The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Nickelodeon (ended 2006)



User Score: 95

  • Season 3 Episode 21: Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3:...

  • Goof: How did Chester and AJ know that Timmy had friends called Cosmo and Wanda?

  • When the mayor is seen close up, while talking, his lips don't move when he says, "I will place..."

  • 3-D Debuts:

    2-D Debuts:
    everyone in Retroville

  • When Libby turns Carl's bag of Jimmy's hair, it says on one side, "Jimmy's Hair". On the the other side, it says "Property of C. Wheezer" then she turned it around AGAIN, and it says "Oh yes it is!" instead of "Jimmy's Hair".

  • How could Cosmo poof the idiot jacket onto himself if Shirley ate his wand?

  • Running Gags:

    - AJ thinks he's in the 24th Century
    - Carl and Sheen trying to hang out with Libby
    - Sheen asking others and Libby a "Do you know what this means?!"

  • When Cindy was in Dimmsdale, her eyes were blue, instead of periwinkle (as in the second power hour) or green (as in her regular dimension)

  • Season 3 Episode 20: The Jimmy Timmy Power Hou...

  • Did you know...?

    The voice for Jimmy Neutron is a girl,
    and Daran Norris (the voice of Gordy on Ned's Declassified) plays Cosmo, Jorgen, Mr. Turner and Anti-Cosmo?

  • Did you know?

    - The fish that Cindy is turned into is the same talkative fish from the "Oozy Scab" episode

    - Bolbi is one of the three kids that run away from a T-Rex in the background

    - After the bomb explodes, at one point, Cosmo's wings are missing

    - At the Friday the 13th dance, Bolbi dances the "Slap slap slap dance" from Jimmy for President

    - Why would "My Shiny Teeth and Me" be playing in Retroville when it is a song of a different universe?

  • After Timmy and Jimmy were blasted, they come out as snails, but if you listen hard, when Jimmy says " Actually, we're snails." he is really saying " Actually, we're snakes."

  • Even though all the Anti-Fairies are villains, Anti-Cosmo is considered the main villain in the FOP universe.

  • The Girl-Eating plant from The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius movie makes it's second appearance when Professor Calamitus is digging through Jimmy's hypercube for something to stop Jimmy. The Brain Drain 8000 makes it's third appearance.

  • Although it's strange for Cindy to have it, but the game that Libby is playing is the Ultra Lord vs. Robo-Fiend game from Ultra Sheen. Scenes from the episode are shown on the TV as well.

  • At the Friday the 13th dance, you can see Morgan Freeman dancing in the FOP universe.

  • The subtitle, "When Nerds Collide," is shown as one of the FOP traditional episode title cards. Just as FOP does with its title cards, this one is shown at the end with "THE END" in place of the title.

  • This is the first time we find out who Sheen REALLY wants to be best friends with, Morgan Freeman.

  • When Timmy and Cindy are on the bridge, Timmy says, "Cue the swans!" which are Cosmo and Wanda, but a bit afterwards Cindy says that Timmy left Cosmo and Wanda with Libby.

    How can that be possible when at the same time Cosmo and Wanda were the swans? Unless they can poof back to Libby,Sheen and Carl at super-speed after being the swans, that's not possible.

  • We learn in this episode that Crocker's birthday was on Friday the 13th.

  • This is the first time we see Cindy, Carl, Sheen, Libby and Professor Calamitous in cartoon form and the first time we see Cosmo, Wanda and Jorgen Von Strangle in computer animated form.

  • Running Gags:

    Timmy going behind a tree to wish for things.

    Timmy trying to ask Cindy to the dance, but gets interrupted.

    Timmy tries to wish himself and Cindy somewhere, but she pinches his mouth shut telling him, "not another word", because she doesn't want him to say anything, or else it would spoil the moment.

    Everyone shouting each other's names, then Cosmo shouts a name completely irrelevant.

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