The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 2 Episode 2

The Retroville 9 / Grumpy Young Men

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Oct 03, 2003 on Nickelodeon

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  • One of the best!

    “Grumpy young men” is still in the top 10 of my favorite JN episodes because it’s just plain funny! Some of the funnier moments include:

    Cindy and Libby dragging the old Jimmy across the street in an effort to earn their Buttercup Girl helpfulness badge and hearing the older Jimmy say, “Leave me alone you harpies!”

    Hearing the elders at Sam’s senior citizen buffet chant, “Dance off! Dance off” roping the older Carl into a dance contest.

    Sheen wheeling Carl along in an ambulance gurney after winning the Dance off.

    With only seconds to spare before they turn to dust, Carl announces that he wants to take a nap to “get his strength back” before stepping into the Metabolic Accelerator.

    Cindy and Libby witnessing Hugh trying to drag the Older Jimmy home for a courtesy lunch while older Jimmy is desperately hanging on to a fire hydrant. “He’s much more aggressive than we were!”

    This one is worth getting if available on DVD.
  • Jimmy Coaches a baseball team in Retroville 9, and Jimmy Carl, and Sheen become old men in Grumpy Young Men.

    Retroville 9- Jimmy is tired of his baseball team losing so he sups up their bats and gloves, so the bats will hit any ball and the gloves will catch anything hit. They get so good that they go to Japan and play for the championship... and they lose.

    Funny episode, just shows that Jimmy will go to extreme depts to win sometimes.

    Grumpy Young Men- Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen want to purchase a new video game but can't becuase they aren't 18, so Jimmy invents a mechine that will speed up thier age, the result it works a little to well and they end up as old men.

    This episode was funny, one of my favorite, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen as old people where funny, This episode also have a lot of funny quotes and antics.
  • Two funny eps. One interesting, one very weird but still halirious.

    'The Retroville 9' is an exciting episode where Jimmy and the gang become champions at baseball because of Jimmy's baseball bats and balls that magically make them win. Of course, he doesn't tell his friends about his new invention, and when they try and play with normal bats and balls Jimmy tries to force them not to. Eventually they find out and try and use new bats, but fo course lose! LOL! Its a good ep because it's fun to see them win all the time and the bats magically attracting the balls so they can hit them easier.

    'Grumpy Young Men' was an extroadinary episode that is very rare. They don't usually have these kidn fo weird episodes on cartoons. Jimmy's new invnetion that is supposed to make people older malfunctions and turns them into really old men! Seeing Jimmy, Carl and Sheen as old people was funny. It's not everyday you see cartoon characters gone old!