The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 1 Episode 9

See Jimmy Run / Trading Faces (a.k.a. A Mind Is A Terrible Thing, Two Ways)

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Oct 14, 2002 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

See Jimmy Run: After a humiliating defeat by Cindy in the school relay race, Jimmy improves his shoes so he can run at the speed of light! Unfortunately, he gets stuck in this super-fast mode. Unless he finds a way to slow down, he will disappear – for good. Invention: NeutroGunk (super-fast shoes) Trading Faces: While Jimmy is using his mind-reading device on Cindy, their personalities are accidentally switched. Jimmy (in Cindy's body) and Cindy (in Jimmy's body) take advantage of this mistake, embarrassing each other to no end. Inventions: Neutron Enceplo Synthesizer, Virtual Brain Pods.moreless

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  • Jimmy invents shoes to make him run fast, and him and cindy trade bodies.

    See Jimmy Run - Jimmy is tired of Cindy beating him in the relay race so, he invents a spray and coats his shoes with it, of course it backfires cindy wins and jimmy ends up a big mess. They where mean to jimmy but kids are always cruel.

    Trading Faces - Jimmy wants to stay one step ahead of Cindy when she pranks him so he invebts a device to read her mind, it gets struck by lighning and Jimmy and Cindy switch bodies. It had some very funny consequences, in the end they end up coming up with a plan to switch back, not to metion an embarassing screne that either Jimmy or Cindy was thinking.moreless
  • In See Jimmy Run, Jimmy invents shoes that make him run really fast to beat Cindy in a race. In Trading faces, Jimmy and Cindy switch bodies.

    This episode was one of my favorites in season one. See Jimmy Run was a funny episode especially when Cindy was playing jump rope and Jimmy spun her into the boys bathroom. This episode showed another one of Jimmy's inventions not working out right. Big surprise there!

    In Trading Faces Jimmy tries to build an invention that reads other people's minds. It backfires on him and makes Jimmy switch bodies with Cindy! This episode was really funny because Jimmy and Cindy did alot of things to get revenge on each other. The best part of this episode was the end in which Jimmy and Cindy discovered that one of them had a dream about them kissing on a country road. Both of them wouldn't admit who it was though.moreless
  • In Trading Faces

    In trading faces, we kinda have a Jimmy/Cindy at the end. We they have their identity back and walk out of the lab. Both oj them, especially Cindy, startsto like Jimmy since they dream of kissing ! And I think, was due to Liby,Carl, and Sheen, they threw the thing that made them dislike each other. :)
  • Read my review for these dumb episodes.

    See Jimmy Run: Seriously, I dont know why the people did this. Jimmy is mistreated throughout the entire episode. Firstly, when Jimmy loses, his friends laugh and trample on him. Then when he loses with his rocket shoes because he doesn't use them right, they trample him and laugh AGAIN. Then when Jimmy gores out of control, he becomes a blob of jelly, and his friends poke him and mess him up. How bad is that? He did nothing wrong except humiliate Cindy, which she got what she deserved which is the best thing.

    Trading Faces: This is also very bad. As Jimmy, Cindy said he wanted meatloaf for Christmas, to get rid of his lab and to sleep in the cellar, while Jimmy didn't do anything like that: He just embarrassed Cindy. The only cool thing is where there in that machine

    These eps are both very bad. The animators really could of done better. At least make Jimmy live in the end of SJR.moreless
  • In See Jimmy Run, Jimmy creates a pair of shoes that enable him to run at lightning fast speeds. In "Trading Faces" Jimmy switches minds with--drom roll please-- Cindy Vortex.

    While "See Jimmy Run" was hardly what you could call an original episode, it's partner episode "Trading Faces" made up for that. This episode is absolutely hilarious! The quotes and scenarios in this episode kept me laughing for hours, and I'll still watch it again and again. After Jimmy accidentally switches minds with Cindy, the two of them think of every possible way to embarrass and humiliate each other. The creative ways that they find to do this is simply hysterical; from purposely failing tests, to destroying each other's wardrobes, Cindy and Jimmy certainly prove that a mind is a terrible thing, two ways.

