The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 3 Episode 6


Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM May 26, 2005 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • When they are swimming underwater, you can see Spongebob's pineapple home.

    • When Cindy is drinking from the coconut, notice the mini umbrella? If they are stranded, how could they get umbrellas?

    • When Jimmy and Cindy are throwing the bananas, Jimmy makes noises, but doesn't move his lips. The most noticeable is after they show the monkey catching the bananas. If you listen closely, Jimmy goes "awww". But he doesn't move his lips. How's that possible?
      However, it's a common thing on cartoon animation that the voice actor and the character's lips move different from each other. Or it's also a common thing with audio sync.

    • After Jimmy and Cindy exchange looks while holding hands, Jimmy's watch is on. But if you look closely on the sunset scene, his watch is gone.This is very common for cartoons.

    • Jimmy said that the constrictor that attacked Cindy traveled in a pack. This is an error, no species of snake travel in a pack. However, many species sleep together to conserve body heat, thus the group term, a "nest" of snakes (sidebar: there are other snake group terms, as well; visit

    • In the morning of their first full day on the island, The water that will eventually go into Jimmy's coconut/sink, flows uphill, how is this possible?!

    • "J+C Forever" is carved in a tree..

    • We learn that Cindy takes piano lessons.

    • Jimmy saves Cindy three times, and Cindy saves Jimmy one time.

    • Finally, Libby addresses Jimmy and Cindy's "Love/Hate Thing" to Carl and Sheen. Apparently, this is the first time anyone's said anything about it to them.

    • Jimmy and Cindy hold hands in this episodes.

    • Venus fly traps work when something walks into it so why did it randomly go after Jimmy?

    • After Jimmy and Cindy got safely in the island, their hair and their clothes were soaking wet. But in the next scene after Sheen was yanking wires in the HoverCar, they were arguing and Jimmy and Cindy's hair and clothes were again normal and dry. However, this is a common situation in cartoons.

  • Quotes

    • (arguing about Australia)
      Jimmy: Cindy, for the last time, Australia is a country!
      Cindy: You're wrong, Neutron! Australia is a continent.
      Jimmy: No, it's not!
      Cindy: Yes, it is!
      (the camera zooms in to Jimmy and Cindy closely touching each others hands)
      Jimmy: (changes his mind) To the hover car?
      Cindy: Right behind ya!
      (they leave the Candy Bar)
      Jimmy: I'll take the Southern route.
      Cindy: The Northern route's faster!
      Jimmy: I don't need directions!
      Cindy: Apparently, you do. Maybe I should drive it!
      Jimmy: No. Maybe I should drive!
      Cindy: No. It would be better if I did.

    • Jimmy: I accept your nomination as mayor of Donkey Town.

    • Butch: (to Jimmy and Cindy) Hey! Would you keep it down? I'm teaching future bullies over here!!!

    • Jimmy: I'd rather be stranded with Attila the Hun!
      Cindy: Well, I'd rather be stranded with Crazy Louie, the Vagrant! At least he could use his good tooth to open coconuts!!

    • Sheen: Ah, the sea: Whose water grows our gardens, whose electric eels light our homes, whose jellyfish fill our jelly donuts!
      Libby: Sheen, none of those things do any of those things.
      Sheen: Hey, you try staying awake staring at a stupid ocean.

    • Libby: All right, girl; spill. What's up between you and Jimmy?
      Cindy: (jumps back) Up?! Nothing's "up!" What makes you think something's "up?"
      (Libby moves so tree with J+C forever is visable)
      Cindy: (nervously) Oh, that...Oh, I see, you thought...You don't think that...It's a funny story, really.
      (Libby gives her the "I'm listening" look)

    • Sheen: I won't give up! Did Lewis and Clark give up?! Did Charles Lindbergh give up?! Did Saul Hoffnitz give up?!
      Libby: Who's Saul Hoffnitz?
      Sheen: I give up...

