The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

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  • Season 3 Episode 1: Win, Lose And Kaboom (a.k...

  • Goof: While the kids are in the hypnosis created by the Brains and the zombie adults are chasing them, when Hugh is leaving the Candy Bar, for a few seconds his hair is black.

  • The friendship contract that Jimmy and Cindy signed (and was later ripped up) did not contain the exact words that they said as they signed it. After Jimmy signed it, it read:

    "I, Jimmy Neutron seriously bury the blood stained hatchet with Cindy Vortex that has ever so complicated the lives of the residents of our town, Retroville, and the rest of the galaxy. I promise to get along and try to understand the genius of Cindy Vortex and kiss her hiney.

    I, Jimmy Neutron also agree to do my best to see things her way, and not to create crazy inventions to prove her wrong that otherwise may turn the town upside down and create the disturbances they have in the past."

  • Channels on the Galactic Cable Network include:
    - OMGLOL
    - ROFL
    - DNAMC
    - Micherovision
    - Silaction Station
    - Planetary Discovery
    - Galactic History
    - Alien Game Shows
    - Nebulon 5 Station
    - Live from Rigel
    - Alpha Center
    - Brain Box Office
    - ESPQKN
    - Martian Movie Channel
    - Zebetian Battle Network
    - C-Spax
    - Plutonian Cooking
    - Zaxxianofollrpg
    - Space Soaps
    - Flexnard Classics
    - Teh Cabage
    - Blork Channel
    - Gorlock gardening
    - Intergalactic Channel
    - Space Travel Channel
    - Needlehead news
    - Nixelodeocq.

  • During the interview after the first day of Intergalactic Showdown, Jimmy, Cindy, Bolbi, and Sheen were classified as Big-Headed Human, Big-Mouthed Human, Species Unknown, and Dangerously Unstable Human, respectively.

  • Jimmy signs Cindy's "friendship" contract to become friends.

  • We find out that Sheen and Carl shaved their heads once.

  • Members of the audience for Intergalactic Showdown include the Yokians ("Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius"," The Eggpire Strikes Back"), mitochondria ("Journey to the Center of Carl"), lima bean monsters ("I Dream of Jimmy"), the Junkman, Roxie, and Gortox the Irritable ("The Junkman Cometh"), Zix and Tee ("A Beautiful Mine"), and Captain Betty ("Monster Hunt").

  • In the vote-off, Jimmy and Goddard voted for Cindy, Cindy and Libby voted for Jimmy, and Sheen, Carl, and Bolbi voted for Bolbi.

  • Again, Jimmy and Cindy almost kissed. April kissed Jimmy twice, but the first time was the "Gorlockan Seal of Trust."

  • It took about 500 years for the humans to solve the riddle. (This is because the rock kept getting destroyed before scientists could study it.) The riddle was, "In the dark, they appear without being fetched; in the light, they vanish without being stolen." The answer was, "The stars."

  • April is of the species Gorlock, and her real name is "Chee-AAAAAAAAHHHHH-toh."

  • Libby admitted that she "already likes Sheen" and wants to "let their relationship progress naturally."

  • The species of aliens that compete against the Humans are the Gorlocks, Needleheads, and Brains. The games included Florgus Ball (Gorlocks vs. Humans), Mountain Menace (Needleheads vs. Humans), Greased Martain Toss (Needleheads vs. Brains), Can You Eat This (Humans vs. Needleheads), Obstacle Course Challenge (Humans vs. Brains), and Trivia Showdown (Humans vs. Gorlocks).

  • Meldar's first appearance.

  • Captain Betty is not an alien, so how would he get to a different planet? The same goes for the enlarged mithocondria. However, Captain Betty as an alien could be a joke.

  • The slide that Jimmy put into his machine was a picture of Nick. However, the machine projected Hugh next to the rock.

  • After Team Earth's second match, the scoreboard showed the Gorlocks in first place, the Brains in second, the Needleheads in third, and Earth in fourth place. However, the Needleheads had won their first two matches, so they should have at least been in second place, if not tied for first.

  • At the ending when Jimmy starts to reply to April's message rock, we can see that Cindy is yards away from Jimmy, storming off in the opposite direction, and doesn't seem to be changing course. However, as soon as the Candy Bar is out of view, we can hear Cindy yell, "All right that's enough!" while Jimmy protests, obviously implying that she launched the space rock back into space to prevent Jimmy's reply. How could she have changed course that quickly, run back approximately 25 yards, AND launch the space rock in the limited amount of time in which we hear Jimmy say (as to reply), "Dear April," let alone any of the above?

  • Season 2 Episode 20: Attack of the Twonkies (2)

  • Goof: Ike is seen in the chorus after Cindy tells them to leave, then he is seen at the Candy Bar, about to turn on the jukebox, before Carl stops him.

  • Nathan, Keith Alcorn's son, had no lines in this episode.. But he was credited by Candi Milo in the credits.

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