Andrea Martin

Andrea Martin

Miss Winifred Fowl (voice)

Carolyn Lawrence

Carolyn Lawrence

Cynthia Aurora "Cindy" Vortex (voice)

James Belushi

James Belushi

Coach Gruber

Guest Star

Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Goddard (voice)

Recurring Role

Crystal Scales

Crystal Scales

Liberty Danielle "Libby" Folfax (voice)

Recurring Role

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

Carlton Ulysses Wheezer (voice)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

    • When Miss Fowl is asking Jimmy and Cindy to explain their Fs, we can see that the quiz Jimmy submitted while in Cindy's body reads:

      "The ant is a member of what family?
      My mom's

      What are the names of the planets?
      Farkle, GubGub, Fragglesmacking, Beetle

      What fruit do raisins come from?

      How many suns orbit the earth?
      What is a sun?

      How many eggs are in a dozen?

    • When Jimmy is explaining how to use the Virtual Brain Pods, he says that all their memories would appear on the screen. When Sheen puts the first memory in Jimmy's head the blue thing starts to rise. If that's what measured who's brain had something in it and all of Jimmy's and Cindy's memories had appeared on the screen, why would their still be some of the blue and pink stuff on both their body models.

    • The deletion of the last memory has caused speculation by some viewers as to whether Jimmy and Cindy's love is real, or is a result of the deletion.

    • In See Jimmy Run, apparently, Jimmy inherited at least a little of his genius from his mom, because she predicted what the shoes would do.

    • In Trading Faces...
      Jimmy as Cindy: Don't put my hands on my hips! Guys don't do that!

      But in See Jimmy Run, Jimmy is humming with his right hand on his hip.

    • We learn that after this episode Jimmy has a rapturous enjoyment of mustard.

    • We learn that Cindy has a perfect attendance record!

    • We learn in this episode that Jimmy once invented a "toilet in a briefcase" as "an invaluable accessory for the travelling businessman."

    • When Jimmy as Cindy say "Farkle, Gub-gub" while writing on his/Cindy's test, when the papers are shown with F's on Jimmy (as Cindy)'s paper, "Gub-gub" is written before "Farkle."

    • In "See Jimmy Run", the track is unfair because Cindy is on the inside of the cricular track and Jimmy is on the outside of it. Jimmy's starting point or ending point should give him a foot of a headstart.

    • In "See Jimmy Run," the park fountain that is seen in "Professor Calamitous, I Presume" of the man peeing, is different than the one in this episode.

    • When Jimmy runs through a cloud, wouldn't he be wet afterwards?

    • In "Trading Faces," why didn't Jimmy and Cindy's voices stay in their original bodies?

    • Coach Gruber's shirt says "Lindburgh Elementary." It's really "Lindbergh Elementary."

    • In "Trading Faces," Carl and Sheen hide behind a wall while talking to Jimmy in Cindy's body. Carl says that they can't be seen talking to a girl, but in many episodes, the boys are seen talking to Cindy and/or Libby.
      Response: Carl has a slight laugh in his voice as he says it, so must have been joking.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Jimmy: I call it, the Neutronic Encephalo Synthesizer. It isolates a brain-wave, passes to a twelfth tone exirum, and outwaves it through an automative frequency.
      Carl: What was the first part again and the middle part?
      Sheen: Yeah, and the end-y part, too.

    • Nissa: (mocking Jimmy) Race you to the lockers, Jimmy!! (the girls laugh)

    • Jimmy as Cindy: Do we have to hide in here?
      Carl: Well, sorry, Jim. We don't wanna see you talking to a girl.
      Sheen: Yeah we would expose to a constant (puts his hands over his head in a funny way

    • Cindy: Did you um, notice, when our brains were floating inside that thing together, which was disgusting, by the way! One of us was imagining us walking down a country lane, holding hands, and um, kissing?
      Jimmy: Yeah, I remember that. But it wasn't my brain thinking it.
      Cindy: Well it sure as heck wasn't mine!

    • Libby: Flip the switch, and shut them up!

