better, but I'll give all my thoughts about Planet Sheen when I review it one time. Now the movies of this show are really awesome, they're even better than the show. Now the movie are tru geniuses. Now the best movie by far is when Jimmy's parents get kidnapped so he and his friends go to a planet to save them. I watch that movie a lot when I was a kid. Now I wish this show is still airing because I miss this show and my two brothers miss this show. But however this show isn't that best animated show on Nick. Hey Arnold is still the #1 best Nick animated show, but I'll say how much I love it when I get the time to review that show. Now there is another problem with this show and its the romance. Now it works in the movies but not in this show. And I hate the scenes where Jimmy is flirting with that blonde girl. I forgot her name. Well this all I have to say about this show. Overall 9.5/10.
  • This show is really awesome!

    Now some people say that this show is bad and its for little kids, but I think its cool for all ages. The only problem I have for this show is that Jimmy and that blonde girls(who i forgot her name.) Jimmy tries to get the blonde girl to like her is kind of annoying and old. But sadly it dosen't come on Nick anymore and i'm disappointed about it. But the new episodes are better than the old episodes by far!! Overall 9,5/10.
  • A great show


    It is better than Johnny Test and Planet Sheen.

    I hate Planet Sheen.

    I love how all the characters contribute to the comedy of the show.

    Jimmy's dimwitted father and intelligent and Beautiful mom add to the show's great cast. Jimmy's experiments cause mayhem but at least he's not trying to take over the world like some Geniuses.

    Even though Jimmy is a goodguy he is like a mad scientist because his experiments cause problems. Sure he has problems with his social skills which makes him a nerd. I don't consider intelligence to be a sign of nerdiness only a lack of social skills makes a person a nerd.

    Jimmy is less nerdy than Carl and Sheen. Sheen is a bigger nerd than Jimmy despite not being as smart as Jimmy.

    Cindy is a character I hate and like at the same time. On the one hand she's spunky and smart but she can be a real witch at times.

  • Superb show on Nick. I missed this show.


    The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius follows Jimmy Neutron, his faithful robotic dog, Goddard, and his eclectic friends and family as they experience life in Retroville. Jimmy is a typical kid, who just happens to be a genius. He creates gadgets to improve his everyday life, but his inventions go awry more often than not, and hilarious trouble ensues.

    This show isbasicallya Nicktoon version of Dexter's Lab. They both relied on science fiction and centered a kid as a main character. Anyway, I enjoyed this show. It was not the best science fiction show ever, but the plot was superb. The only negative stuff is the romance between Jimmy and Cindy. I am not a huge fan of them as relationships. They better off as friends/rivals. The characters are really hilarious especially Carl, Sheen, Jimmy's dad (Hugo), and a couple others I forgot. Season 1 and 2 were my favorite seasons. Season 3- not sure if have seen all of those episodes from that season. Overall this show was superb. It is better than its spinoff Planet Sheen. I don't really hate the spinoff (I don't like it either though), but I thought Sheen is a bit better on this show than on his own show. 9/10

  • Great first few seasons, last one not so much

    This show is about boy genius, Jimmy Neutron, and his adventures in life and with his friends, Carl and Sheen. I liked the first couple of seasons of the show, they were, for the most part, very solid with decent humor an well thought-out storylines. I also liked many of the characters (Sheen is my favorite because I have friends who are just like him) but the last season I feel, was weak. It was mostly tv movies or overly extended episodes. Also, I feel the show changed from Jimmy being a smart dude who got out of many situations, to Jimmy the boy genius with a ton of evil enemies. So, overall I think the first couple of seasons are solid, but the last one was very weak, and thats why the score isn't higher. 8/10 B-
  • Nickelodeon's answer to Dexter's Lab.

    Around 2001,Nickelodeon made a short called Jimmy Neutron and then a movie. Then,they made a TV show out of it. Jimmy Neutron is about a boy genius named Jimmy Neutron who goes on adventures,builds machines and faces bad guys with his friends Sheen and Carl. It ends up being great. Now,this was basically Nickelodeon's first CGI show (I think),but this was when CGI wasn't overused. First off,all the characters are great. Jimmy is smart,but isn'r getting constantly bullied. Carl is always shy and depressed,and his obsession of Llamas are funny. Sheen is a complete moron who only cares for a hero named Ultra-Lord,but is funny. Cindy is the only problem with the show. She's a selfish jerk to Jimmy,is such a show-off,and thinks girls are better than boys. Well now,Jimmy is friends with her,and will even fall in love with her. Libby,however,is a lot better than Cindy,since she is less of a jerk than Cindy. Hugh,Jimmy's dad,is a hilrailous dad who cares too much for ducks. Also,some of the villains like Professor Calamitous and The aliens from A Beautiful Mine are great at what they do. I also love some of Jimmy's inventions,like the shrink ray or the ray that turns things into cheese. However,this show got canceled after 4 years. Wow,another great show already cancelled. But then,after 4 years off the air,we get the stupid spin-off known as Planet Sheen. Seriously,bring this show back and cancel Planet Sheen.
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