The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 3 Episode 6


Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM May 26, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • the best episode ever

    It starts out with jimmy and Cindy fighting about the equator then to show Cindy is wrong they go on to the pacific ocean while the get there they keep fighting then while they are fighting libby comments to sheen and Carl if they are getting bored with jimmyand Cindy love/hate thing witch they are clue less about and libby explains it for them witch they get all confuse and tells them to forget it libby woried because Cindy is almost in the edge of the howercar tells them to be carefull witch they don't pay much attention Cindy is about to fall but in an act to save her jimmy grabs her hand but as a result they both fell and the friends while in the howercar on autopilot can't turn back to save them the jimmy and Cindy land on an island while Cindy is woried about her clothes, piano lesson and that she's in big trouble of she skips school jimmy trys to calm her down and says that probably never going home again then were on with libby'sheen and carl with sheen antics to save jimmy and Cindy that made me laugh so hard then were with jimmy and Cindy again the keep on fighting and Cindy being a pride full girl tells jimmy that this is all his fault which it isn't all his fault then they try making separate camps witch both camps fell they make a truce so they can survive the island and this is the first time we see Cindy scared of something and let's down her guard then sheen, libby and carl are out of gas and again sheen and carl antics the we returned to jimmy/Cindy looking for water because they can go without water for 38 hours and it's great the put on because it teaches kids then jimmy is going to get eaten by a plant Cindy saves him without thinking it like in the past then they hug while shivering and stop hugging and get kinda embarrass and again Cindy let's down her guard and jimmy saves alot of time Cindy and ect theres alot of j/c moments there and in the final part they got saved
  • Stranded

    Jimmy and Cindy get in a fight and get stranded on an island, and their only hope to survive and get off the island are Carl, Sheen, and Libby. Throughout the episode, Jimmy and Cindy's relationship is blossoming and they grow to like each other more. In the end, they are saved.

    A good episode, not the best of the series but it is pretty great. It can get a tad boring, but I didn't think it was. I thought it was great and I was on the edge of my seat throughout, my overall grade is an A+. definitely
  • horrible horrible episode...

    I don't think jimmy and cindy would make a good couple!! the episode was a little good the only part I like was when Sheen was saying how jellyfish fill opur jelly donuts and eels light our homes. mostly the best parts were when sheen, carl and libby were stranded in the hovercar(not saying I have a bad heart or anything >=( ). you can tell me "your wrong! Jimmy and Cindy would make good couple!" but I would just say I don't think they will. but I do think sheen and libby would(sheen estabaze and libby folfacs 4 ever!!!!! i'm afraid of giant spiders

    Well before talking about the episode I must say that in trivia category they got a wrong point. Australia it's a country not a continent as Cindy says it. The continent is called "Oceania" and Australia is a main island of this continent.So Jimmy is right.
    Jimmy is a real genius after all. Cindy was wrong in the episode at the beginning and at the end hahahahahhahhahaha. Well let's say those fights are excuses for them to hang out...that's really funny. I really enjoyed this episode.
    On the other hand, Sheen was acting as a lunatic on "Stranded" calling everybody "mirage libby" or "mirage carl" and also "mirage jimmy". lol
    The other part that was hilarious is when everybody shuts up to say "Did she just called you jimmy?"
  • Jimmy and Cindy...Stranded on an island...TOGETHER?!

    Oh I love this movie! This was very well done. Of course it starts with an argument that Cindy and Jimmy have...and then they all end up in his little hover car in the middle of the ocean. Well, out of gas, they're stranded...of course Sheen, Carl and Liby still on the hover craft. Anyways, long story on the island, they fight. As time goes on, however, they mutually agree to be friends and begin to get along! It's so cute! They hold hands and Cindy even carved each others names in a tree. Then, the look on Cindy's face when they were found and heading home. So sad! I like the ending though how they were fighting in the little ice cream shop that they always go to...well, you know what happened =)

    Totally awesome! Love Jimmy Neutron!

