The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 2 Episode 18

The Mighty Wheezers / Billion Dollar Boy

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Jun 07, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

The Mighty Wheezers When his parents go to the desert for a camp-out, Jimmy spends the weekend with the Wheezers. The aches, pains, and insane precautions the Wheezers take to protect their health, however, soon get to Jimmy. Thus, the boy genius sneaks back to his lab and creates health boost pills for the Wheezers. The pills work a little too well, though, and the Wheezers end up with almost super-human abilities! But the effects are only temporary, and they could wear off at any time.... Invention: Total health-boost caplets.

Billion Dollar Boy After Jimmy beats the richest kid in Retroville, Eustace Strych, in the Battlekite Flyoffs, Eustace's pride is wounded. He sets up a trap for Jimmy by inviting Jimmy, Sheen, Carl, Cindy, Libby, Hugh, and - most importantly - Goddard over to his mansion. There, Hugh befriends Eustace's dad while the kids enjoy an ice cream banquet. Things turn dangerous, however, when Eustace engages Jimmy in a bet - Goddard against one of Eustace's RA units. And if Eustace's bot wins, Jimmy will lose Goddard.moreless

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  • Interesting pairing of Episodes.

    A strange pairing of episodes in my opinion since they have little in common. The Mighty Wheezers is a somewhat clever and fun episode where Billion Dollar Boy has more in character development area.

    In Mighty Wheezers, Jimmy’s parents are getting ready to attend their annual pilgrimage, participating in the Burning Duck celebration. Since the event is clearly inappropriate for kids i.e. Hugh’s getting back to nature and wicker, Hugh and Judy leave Jimmy in the care of their neighbors and good friends the Wheezers for the weekend. The calamities begin immediately as Jimmy is forced to endure radical disinfection, minimized outside exposure, and bizarre hypoallergenic foods. Bedtime brings little relief for Jimmy, as the Wheezers are a congress of competing snores. Jimmy steals away into his lab to develop and health boost pill to ease the misery of his stay, but the pills work a bit too well. All the Wheezers not only have superior health, but superior strength and endurance as well. Carl’s wall climbing, building leaping test of his new abilities is right out of the Spiderman movie, and very hilarious. The Wheezers take their new selves out to “drink from the cup of life.” Jimmy’s concern for the Wheezer’s welfare is apparent as he grapples with the question “who knows what they’ll be doing when the effects of the pills wear off?” The effects finally do wear off whilst on top of Mt. Incredibly Unstable, and after they do their family Toyota “What a feeling” leap. The Wheezers revert to their old hypochondriac selves and begin a torrent of sneezes, which collapses (as one might guess) Mt. Incredibly Unstable. Jimmy is able to once again save the day and they all end up celebrating at the Burning Duck festival. For the most part, this episode was just plain light-hearted fun.

    Billion Dollar Boy brought out some interesting character traits from the crew, which made for an interesting episode. In the beginning we see the Battlekite competition and Cindy and Libby’s Battlekite flying in a clear blue sky. Despite its apparent deadly armament, Jimmy’s kite is faster, more maneuverable, and more practically armed to compete in this kind of competition and quickly dispatches Cindy and Libby’s kite. This, of course, boggles the viewer’s minds a bit. Why would Cindy and Libby even try to compete with Jimmy in an arena where he clearly has the upper hand? Who knows!? A new character arrives on the scene; Eustace Strych who has the finest Battlekite technology money can buy. We know little about Eustace at this point other than he’s very rich and privileged. The dynamic between Jimmy and Eustace is interesting. Eustace sees Jimmy simply as a barrier to his expected glory, and clearly possessing something not even his money can buy, Goddard. Jimmy sees Eustace as someone who simply buys all of his technology rather than develops it himself. For this reason, Jimmy doesn’t consider Eustace a worthy competitor or rival, which amplifies his already apparent lack of humility during this contest. Plus, Jimmy has pretty much pre-judged Eustace’s character as being less than genuine and is, as we see later in the episode, an accurate conclusion.

    Eustace’s attempts to get Jimmy to wager Goddard only further annoy Jimmy. Goddard is not simply a robotic dog after all. Jimmy refuses the wager and proceeds to wax Eustace’s battlekite in short order. Humiliated and angry at the loss, Eustace courts Jimmy and the crew to a banquet of ice cream and flurp. Jimmy initially refuses his offer knowing full well it will end badly for him, but Eustace raises the stakes bye flirting with Libby and (making it worst for him) Cindy too. Due to Jimmy’s lack of humility and sportsmanship at winning the contest, Cindy welcomes Eustace’s overtures and Jimmy (through jealousy) is compelled to join them. The banquet is basically what Jimmy expects, a bash on Jimmy fest. Seeing that Jimmy could be knocked down a few pegs, the crew joins Eustace in the roast. The party eventually degenerates into another contest with Goddard as the prize. The whole crew finally sees Eustace’s true colors, basically a spoiled rich boy who cares little for anyone but himself and his aspirations. Both Libby and Cindy actually start to feel remorse for consorting with the likes of Eustace, and actually are relieved when Goddard is able to defeat his imitating robotic foe by “Playing Dead!”

