The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 2 Episode 10

Sheen's Brain

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Mar 08, 2004 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Sheen explains that there is high odds of meeting his hero. While this is true, he should have also known that Ultralord is a cartoon character and not real.

    • Why didn't Jimmy just use the Brain Drain on Sheen? It has an "Einstein" setting; it wasn't necessary to reprogram it into a Brain Gain.

    • Sheen says that Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun but this is only partially true as it switches places with Pluto every so often.

    • Sheen calls his big brain "old friend". This might mean that Sheen was smart a long time ago.

    • It is revealed in one scene that Sheen's IQ was only 32.

    • Hugh Neutron does not appear in this episode. Although Judy Neutron can be seen during the crowd shots, she does not speak.

    • Second appearance of Captain Betty.

    • Sheen's grandma has a chihuahua.

    • Sheen thinks that UltraLord was the father of our country.

    • Of mathematical interest, the blackboard in Miss Fowl's class has an implementation of Pascal's Triangle, and Sheen states that the binomial expansion of a negative prime number yields its equal and opposite trigonometric value.

    • On the blackboard in Ms.Fowl's class, by Ms.Fowl's desk the board reads:
      "FIELD TRIP" then under it "Planetarium Tuesday". It says this in every episode that shows the blackboard such as "Birth of a Salesman"

    • With questions such as "Who was the father of our country?", how could Jimmy call the quiz "fairly challenging"?

  • Quotes

    • Carl (thinking): Baby llamas in the meadow - Baby llamas in the meadow - Baby llamas in the meadow - Oh, no! One of them's escaping! It's heading towards town! 'Town' rhymes with 'crown'! JIMMY AND I DISGUISED THE BRAIN-DRAIN HELMET AS A CROWN!
      Sheen: I heard that!

    • (Jimmy tries to convince Sheen to put the Brain Drain Helmet on)
      Jimmy: Believe me, Sheen. You don't want to be a genius. You have to help others with homework...
      Libby: You put the town in danger with your geeky inventions...
      Cindy: You're like a pain in the butt...
      Jimmy: (to Cindy) Nobody asked you!
      (Cindy steps back slowly)

    • Sheen: (describing Carl's scientifical features to the class) Carl Wheezer: 71% water, 27% Carbon, 2% mucus.
      (Carl sneezes)
      Sheen: 1% mucus.

    • Sheen: I heard that, Carl!
      Carl: I didn't say anything!
      Sheen: I heard your thoughts, Carl! You think I'm being an annoying doofus!

    • Jimmy: Sheen's IQ will keep growing to infinity!
      Carl: Wow... he'll be really good at board games.
      Jimmy: No, Carl, Sheen's brain is programmed to keep growing. If we don't get that Brain Drain Helmet on him soon, his head will explode.
      Carl:Aah! (disgusted) Eww.

    • Sheen: Libby, help me and I will give you the best robes and jewelry money can buy.
      Libby: You're crazy if you think I'm going to help you--did you say robes and jewelry?

    • (after big-brained Sheen flies out the Candy Bar's roof)
      Libby: Don't tell me that's just hormones.

    • Sheen: Now to pick my queen. I shall choose the fairest and most beautiful of the town's females.
      Miss Fowl: I'm afraid of commitment!
      Sheen: I didn't mean you!

    • Jimmy: Sheen, concentrate!
      Sheen: I am concentrating! ... Hey, look, TV! (runs over and watches TV)
      (Jimmy turns off the TV)
      Sheen: (confused) TV go dark.

    • Sheen: Miss Fowl, could I be excused?
      Miss Fowl: NO!
      Sheen: Could I not be unexcused?
      Miss Fowl: (confused) Y-y-y-yes....
      Sheen: Psych! (runs out, laughing)
      Jimmy: Miss Fowl, will you not let me not leave the classroom?
      Miss Fowl: No! ... (defeated) Yes.
      Jimmy: Thank you. (runs out)
      (Miss Fowl squawks, displeased)
      Carl: (to himself) Jimmy and Sheen need me. I can't let them down. (out loud) Miss Fowl! Can I never ever not be disexcused sometimes--
      Miss Fowl: PLANT IT!!
      Carl: 'K. (sits down)

    • Miss Fowl: Remember, children, don't think of this as a final exam ... think of it as 90% of your grade!

    • Carl: (reading from the math book) Tom has three pieces of bubble gum. If he trades all his gum to Ida for two raisins per piece, how many raisins will Tom have?
      Sheen: What sort of idiot would trade bubble gum for raisins?!
      Jimmy: That's not the point.
      Sheen: What is he, some kind of health nut?! If you ask me, Tom needs counseling. And what kind of name is Ida? Is it short for "I'd a prefered a different name"?!

    • Sheen: Well, how was I supposed to know UltraLord wasn't the father of our country? That's what it says in the UltraLord website!
      Jimmy: Wait, didn't you write the UltraLord website?
      Sheen: And your point is? (doubts for a second) (realizes) Oh.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Statue Throne: Appearance

      The statue that Sheen telepathically bends into his throne is seen in the previous episode (Love Potion #967/J) in Jimmy's lab during Jimmy and Cindy's date.

    • Video Game: Llama's Day Out

      The game "Llama's day Out" that Carl and Sheen were playing during the montage was the same game Carl and Sheen were playing "Hypno Birthday to You."

    • Music: "Riverstomp"

      The music that plays during the montange is the same music that Cindy and Libby did their Riverstomp dance to in "Battle of the Bands."

    • TV: Ultra Sheen

      When Jimmy is about to turn off the TV, you can see footage from the episode "Ultra Sheen."

    • Background: Past Characters

      When Carl and Jimmy are standing in front of the costume store, you can see the turkey-bride from "I Dream of Jimmy" and Mr. Giggles from "Hypno Birthday To You" as well as the UltraLord costume.

    • Sheen: (Shoots lightning bolts from his fingers while looking in a mirror.)

      This is an allusion to Annie Oakley, a very famous woman sharpshooter from Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show back in the 1800's; she invented a trick where she'd shoot a target with her rifle held backwards on her shoulder, looking in a mirror.

    • Sheen: Libby Folfax, c'mon down!

      On The Price Is Right, contestants are called by their first and last name, followed by "c'mon down!"

    • Sheen: Appearance & Powers

      Sheen's appearance with his enlarged brain and his big chair makes him look very similiar to Professor X from X-Men. In addition, Sheen's power of remote influencing and telepathy are reminiscient to Jean Grey from X-Men.

    • Sheen and Goddard: (playing chess)

      The chess that Sheen and Goddard were playing was 3-D chess, from Star Trek.

    • Title: Sheen's Brain

      "Sheen's Brain" is taken from the Star Trek episode "Spock's Brain."