  • Jimmy and Cindy find themselves stranded together on an island in the middle of the ocean. Can they put their difference aside and learn to live with each other?

    This is another one of my favorite episodes. I'm a J/C shipper, so this was the perfect episode for me. I liked the fact that Jimmy and Cindy actually admitted their feelings to each other. They look so cute together! I also liked the scene where Sheen was claiming Libby and Carl were mirages, but then Libby said she would slap him in the face if he didn't shut up. I also liked the ending where Jimmy and Cindy were, once again, arguing and then they left the shop together to go to the island. The only part about this episode that I didn't like, was the enormous spider at the end of the episode. I'm terrified of spiders so I could not stand that part! Other than that, the episode was really really good.
  • In this episode, Jimmy and Cindy get stranded on a deserted island. While running from danger, the two confess their love for each other.

    This is my favorite episode in this series yet. I love romance, and the romance between these two has a bit of a twist.
    They always seem to hate each other and make each other miserable, but only to hide their true feelings. Here, Jimmy and Cindy confess their true feelings for each other, and then go on a 'date'. They both want to stay there together forever, but then Libby, Carl, and Sheen come, and a choice must be made- stay, or go back home?
    But they do go back home, and the love connection seems to end.

    Or does it?
  • A Love/Hate thing ended.

    The greatest episode that has aired, this is the most amazing episode I've ever seen. If I could think of the best episode to watch on TV as of right now, I would call this episode the #1 ever. All the JN fans who watched this couldn't believe what they saw on their TV. Even though I say this stuff is intended for fans, it is the best episode for kids to survive! For example, when Jimmy says a human can only survive 36 hours without water, that could help kids while camping. Overall, I give this the ultimate... Well TEN of course

  • One of the greatest episodes ever!

    "Stranded" is one of the best episodes ever! It must be the favorite episode for Jimmy/Cindy fans! There is a plenty of Jimmy/Cindy cute moments in this episode. When they get stranded on a desert island, there is nothing to hide, so they decide to be truse. They confess many-many things to each other and probably all the people who have watched this episode said: Oh, they are so cute together! Well, i thought that way:) When I watched this episode I have totally forgoten about Betty Quinlan, April or other people, who wanted to break JC relatoship. So, this episode is more romence than adventure...;) I love it!
  • Jimmy + Cindy = Love

    They fight. They argure. They act like they hate each other. But do they or are they hidding their true feelings?
    In Stranded, we see that Jimmy and Cindy really do like each other. And, maybe their will be more. It all starts with an argument, as always. Jimmy and Cindy get trapped on a desert island full of huge animals. They manage to make a nice home for themselves in the trees and finally express their true feelings for each other. When Carl, Sheen and Libby com to rescue them, Cindy doesn't want to leave. Will Jimmy and Cindy ever be together?
  • A must-watch for fans of this series! Cindy and Jimmy get stranded on an uncharted island and finally realize what they really think about one another. J/C fest!

    This was one of the greatest episodes in JN history. It was an early season 3 episode which opened up the idea of fans naming it "the relationship season." Jimmy and Cindy finally open up to each other and share cute moments and work together to svae eachother on the island. Ever since here, Cindy and Jimmy have admitted their feelings about one another, so if it was not for this episodes, J/C fans would not really get much excitement. Jimmy even gets Cindy a nice pearl after opening up 137 oysters just for Cindy, and They hold hands staring into the sunset at the end. Cindy even carves "J+C forever" in a heart in the tree. Libby may find out about their real feelings, but any true fan of this show will relish the episode.
  • Just for all those J/C romance fans!