    • (after Jimmy is put back in his body)
      Jimmy: (smiling) I can't see my ankles.
      Carl: (screaming) Oh, no! He's blind!
      Jimmy: Uh, no, Carl. I have my own pants back!

    • Nick: Cindy, what happened last night? You said something about an extra concert ticket, then the line went dead.
      Jimmy as Cindy: I wouldn't go to a concert with you if you were the last boy on EARTH! That's how stuck up I am.
      (Libby, Britney, Courtney, and Amber gasp)

    • Jimmy as Cindy: Urgh, my ankles are freezing! Why don't girls just buy pants that cover their legs?!
      Cindy as Jimmy: Stop dragging my feet! Those're new shoes!

    • Jimmy as Cindy: Do you think I spent enough hours on my hair this morning? Hey, everybody, look at my ankles! When'll I ever get a pair of pants the right length? (small laugh) Who knows?!

    • Sheen: Since we're just kids, and this is a ghost, I suggest we run away as quickly as possible, screaming at the top of our lungs.

    • Sheen: Don't be alarmed or anything, Carl, but I think we may be in the presense of a creature from the other side!
      Carl: Of the playground?
      Sheen: No. I mean a spirit. A phantom. An apparition!
      Carl: Oh, you mean like a person that used to be a person and then they died and now they're a ... GHOST!

    • Miss Fowl: I would like an explana-aaa-tion for these two disgra-aahaa-ceful papers!
      Cindy as Jimmy: There's a simple explanation, Miss Fowl! I, Jimmy Neutron, am a complete, gabble-headed dipstick!
      Miss Fowl: Huh?
      Jimmy as Cindy: But not as big a dipstick as you are, Miss Fowl. And if I don't get a month's worth of detention for that, you're even dumber than you look!
      Cindy as Jimmy: Oh, yeah? Well, how many detentions is this worth, Miss Fowl-Breath! (stomps on her desk, scattering papers)

    • Sheen: Don't worry, Jimmy and Cindy. I'll put your minds back in the right pa-laces!
      Cindy as Jimmy: You can't even keep the gravy inside your mashed potato volcano at lunch. You expect me to let you put my brain back?!
      Libby: (stifles a laugh behind her hand) Cindy, don't worry. I know your brain, and I won't let them put any stupid boy stuff in it.

    • Nick: Dude, you're not a dude!
      Cindy: Uh, w-wait, Nick, see, I can explain! You see, I was jumping rope, and then the jump rope came alive, and well, I-
      (Nick walks away and Cindy groans)

    • Cindy: (on the phone) Nick! I, uh, I hate to bother you at home, but, uh (giggles), I'm stuck with these two dumb tickets for, uh (giggles again while looking at her computer screen that displays, what was the name of that band you liked again?

    • Carl: (reading Jimmy and Cindy's personality traits) The ability to whistle. (to Libby) Can Cindy whistle?
      Libby: (sighs) I don't know!
      Sheen: We gave Jimmy rapturous enjoyment of mustard! Let's give Cindy whistling.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Trading faces

      Cindy: I hope Brainzilla isn't on tomorrow's little suprise.

      Brainzilla is a spoof from the movie Godzilla.

    • See Jimmy Run: Title

      The title of this episode is a pun of a line in Dick and Jane: "See Dick Run".

    • Clothes: Salvation Navy

      When Jimmy in Cindy's body gives Cindy's clothes away, the truck that was taking the clothes was the Salvation Navy (you can only see Salvation Na, but it's pretty obvious it's Navy), a spoof of The Salvation Army.

    • Website: Ticketmeister

      The website Cindy tries to order concert tickets from is Ticketmeister, a spoof of Ticketmaster.

    • Titles: "Trading Faces / A Mind Is A Terrible Thing, Two Ways"

      "Trading Faces" spoofs Trading Places. "A Mind Is A Terrible Thing, Two Ways" is from the slogan "A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste."

    • Jimmy and Cindy: Personality transfer

      The personality transferance between Jimmy and Cindy looked just like the transfer between Captain Kirk and Dr. Janice Lester in Classic Star Trek's last episode, "Turnabout Intruder."