The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 3 Episode 12

The Trouble with Clones

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Jan 25, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • Aint no love in my man...

    I wrote a review for this show but someone deleted it because all there was on it was Aint no love in my man, sho-wop, sho-wop, ohhh. But, I better not do that again because I lost some points:(. So the best part about that episode is "aint no love in my man, sho-wop, sho-wop, ohhh." Whichy made it a series classic:). And, Nick the scaredy pants:p I mean I love this episode and, will always love it and, I recored "Aint no love in my man, sho-wop, sho-wop, ohhh!" on my voice recoreder lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol!
  • Jimmy's evil twin returns!

    Jimmy want more time to make inventions, so he recruits his evil twin, so to make sure that evil Jimmy, doesm't cause any havoc Jimmy plans to de-evilize Evil Jimmy, but what Jimmy doesn't know is that Evil Jimmy drained the de-evilized container, so when he gets put in the chamber nothing happens to him but he tricks Jimmy into thinking hes reformed, so he then hypotizes Carl and Sheen into thinking they are female backup singers, Libby and Cindy into soliders, and Jimmy's mom into a sprinkler, after Jimmy realizes that Evil Jimmy is still evil, he goes to round him up only to find out that he went back to the lab and stole Jimmy's cloning device, and made a duplicate Earth.

    This was a funny episode, I like Evil Jimmy he's pretty cool, the epidsode also hinted that he may return, if the shows still on.
  • Hysterical episode.

    What I liked about this episode was how that Jimmy clone cloned another Earth and Earth 2 was a reversed version of Earth 1, with everyone mean, nasty, and hate good commnets. One of the funnies things was when Jimmy saved a baby from being hit by a car an dthe lad was anry with him! And when Jimmy got a horrible sundea at the Candy Bar, he said it was gross and the managar said 'Thanks'! This si a great reversed episode with a crazy sonypsis and storyline!
  • The return of the clone (wow, that sounds like the title of a starars flick)

    this begins with jimmy feeling bad about not being able to work more so without thinking he assigns evil jimmy (send in the clones) to do his work.

    what i liked about this episode was the humor. come on whats funnier than carl and sheen as back-up singers? and evil carl trying to beat the pulp out of jimmy?

    this also is the end of a villian with a good conclusion to the evil clone saga.
  • Jimmy's evil clone returns, with a plan to create an alternate version of Earth where everyone and everything is evil.

    This was a very good episode. I didn't care for the first episode where Jimmy first cloned himself, but this one was pretty good. I liked the part where Evil Jimmy was walking around town hypnotizing the townspeople and making them do stupid stuff. I really liked what he did to Nick (lol) I also liked the part where Good Jimmy was following Evil Jimmy and using the foghorn on the townspeople. I liked how he used the foghorn on Nick even after he wasn't hypnotized anymore. I also liked the beginning scene where Good Jimmy was chasing Evil Jimmy in space. That was a good scene.
  • They already had an episode with clones that cause havoc. Now they pull it off again? I don't think they needed this episode.

    It was just ok! I think that it needed more strong points. I'm happy to see Jimmy's new inventions and everything bad that happens. I'm just thinking what would really happen if there was a cloned Earth and everyone was "evil" on it. This episode, in my opinion, wasn't needed.