    This is the episode that all J/C romance fans love and for good reason. It’s well written and shows a very different side to Jimmy and Cindy’s feelings for one another. The feelings they often mask due to peer pressure or other factors usually involving their image at school. The time on the island offers that “freedom” from those very barriers and though they initially continue their combative ways, Jimmy realizes that they need to work together since their situation could be grave. Jimmy shows that he’s genuinely kind at heart. While he doesn’t want Cindy to get the upper hand in an argument, he still can’t bear to see Cindy consumed with fear and uncertainty i.e. like after her unpleasant encounter with the monkey early on. Cindy too shows, even with her slightly flawed moral compass, that her instinct would be to help Jimmy when he’s in danger i.e. the Venus flytrap encounter.

    The two eventually realize that their constant bickering is actually quite silly when observed from a few steps back. In fact, Jimmy can’t even remember why they fight in the first place; quite amazing for a kid that normally has all the answers. They both realize that they actually like (possibly love) each other’s company as they have a sort of “Blue Lagoon” like island adventure complete with tree houses equipped with bamboo plumbing. The island provides that “shield” which allows the two to wear their real feelings on their sleeves, rather than mask them with contempt. All the while Libby, Carl, and Sheen are coping with the hover car and limited fuel, limited resources, and limited patience while trying to find their friends. The whole interaction is actually quite hilarious.

    After the gang gets eventually reunited, and they survive a giant spider attack, the time comes to return home but Cindy is not so willing to leave. She obviously doesn’t want to leave the very place where Jimmy’s attention was primarily focused on her, and her heart aches at the very though of it. As Cindy begs Jimmy to stay on the island, Jimmy too feels his heartstrings being pulled. The prospect of staying on the island with Cindy is almost too appealing, but his sense of duty to his friends and the people back at home who love them are too convincing to the later. They close the episode with the gang back at the Candy Bar with Jimmy and Cindy arguing as usual. Yet the arguing is not hostile. Something different exists now between Jimmy and Cindy, and they both secretly hope that the confrontation will eventually bring about yet another hover car adventure. And, as we suspect, it does!

    I applaud the writers of this series who actually allow the viewers to see into the hearts of these characters thus making them even more likable, and (surprisingly for cartoon characters) more believable. This is what sets JN apart from other kid shows.

  • This is an excellent episode. Probably the best one of the season.

    This episode was the best of them all. It is my absolute favorite episode. I always knew that they liked each other somewhere deep down inside.In this episode Jimmy and Cindy get stranded on an island together after falling out of the hovercar. I especailly liked the part where Jimmy and Cindy spend time with each other all day, and then at the end of the day Jimmy gives her a pearl from a clam. Now that Cindy wrote J + C Forever on the tree it is something you would always remember. And ever since that time all of the episodes that follow have Cindy show some sort of thing towards Jimmy.
    At the end of the episode Libby, Sheen, and Carl come to the island. This made me a little mad because Jimmy and Cindy had to stop the romance thing.
    Anyway, this was still a really really good episode.
  • This episode is so good! I can\'t believe what happens in this episode.

    This episode is so great!I didn\'t get to see the premiere of it, but I recorded it and got it on tape. This is my favorite episode in the series.I always love J/C episodes. My favorite part in the episode is when Jimmy and Cindy talk over the fire and put their heads on each other. If they would have kissed, I would have screamed and laughed.I think they should have put a real romantic scene in the episode.Cindy should have said straight,\" I\'ve always thought you were cool.\" I also loved the part when Jimmy saved Cindy from falling off the vine.I hope they make another episode like that.

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  • Jimmy cindy, sheen, carl, and liby decide to go to the equator because Jimmy and ciny was fighting over the equator. On the trip Cindy and jimmy fall over the hover car into the sea they land on an island They learn to get along.

