The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 2 Episode 10

Sheen's Brain

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Mar 08, 2004 on Nickelodeon

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  • Great And Not at the Same Time...

    On one hand, I like the "epic" tone to the last half, with evil, smart Sheen. On the other, this evil, smart Sheen is NOT The Sheen most fans love. That sheen is crazy, wacky and lovable, and in this, he just wasn't. But I did like the plot of him being smart and evil, it's just... that's not the Sheen i like from the show as a whole. So, I think I will give this a B+ or so. It is a good episode and I wish i could score it higher, I just... can not do that for reasons above
  • Very good episode.

    After a particularly hard history test, which even Jimmy found challenging, Sheen claims to have found it easy. Suddenly Ms Fowl calls him back, which Sheen thinks is to compliment his test. However, it turns out that Sheen has failed, and needs to ace the maths test to avoid being kept back.

    Sheen begs Jimmy to help him, saying that he cannot be held back AGAIN. Jimmy agrees, and him and Carl set to work. They try to get him to pay attention through negative-reinforcement, giving him a zap every time he is distracted. Despite this, he still cannot concentrate, and soon he seems doomed. Jimmy finally decides to turn his 'brain-drain' helmet into a 'brain-gain' one.

    It works well, and Sheen becomes a genius. He easily aces the maths test, getting all the answer correct. But his brain keeps growing, and when Jimmy asks him to get his intelligence sucked away, he uses some acquired telepathic powers to throw Jimmy off. Then he declares himself the supreme ruler, and takes Libby as his queen.
  • Sheen's going to fail, so Jimmy tries to make him smarter... only for his plan to majorly backfire!

    This was a very interesting episode, and I really liked the concept used here. The whole thing reminded me of the anime movie Akira, what with one of the main characters gaining psychic powers and going insane. Or maybe that's just me. Anyway, this is one episode I really enjoyed.
  • Good episode. I liked how it focused on Sheen; we got to see a whole other side to him.

    When Sheen discovers that he has to take a math test that will count for the majority of his grade, he asks Jimmy to help him study for it. Sadly, Sheen has a short attention span, and Jimmy, who becomes frustrated with Sheen, tries to help him by using his brain drain helmet as a brain gain helmet. The next day, Sheen is noticeably smarter, but as time goes on, he becomes so arrogant that he starts to annoy everyone else. Eventually Sheen goes mad with 'brain power.' His intelligence grows so much that he has abilities such as telekinesis and shooting lightning from his head. Sheen starts to take over Retroville, and his friends' attempts to stop him are futile. Finally, when Sheen accidentally hurts Jimmy and Carl, he decides that friendship is the most important thing and puts on the brain drain helmet. Everything then returns to normal.

    I liked this episode because it focused on a character who doesn't get the spotlight all that often. Well, he sort of does, but not as much as Jimmy, Cindy, and sometimes Carl. I thought the plot was moderately creative, and it held my attention. In my opinion, this was one of the better episodes. The "problem" Jimmy has to solve using science is actually a common problem kids face: having trouble studying for tests (even though Sheen's problem was paying attention, but that's not the point) and not something random like picking up pants. Anyway, the bottom line is, this episode was entertaining! =)
  • Jimmy tries to make Sheen a genius so he can pass a math exam and not get held back.

    This was a supurb episode of Jimmy Neutron. We finally get to see Jimmy get beat by a villian. Even though Sheen gave up his brain in the end to help save Jimmy and Carl. This episode also gave alot of hints toward a Sheen/Libby relationship. I have been shpping them since season 1 so this episode really held my interest.
  • Jimmy does want Sheen to get held back so he makes Sheen Smart with a Brain Gain Helmet.

    This episode was really funny, I love Sheen based episodes, because he's hilious, Even though when his brain was growing and he was getting smarter he started acting like a jerk, he was still funny and it took him hurting Jimmy and Carl to realize just how much of a jerk he was. A great episode.
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