    Cindy realizes that Jimmy’s initial judge of Eustace’s character was right on and though Jimmy was not the most gracious winner at first, she is relieved that Jimmy is getting the last laugh at Eustace’s expense. Surprisingly, Jimmy’s bumbling father Hugh has provided that final humiliation to Eustace with his practical fatherly advice. Eustice is now at the mercy of his father’s new parental power, which basically rubs salt in the wound.

    This is perhaps a lesion for Jimmy to be a better sport in the future and not to make his friends feel completely inadequate. We also see Jimmy’s willingness to do things he would not normally do if had not been for jealousy at Cindy’s flirtatious behavior with Eustace. He is twice pushed over the edge of normal common sense because of his affection for Cindy. Eustace sees this internal like, yet must dislike, relationship in the two and he uses it to bend Jimmy to his whims. Jimmy must have learned something about himself seeing that his jealousy at Cindy and Eustace’s antics drove him to risk his greatest creation and his best friend, Goddard. Cindy obviously took the opportunity to give Jimmy as taste of how she feels about his crush on Betty Quinlin.

    To very different episodes, and while I enjoyed both, I wonder why these were put together for a half hour show.

  • The Mighty Wheezers - Jimmy Stays with the weezers for the weekend. Billion Dollar Boy - Jimmy gets a new enemy.

    The Mighty Weezers - Jimmy stays with the weezers while his parents go away for the weekend, tired of all of the weezers "healh" problems Jimmy invents health Tablets to make the Weezers more healthy...

    The health tablets work a little to well and result in hilious conquences. The weezers act like superheroes untill they reach mt incredably unstable when the tablets wear off. great episode

    Billion Dollar Boy - Eustace Strytch loses to Jimmy in a kite fight and determined to get his revenge he invits Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Libby, Cindy over for a banquet. Eustace's plan is to challenge Jimmy and take Goddard, What Eustace doesn't realize it that when Goddard plays dead he blows up and then reasembles himself. This episode was very funny, I liked Eustace he's that typical I'm rich so I'm better then you person, There where a few moments where he made Jimmy Jealous by flirting with Cindy, and Cindy was even hesitant in moking Jimmy with Eustace. Some great J/C moments.moreless
  • The Mighty Wheezers- Jimmy sleeps over Carls house for the weekend Billion Dollar Boy- Eustace Strytch wants goddard and will if his RA multi unit beats Goddard

    I think Billion Dollar Boy was better because to me it was more funnier how Eustace talks. And how he kicks his butler Blix. For a moment I did not think it was possible for goddard to win. But it turned out goddard did win. And the RA unit could not ressemble himself.So it could not go on.
Andrea Martin

Andrea Martin

Miss Winifred Fowl (voice)

Carolyn Lawrence

Carolyn Lawrence

Cynthia Aurora "Cindy" Vortex (voice)

Crystal Scales

Crystal Scales

Liberty Danielle "Libby" Folfax (voice)

Recurring Role

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

Carlton Ulysses Wheezer (voice)/Mr. Wheezer, Mrs. Wheezer, Eustace

Recurring Role

Mark DeCarlo

Mark DeCarlo

Hugh Beaumont Neutron (voice)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • The British accent Rob Paulsen used for Eustace Strych is similar the one that he used for his most famous character, Pinky, on the award-winning WB cartoon, Pinky And The Brain.

    • When Carl discovered that he didn't need his glasses, he left it in his room. In the last scene where Jimmy, Sheen, Jimmy's mom and dad, and Carl's family were singing, Carl pulled out his glasses from his pocket.

    • If Carl and his parents are allergic to salt why would they have it in the first place?

    • Blix (Strych's butler) is credited, but he never spoke.

    • Jimmy says to Goddard to play dead and runs out of the arena without closing the door. When everyone runs from the RA unit the door is closed as it gets blasted open.

    • Under the effects of the total health boost pills, Carl did not need his glasses to see clearly. However, his parents still did.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Hugh: Well, I know what I've learned... (burps)
      Jimmy: Yes, dad?
      Hugh: No, that's about it.

    • Hugh: Yeeeaahh! Neutrons Rule! Woopty-woop! Yeaaahh! (turns towards Cindy and Libby and points at them) In your face!