    • Butch: Notice that despite his struggling, he remains outside my realm of vulnerability. Okay, thanks! (throws kid) Okay, for our next lesson...

    • Libby: Sheen, you can't throw Carl overboard!
      Sheen: Why not?
      Libby: Because he might have more food on him!

    • (Cindy, turning blue, is being strangled by a snake)
      Jimmy: Cindy! There's a huge boa constrictor around you! (Cindy, still choking, lets out a small "squeak") ...Right, you probably knew that.

    • (Cindy and Jimmy have just fallen overboard from the hovercar and are drifting away in the ocean as the hovercar speeds away.)
      Libby: Guys! Follow the sound of my voice! (starts singing with elaborate dance movements) You can't stop the funk! Your momma can't stop the funk! Ah-ah! Your bruthuh can't stop the funk! (voice fades, still singing - Later) Uh... your congressman can't stop the funk!

    • Jimmy: Now I'm telling you that you can't see the Equator!
      Cindy: Just in unpopulated areas like the Pacific Ocean!
      Jimmy: Wrong! The Equator is invisible and apparently so is your brain.
      Cindy: Well, at least my head doesn't need its own time zone!

    • Jimmy: Did you just call me "Jimmy"?
      Cindy: Well, that is your name.
      Jimmy: I know; I just didn't know you knew.

    • Jimmy: We need someone to distract the spider.
      Sheen: (thinking literally everything, including the guys, are a mirage) I'll do it. Everything's a mirage anyway. (walks over to be in-between the two tree houses; gets the spider's attention) Hey, arachno-dude! I've got your huevo. I've seen some ugly mirages in my day, but you really take the cake.

    • Libby, Sheen, Carl: (about Cindy) Did she just call you "Jimmy"?
      Jimmy and Cindy: Eh ... heh.

    • (Libby, Sheen, and Carl are all screaming)
      Libby: ASSUME CRASH POSITIONS!! (Carl and Sheen make funny faces & body positions) Y'know what? Just go back to the screaming.

  • Notes

    • This is the second time Carl and Sheen say they are going to eat each other. The first time is in the episode 'Raise the Oozy Scab'.

    • When the map comes up to show the crews progress in the Hover Car (with the dotted lines), you'll notice that it starts in Retroville, Texas.But in the movie,the air force sign said Colorado.

  • Allusions

    • Jimmy: I'm telling you can't see the equator.
      Cindy: Just in unpopulated areas like the Pacific Ocean!

      According to Science you can't see the equator.

    • Stranded:

      This episode is very similar to the show Survivor.

    • When Cindy is caught under a snake's grasp,Jimmy says:"Right you probably can't hear me."This is a spoof from Raiders from the lost ark.

    • Eggs: Ying and Yang

      When Jimmy and Cindy spend their first day on the island, and when Cindy cracked opened the eggs, it formed a shape of ying and yang except they are the same color. They are suppose to represent Jimmy and Cindy's relationship on the island.

    • Jimmy and Cindy: (floating in ocean)

      When Jimmy and Cindy are the in the water, it's like a reference to the movie, "Open Water", where the two people get stranded in the water.

    • Stranded Is also the name of a Teen Titans episodes. Where the Titans were stranded in space.

    • Jimmy: I'm telling you for the last time, Vortex, Australia is a country.
      Cindy: No, Australia is a continent.

      Australia is both a country and a continent, because there are no countries inside which makes it the country. It's a big piece of land on Earth making it a Continent. So therefore, the country is both a country and continent.

    • Scenes: Jimmy and Cindy

      There are some similar situations that happened to Jimmy and Cindy like to Tarzan and Jane (Tarzan saves Jane, they live in a treehouse, and they love each other).

    • Libby: (To Carl and Sheen) Assume crash positions! (Carl and Sheen make funny faces and body positions) Y'know what? Just continue with the screaming.

      This gag was taken from the movie "Airplane!", a parody of disaster movies. The movie took place on a plane that an ex-fighter pilot was required to land because the crew had food poisoning.