The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 1 Episode 11

Safety First / Crime Sheen Investigation (a.k.a. The Case of the Missing Ultra Lord)

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Nov 30, 2002 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Jimmy's parent's try to give him "the talk"

    • Look closely at the newspaper Hugh Neutron is reading. The newspaper says: "Bigfoot knocks-out Komodo Dragon!" This headline answers Sheen's question about who would win in a fight between Bigfoot and a Komodo Dragon.

    • When Jimmy is looking through the 'notes' in Crime Sheen Investigation he stops on the drawing labled Dead Squirrel. When he gives the notes back to Carl the drawing labled Fat Squirrel is on top.

    • The nanobots dump itching powder on Nick, and Miss Fowl says "Nick, stop jitter-bugging." But the closed caption shows it as "Vic, stop jitter-bugging."

    • When the boys emerge from the dumpster after Nick beats them up, Jimmy has a black eye. In true cartoon style, however, it's missing in the next shot.

    • After Jimmy defeats Terry, Cindy glares at him outside. When Jimmy reaches the classroom, she's already sitting at her desk. Then, when Miss Fowl gets chased into the hallway by the Jim-Tech, Cindy's out there, getting ready to enter the classroom.

    • When Sheen runs up to Jimmy with his UltraLord in "Saftey First," Sheen says "The new UltraLord with retractable fists, and-" but the closed captioning says "Dr. Love."

  • Quotes

    • Judy: I went home to get my rubber gloves, but your father wouldn't let me have them!
      Jimmy: A likely story! What would Dad possibly want with your rubber gloves?
      (Hugh pops up with a glove on his head)
      Hugh: Hey, look at me! I'm Cocky the Rooster Man! Half rooster, half man, all Hugh.
      Sheen: Case open again...

    • Jimmy: Goddard, x-ray the suspect's clothes.
      (Cindy gasps, then slaps him)

    • Sheen: Don't feel bad, Jimmy. You tried your best. It just wasn't anywhere near good enough.

    • Carl: I'M A BAD WATSON!!!

    • Carl: Hey, Sheen. What's up?
      Sheen: You can look at my shockingly empty hands and ask me that? I've been robbed!
      Jimmy: Robbed of what?
      Sheen: Only my oldest and most prized UltraLord! He was like the atomic-breath blasting brother I never had!

    • Sheen: (shaking Jimmy) You've gotta help me, Jimmy! If you don't, I'll have to ask complete idiots to help me, and you know how unreliable they are!

    • Sheen: He looked so peaceful sitting there with his destructo-belt and hydraulic flame thrower....

    • Jimmy: I need to ask you some questions, Mom.
      Sheen: If that is your real name!

    • Hugh: Just got a phone call from Terry's mom! Did you two have a little spat-a-roo?
      Judy: Hugh, the talk?
      Hugh: (clears throat) Once upon on time, a boy sparrow ... said to a girl sparrow, "Hey, nice feathers! Can I buy you some millet?" Well, the girl sparrow-
      Jimmy: You know what, dad? I would really love to hear the rest, but I'm having a small emergency, bye!
      Hugh: And when he got to her nest, he was alarmed to find out that her mother was a cantankerous old crow!
      Judy: Hugh!

    • Sheen: Hey, Jimmy, I've been meaning to ask you something.
      Jimmy: I know, I know - why am I carrying two lunches. Because of that bully Terry Finster! This way, after he steals mine, I still have something to eat!
      Sheen: Actually, I was going to ask you who would win in a fight between Big Foot and a Komodo Dragon, but your question's good too.

  • Notes

    • "Safety First" can be seen on the DVD Jet Fusion, and "Crime Sheen Investigation" can be seen on the DVD The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour.

  • Allusions

    • Hugh: (engulfing milk, sugar, and coffee, mixing it in his mouth, and swallowing it)

      This is similar to a gag done in the UK comedy Mr. Bean.

    • Nanobots: (Walking to the Jim-Tech)

      The scene were the Nanobots were walking to the Jim-Tech in slow motion, holding their heads, was taken from Apollo 13. In this scene in the movie, the astronauts are walking from the elevator to the Saturn V, holding their helmets.

    • Title: Crime Sheen Investigation

      The title "Crime Sheen Investigation" is a reference to the show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

    • Carl: Except when there's a spider in their bathtub disguised as a hair-clog, and-(scared)I CAN'T LOOK!!

      The movie Carl mentions in "Safety First" is called Arachnaphobia and is about spiders going around killing people.

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