    • Eustace's Dad: Parental Power... coursing through my veins!!!

    • Jimmy: (smugly) What's the matter? Can't your unit spontaneously reassemble itself after a main core implosion? No? Too bad, old bean!

    • Sam: In the final round of the battle-kite competition, Jimmy Neutron vs. Eustace Storch.
      Eustace: That's STRYCH, you nattering nabob! Eustace STRYCH!
      Sam: Right, Strych. NO ONE CARES! Yeah.

    • Eustace: For this, Neutron, I will persue you with everlasting vengeance!
      Mr. Strych: Not so fast, young man. It's time we set some "limits." To start with, no persuing anyone with eternal vengeance for an entire month! (as an aside) Like that, Hugh?
      Hugh: Eh ... close enough.

    • Eustace: Make ready, Neutron: you're about to face the ultimate triumph in expensive robot technology. Blix, bring out the RA multi-unit!
      (Blix lets a small, cat-like robot into the arena)
      Carl: Aw, it's adorable!
      Sheen: (disappointed) They just don't make crazed, berserk robots like they used to.

    • (after Jimmy wins the kite-flying competition)
      Hugh: Way to go, son! You made your ancestors proud.
      Eustace: Yes, well done, Jimmy. Well done indeed. Listen, why don't you and your "people" pop over to the compound for a celebratory Flurp and ice cream banquet?
      Jimmy: I think I'd rather gargle liquid Nitrogen!
      Hugh: Jimbo, that was rude. Now your ancestors are ashamed again.

    • Mr. Wheezer: Come on, family! We're gonna climb Mt. Incredibly Unstable!
      (Mrs. Wheezer and Carl look scared)
      Carl: No one's ever climbed Mt. Incredibly Unstable and lived! ... I'm in!
      Mrs. Wheezer: Me too.
      (the Wheezers run off, shouting)
      Jimmy: We gotta stop them before they get to Mt. Incredibly Unstable! It's incredibly unstable!
      Sheen: How do you know this stuff?!

    • Sheen: Jimmy! I saw the whole thing! Carl and his folks have become Ultra-Wheezers! How cool is that?

    • Mrs. Wheezer: You boys sleep tight, now.
      Jimmy: (sputtering) But it's only 7:30!
      Mr. Wheezer: Now, Jimmy, early to bed, early to rise makes a man less prone to bronchial infection.

  • NOTES (6)

  • ALLUSIONS (13)

    • Title: Billion Dollar Boy

      The title could be a reference to the TV show The Six Million Dollar Man.

    • Carl's dad snores the same way as Curly Howard from The Three Stooges.

    • Cindy: We'll get you next year, Neutron.

      This may be a homage to Dr. Claw's repeated line, "I'll get you next time, Gadget!" from the popular animated show, Inspector Gadget.

    • When Carl and his parents jump through the desert to get to Mt. Incredibly Unstable, this is a reference to the Hulk doing the same thing.

    • Music: Morning Mood

      Morning Mood, which is the first movement of the Peer Green Suite by Edward Grieg, plays when Jimmy wakes up after his first night at the Wheezers.

    • After Jimmy wins the battle-kite comotision,Carl and Sheen Bump each other in the belly and Sheen goes flying back. That is a famous joke from an old show "Fat Albert" made by Bill Cosby.

    • Title: Billion Dollar Boy
      Is a spoof on the title of an old movie called Billion Dollar Hobo.

    • Battling: Kites
      "Battlekites" might be a spoof of the famous strategy game Battleship.

    • Music: Rocky's "Gonna Fly Now"
      When Carl and his family reach the top of Mt. Incredibly Unstable, the music that is playing in the background sounds very similar to "Gonna Fly Now," the song played during a Rocky scene where Rocky Balboa finally makes it to the top of the stairs of the Philadelphia Art Museum.

    • Music: Jaws theme
      When Jimmy is sneaking past Mr. Wheezer's bed, only the tip of his hair shows - it looks like a shark fin. Fittingly, the background music at this point sounds like the theme from Jaws.

    • The Wheezers: Rock-climbing
      Carl and his parents were jumping and clinging onto rocks like the The Hulk did in The Hulk.

    • Spiderman
      When the Wheezers were running around Retroville, music similar to the opening credits of Spider-Man was playing. Also, the way that Carl discovers that he doesn't need his glasses anymore, and the way that he jumps over buildings shouting happily are direct references to two of the same scenes in the movie.

    • Burning Festival
      The "Burning Duck Festival" is a reference to the "Burning Man Festival," where participants "get in touch with Nature" (like Hugh) and build a giant man out of wood to burn.