The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Nickelodeon (ended 2006)





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  • Got to be one of the best Nickelodeon shows I've seen... and yet they canceld it.


    Jimmy Neutron wasn't like most other Nicktoons in it's time. It was the first CGI cartoon Nickelodeon had, and it was good. Also, Jimmy Neutron is the only cartoon I know of where the writers actually put effort into making a geniu's lines sound real. Jimmy used REAL science terms, and REAL science methods, to make this show make sense. But I'll wait to tell you the rest of my compliments of this show until I adress the few problems.

    Problem #1 Ideas- This problem was actually randomly found throughout the whole series. Not all plots, but some, were a little uninspired, and bland. However, most of these bland plots were given a little twist my Jimmy to make them somewhat refreshing. This problem isn't huge, but it's there. For example, in one episode, Jimmy, Cindy, Sheen, and Carl go out to search for a legendary "sea monster" that was terrorizing there town. This is one of my least favorite episodes, because it felt awkward and uninspired. Like I said though, this is very rare in the show, and it's very likely you won't run into it.

    Problem #2 Voices- Ok, I'll admit, some of the voices in this show are nutty. Nutty like, annoying the crap out of you. For example, Miss Fowel, the kids teacher. She was supposed to have the voice of some kind of bird, and she always like, put her arms together like a bird. Her voice was somewhat unbearable. Luckily, she wasn't in to many episodes, but some. It was very rough and screechy, and sent goosebumps down myy back. >.< Another strangley-voiced character is Carl. At some points, his voice is very funny and perfectly fitting for the show. At other points, though, Carl strechted words and just seems stupid. This happens mainly in the newer ones. However, it's good that Carl's voice is in the show, because it does fit in a good way. Try to ignore these voices, and the show is bearable, in fact, great.

    Now, let's get down with the good stuffs. :]

    Compliment #1 Character Variety- Especially in modern TV shows today, (both kid and adult) the show seems to be dominant towards one gender. For example, while watching Disney Channel, there's only about two or three shows that the whole family can enjoy. Others, like Zeke and Luther, or Zack and Cody, are leaned towards males. And shows like Shake it Up!, and Hannah Montana, are leaned towards females. But in Jimmy Nuetron, there is a colorful cast of both boys and girls. Even though the three main characters are all boys, the main girls, Cindy and Libby, pop up in almost every episode, usually with major roles. The show gives all genders a dose of comedy and drama, which leads me into my next compliment.

    Compliment #2 Genre Blending- Like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Jimmy Neutron has a good blend of drama, action, and adventure. Even sometimes, the show throws in a little "kid-friendly" horror. It all works well together. If your wondering, action can be found throuout the series, drama can be found more near the ending of the show, "horror" is mainly in the beggining of the series, and comedy, (which is exceptinol), can be found throughout the whole thing.

    Compliment #3 Effort Into Charatcers- You can tell when you here the many charatcers talk, that the writers did thier homework. Jimmy says actual science terms and methods, and dosent bore you either. In fact, it's quite funny when he says his complex plans. Sheen just sounds plain dumb, in a good way. He talks about action figures alot, and he sounds like he's really into it. Carl constantly refers to body parts that he isn't good with, or injured, or something like that. He constantly refers to his "scabula" which is hilarious even after the 10th time. Cindy's voice actor is spectacular, with her emotion always wonderful. Libby has a good knowledge of music, and says all kinds of things about "funk". Its cool. The charatcers (unlike LOTS of cartoons) say the exact right thing at the exact time.

    Compliment #4 Inventions- The inventions in this show many times serve as the substance of the whole conflict in the episode. They are usually wonderful. The inventions constantly change characters, or take them to exotic places where we've never dreamed of. This is almost opposite of Phineas and Ferb, where they're building cliche things like rollercoasters, or haunted houses.

    So, overall, if you counted, there's way more compliments flooding this show than problems, and there minor ones anyway. No matter who you are, young, fat, old, stupid, bored, ugly, skinny, beautiful, odds are, you'll get a kick out of Nickelodeon's genius show about a genius kid.

    **NOTE: The opinions stated in this reveiw are refering to Jimmy Neutron only, and not it's spin-off Planet Sheen.***

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