The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 2 Episode 12

The Great Egg Heist / The Feud

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Mar 10, 2004 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Look closely: In the background where they were cutting the hole to get the egg, you can see props and clothing for the play did in Out, Darn Spotlight!

    • Jimmy said Goddard couldn't fully function due to Libby's high note when he wants to be lifted down, but he functions perfectly when they're escaping from the guards.

    • In the beginning of The Great Egg Heist, when Jimmy put on the hollogram projector showing The prinesses brother with his doomsday device, the princess said her brothers name was Tsu. If there last name is Tsu, wouldn't his name be Tsu Tsu??

    • Libby keeps her high note for at least 10 minutes. She would have run out of breath eventually. However, there is a process called circular breathing which all professional wind music players know, that can enable them to inhale through their nose, and exhale through their mouth in a form of note. This can allow them to keep a sustained note for as long as they desire.

    • Jimmy's mom said "I never want to hear the word 'Carl' again!" after she fight's with Carl's mom. But Carl had nothing to do with it, so wouldn't she have said she never wanted to hear "Wheezer" again?. And whouldn't she have also said the name Carl?

    • What made the security guard so suspicious in believing that Sheen was working with Jimmy and Co.? The guard had no reason to believe that Sheen was doing something that could get him in trouble.

    • In this episode, when Quan Qi Tsu revealed himself as Finbarr Calamitous, everybody says "Professor Calamitous!". However, there as been so episode aired prior to this episode that revealed that Libby and Cindy knew Calamitous and could've recognized him just by looking at him for the first time.

    • When Jimmy is trying to convice the dads to work together the crabgrass accelorator is no where to be seen but when Hugh's saying he will avenge his lawn it's in Jimmy's right hand.

    • When Carl comes to a halt at the egg his nose is almost right next to the egg, but when he sneezed he was higher up. Probably to make it seem as though he wasnt setting off the sensors.

    • There were several times where Princess Quand si Tsu removed her arms from her body but when she opened up it was visually reveiled that her arms were attached to her body.

    • After Jimmy, Carl and Cindy entered the museum, Carl stopped with Jimmy and Cindy in front of the laser detectors just to offer them an energy bar. Jimmy told Cindy to go deactivate the lasers. If you watch carefully, Cindy bites the energey bar, cleans her mouth with a tissue, drops the tissue on the laser beam! Shouldn't the alarm detect the tissue that Cindy dropped?!

  • Quotes

    • Carl: Now there's only one last question. Who wants the last lemon chewy. Come on, it's lemony...

    • Carl: Who wants fruit chewies?

    • Sheen: (rapping a message to Jimmy from Carl) Unh ... unh ... dear Jimmy, how are you? What's up? What's new? Look, our dads won't listen, but it's you I been missin' and it makes me sad and blue, FOOL!

    • Professor Calamitous: Very good, Carl ... when I rule the world, you shall receive a charming gift basket.

    • Jimmy: Stay where you are, Cindy!
      Cindy: Okay! But you'll come back for me, right? ... Right?

    • Sheen: Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty Peggy Tsu. (grabs Jimmy) Do you think she's married?
      Libby: (jealous) Get your tongue off the floor!
      (Sheen pushes Jimmy away and rubs the back of his head, embarrassed)

    • Mr. Wheezer: (battling crabgrass monsters) Take that! And this! And that! ... And more of this!

    • Carl: Ooh, look at the pretty lights!
      Jimmy: Don't touch 'em, Carl! Those are infrared security beams.
      Carl: Infrared? But Jimmy, I'm allergic to infrared!

    • Sheen: Hello, my name is She--Steve! Steve. And I am a divers--I-I mean, uh, I am collecting money for the United Magicans' Retirement Fund!
      First Guard: We love magicans! Hey kid, do you know any magic card tricks?
      Sheen: Do I?! (pulls out a deck of cards) Allow me to direct your attention away from the wall of security monitors!

  • Notes

    • Sheen was (and still is) in love with Princess Tsu.

    • The voice of Princess Tsu also voice's Disney's Mulan.

    • We learn that Hugh has another obssesion, keeping his grass clean.

    • It's revealed that Carl lives next door to Jimmy.

    • The Egg-Drop Jade is silimar to The Shelled Magic on Father of The Pride.

    • In "The Feud," when Sheen was delivering the first message to Jimmy, he was wearing a hat with the JN atom symbol on it. This is the same hat from "The Retroville 9"

    • When Jimmy was lowering Carl down manually from Goddard's rope, you can see Betty Quinlan's costume and Bolbi's costume from the play MacBeth in Space, from "Out, Darn Spotlight." Right next to Betty's costume is a robe from the monks from "Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion." King Goobot's crown is next to Bolbi's costume.

    • In the holographic image, the Princess's evil brother looked a lot like Professor Calamitous. (This was probably foreshadowing.)

    • "The Feud" is similar to a Rugrats episode in which the Pickles and De Villes have a fight.

    • Carl's dad is allergic to brambleberry pie.

    • According to's schedule page, "The Feud" was going to air with "Foul Bull," and "The Great Egg Heist" was going to air with "The Junk Man."

    • Betty Quinlin made her sixth appearance holographically.

    • This episode aired at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, March 10, 2004.

    • When Jimmy and the gang were running away from the museum, there was a poster of Jet Fusion's Die Again Tomorrow Forever in the background.

    • Third appearance of Professor Calamitous and the fourth of Carl's dad.

    • Judy and Hugh do not appear in "The Great Egg Heist." Cindy and Libby do not appear in "The Feud." Miss Fowl does not appear in either.

  • Allusions

    • Object: Fruit chewys

      This could be a reference of Starburst

    • Star Wars: The sword Hugh uses in The Feud looks the same as a Lightsaber from "Star Wars".

    • Mrs. Wheezer

      Mrs. Wheezer, is similar to Edna Turnblad from Hairspray. They both dress in 60's clothing, both have masculine voices, and both are overweight.

    • Sheen: (singing) "Thanks for lending me your lawnlopper, yodel-ay-yodel-ay-yodel-ay-ee-oo! I'll return it in the next few days, yodel-ay-yodel-ay-yodel-oo!"

      This is to the tune of "The Lonely Goatherd" from the Rogers and Hammerstein musical, "The Sound of Music".

    • Title lettering: The Feud
      The lettering for the words "The Feud" looked like the cross-stitch lettering used for the title of the game show Family Feud.

    • Princess Peggy: (talking about her brother) ...a boy named Tsu...
      This is a reference to Johnny Cash's "A Boy Named Sue."

    • Sheen: Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty Peggy Tsu. Do you think she's married?
      The first thing Sheen said was a reference to Buddy Holly's "Peggy Sue." His question was a reference to Peggy Sue Got Married.