    This episode is the cuttiest episode I ever saw. it was so cute when Jimmy and cindy were holding each others hand on the island. and it was funny when they were all atacking carl because he was hiding food from sheen and liby. It was great how jimmy and cindy was getting along on the island, and building the tree house together. I also liked how they actually showed there true feelings about each other. it was the best jimmy neutron episode
  • A great J/C episode

    Jimmy and Cindy have another arugment and end up getting stranded on a desserted island, The time alone together gets them to relized that neither one is that bad, and the feeling they already have for each other get deeper and are revealed. This was a trult great episode, it had comedy, romance and action. a great Jimmy/Cindy episode.
  • This episode is a truly great one that you shouldn't miss. In this episode, jimmy and cindy show their true feelings for each other. if you haven't seen it already, see it now!

    When Jimmy and Cindy are stranded on an island together and there seems to be no way out, Jimmy saves Cindy's life (from a human eating plant) and they start to show how much they truly like each other. They build tree houses for each other and have a crazy monkey who is their friend. When Carl, Libby, and Sheen finally find them and are ready to take them home, Cindy has second thoughts about leaving and talks to Jimmy about how they should just stay on the island together. My rating is ... definitely ... extravagently ... swankifyingly ... PRICELESS!!!!!!
  • Awesome episode

    Very cool episode.It was funny seing Sheen, Libby and Carl in the hover car, Carl and Sheen didn´t get along so well, Sheen almost looked like he was*cough*crazy*cough*. It was very cute seing Jimmy and Cindy in the island. This episode was excellent, with lots of JC and comedy.There wasn´t SL but it was still a great episode one of my favorites.This episode was a big favorite for everybody^_^, if you haven´t seen it yet(even if it is almost impossible) you have to see it^__^. I think that this is one of the best episodes of Jimmy Neutron.Well that´s all, later!.^__^
  • Jimmy and Cindy get stranded on an island while Sheen,Carl and Libby are having trouble with the hover car.Jimmy and Cindy must fight for their survival against spiders,snakes, and other dangers.

    I love this episode!!!!!This is the best episode of Jimmy Neutron ever!!!lots of j/c moments!!!!!I love how jimmy gives cindy a pearl and how they hold hands in this episode!!!!This is the most romantic episode in the series!!!I wish every episode was like this!!!This episode also had some really great humor in it,like when sheen,carl and libby are in the hover car and how sheen is giving up and how he tells carl how he is like a brother to him and realizes carl is eating their food supply and turns from happy to very angry in like 5 seconds.
  • Funny and romantic.A big J/C episode.

    I am a J/C fan, but I liked the parts where Sheen, Libby and Carl where in the hover car even more than the parts where Cindy and Jimmy where in the island, and that´s because I loved when Carl and Sheen where fighting and when Libby said:*sweet voice*: Sheen we can´t throw Carl off the hover car, Sheen said: why not?, Libby:*in a loud kind of mad voice*: because he might have more food on him!!!!.But anyways, the parts of Cindy and Jimmy in the island where very cute,espeacially when they accidentally huged each other. Too bad that they didn´t confess their true feelings after they got off the island, but I guess that there where much more episodes yet to come, and it would not have been good if they had said that^__^
  • 22 minutes of pure magnificent wonderful superbness.... i loved it! you will too

    It truly is why i watch this series-for alll the JCness, and every time i watch this episode, i can't help but sigh with happiness... it is truly great, and we find out that Jimmy and Cindy possibly aren't destined to be enemies forever after all; when they are alone together, they can be almost civilized. Great episode. You should go watch it Right Now!! If its not on, you should sit in front of your tv until it comes on. It is 100% worth it. I promise.
  • During a disagreement, Jimmy and Cindy find themselves stranded on an island. Their only way to survive is to work together. Their true feelings are revealed.

    After being stranded together on an island, Jimmy and Cindy put aside their differences and actually help each other out. All they have on the island is each other, and they realize that being on the island together isn't bad. They reveal to each other that they don't hate each other, even though it seems that way, and that they actually like each other! This is one of the best episodes I have seen in the series. Jimmy and Cindy show their affection for each other, from Cindy carving J+C forever in the tree, to Jimmy giving Cindy a pearl.Libby, Sheen and Carl were also in the episode but they were trying to find Jimmy and Cindy. I also liked this part of the episode because Libby was the leader of their trio, those three being together was funny. This episode had it all.
  • Jimmy and Cindy find love in each oher's hearts. The sweetest story since that Love Potion episode.

