The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 3 Episode 14

Who Framed Jimmy / Flippy

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Jan 27, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • Jimmy get framed and hugh gets a new dummy...

    Who Framed Jimmy - The Retroville bank gets robbed and Jimmy is the prime suspect, now jimmy must solve the crime and prove his innocence.

    This episode was a little bit of a spoof to who framed Roger Rabbit, both jimmy and roger where both accused of a crime that they did not commit and both tryed to prove their innocinece... A great episode

    Flippy - Hugh trys to take up ventriloquism again and has a new Flippy puppet, and Jimmy's afraid that his Dad's joke will embarass him he he implants a chip into flippy that hooks with hugh;s brain and is suppose to make him funny. The bad part is Flippy starts draining Hughs brain so he can become alive.

    This episode reminided me of Slappy the dummy for the night of the living dummy series which is a part of Ghoosebumps.... this episode was well-written.
  • I wish my name is Bueford Lee Stormshuckle...

    I loved this episode. As far JN goes, it's not usually a comediac show, but that doesn't mean there aren't any laughs. Who Framed Jimmy was absolutely hilarious, like when Carl and Sheen brought the drill book instead of a drill. Comic genius! Also the bear sequence, Yokel, the banjo boy and Sheen trying to turn in Carl and Jimmy were awesome scenes, too. Flippy was another real good episode. This was more JN, having tension, an interesting plot, a weird villian with a very thorough plan and of course, several stupid people. It really was interesting to see what happened in it, as Flipp's plan was really good, and there didn't seem to be any holes. But when in cartoon Rome, do as all cartoons do!
  • I thought it was okay...

    Hmmm let's see now i thought it was an okay ep. cuz noting really good did happen exept that Jimmy went inside Cindy's room. I thought it was also pretty funny when Sheen asked Cindy if her karate suit were her pj's and she got totally mad at sheen for that, and also when Sheen mentioned "Ohh were in a girls room." and Jimmy couln't help but smile with Carl and Sheen.
  • Loads of screwball comedy in these eps.

    In 'Who Framed Jimmy Neutron', Jimmy gets framed for stealing money by a criminal who went into his lab, and Jimmy gets arrested and sentenced to do garden work. So, they all try and get away and catch the criminal, but get chased by a big forest bear! They eventually escape and end up at Cindy's house, and Jimmy wants to turn Jimmy back in! Jimmy tries to convince Cindy not to, but she calls the police and Jimmy gets caught again. But then Jimmy discovers who framed him, the fat man in charge of the work they had to do! And they prove it because on the dollars that were stolen the George Washington blinks when you hold up up to a light! The man gets arrested and Jimmy and his friends are set free. It was an exciting, halirious episode taht made me watch it well. I couldn't take my eyes of the screen when the bear was chasing them.

    In 'Flippy' Jimmy uses a Funny Chip to make his dad funny, and soon he's entertaining kids in Jimmy's school with a crazy-looking puppet called Flippy. But the funny chip causes the puppet to suck the life and energy out of Hugh, and now the pupet can control himself! Jimmy, of course tries to catch Flippy when it escapes to cause chaos, and realises that the puppet is just like Hugh and likes ducks! This distracts Flippy and he is able to catch him. But Flippy may return some day!

    Two wonderful episodes I thought were quite good. Not as good as others episodes, but still a very good one. 8.6 for two halirious capers.