    It was wonderful that Cindy and Jimmy become girlfriends and even carve 'J+Cforever'in a tree. It's cute when they play with the monkeys and everything. And that treehouse they built with the tap and shower, and a slide! That was also cool. I think this ep deserves a award for being so beautiful. Finally Jimmy and Cindy get along. And of course, once they get back home and off the stranded island they break up again lol!
  • Jimmy and Cindy get stranded on an island together. At first they are skeptical about being stranded with each other, but they soon put away their differences and they work together. They finally show their feelings in this episode. They don't tell each o

    In my opinion, I thought that this was one of the best Jimmy/Cindy episodes I have seen so far. I am glad that they don't try to hide their affection for each other as much anymore and they don't fight as much. This is the best episode I've seen! Cool!
  • Ok now don't kill me but I liked the subplot better. Sheen, Carl and Libby being stranded in the middle of the ocean is where the humor is, and if you prefer humor over romance than you'd like the same. Cindy and Jimmy plot is cute and all but meh.

    Ok now don't kill me but I liked the subplot better. Sheen, Carl and Libby being stranded in the middle of the ocean is where the humor is, and if you prefer humor over romance than you'd like the same. Cindy and Jimmy plot is cute and all but meh.
  • This episode is very important in the series.

    I loved every moment in this episode! Jimmy and Cindy agree to get along on the island, and very quicly they find that not only do they get along, b ut they can now show their true feelings toward each other without the hassle of everyone around them. I don't think that other people should matter. When you have a relationship as strong as theirs it shouldn't matter what other people think about it. They should just come out and become what everyone knows they will.
  • When you're stranded you often find love...

    Have you noticed that in other series that the characters show their romantic feelings when they're stranded somewhere? Well that's the case in this episode. Much like the episode of the same name in Teen Titans where robin admits to starfire that he think she's "cool", Cindy and Jimmy although never saying it outright, admit that they can't go on without the other somehow being involved in their lives. Loved the whole record scratching "did you just say jimmy?" gag. a must see episode.
  • This is definitely "A very special episode." Allow me to elaborate...

    I don't know where to begin, I loved this eppy so much! One thing I loved is when Jimmy and Cindy are sitting by the pond/lake/whatever , and you can hear a sweet guitar theme going in the background!!! *hearts in eyes* It melted my heart! (I bet Jimmy put that flower in her hair! XD)

    One thing that torks me about their conversation of why they're always fighting is this: First off, every time we have an episode that goes into their relationship, we usually go into it kicking and screaming. That's getting a little annoying. Second: Want to know why they can't be this sweet on each other at home? They're scared. They're so worried about their reputation for hating each other and what everyone would think were they to get together and actually let their attraction show, that the only place they could be sweet on each other is on a stinki' island! They shouldn't care what everyone thinks! Libby and Sheen certainly had no problem, anyway.

    I'll close with a word about Cindy's "special gift," which I won't say, because it might spoil it. (Y'all who've seen it, you know what I'm talkin' about)

    I see that gift as not just a thoughtful gift wrought by the innocent blossoming of young love, but as their binding tie. That's the best thing I can call it, and it's true! By simply giving Cindy the small token, he sealed his relationship with her forever; it is my undying hope as a romantic J/C fan that this precious gift will make a reappearance in the series. If y'all agree, please click.

    Thank you for your time! ^.^!

    This episode was when jimmy and cindy get stranded on an uncharted island, due to falling out of a hovercar. The episode had plenty of J/Cness in it and was most likely pleasing to all the fans!!! In my opinion it was the best episode of all time *not including LSTN, which hasn't aired yet* STRANDED ROCKS!!!
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