The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Season 3 Episode 1

Win, Lose And Kaboom (a.k.a. You Bet Your Life Form)

Aired Weekdays 7:30 PM Jul 09, 2004 on Nickelodeon

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  • A great episode,and the beginning of the best season of the series.

    It shows the jealousy that Cindy shows to Jimmy. It starts the third,and best season,with a bang.It is alot like all the great game shows that are on modern T.V. today. Like Survivor,Wheel of fortune,Jeopordy,and Who wants to be a millionair! I think it is the forth or fifth best episode of the series,it is great that they have Tim Allen in the episode too. I think it is the third best in the third season,but needs more airtime for it's genius.All loyal JN fans,a "I wish I had seen an episode like this on T.V. episode,in other words,a well writen episode!

  • This was the best JN movie

    I absolutely loved this episode. A giant space rock lands in retroville, and everyone just wants to destroy it. Then Jimmy, being the only smart person in retroville, besides cindy, who was no help, wants to analyze it. It turns out to be an invite to play Intergalactic Showdown, one of the most famous alien game shows. When the entire gang is kidnapped into space, they are forced to play the game, and win, or their home planets will be destroyed.

    This episode has a bunch of JC, especially when Jimmy befriends April, an alien from one of the opposing teams- the Gorlocks. Cindy becomes extremely jealous! At the end jimmy and cindy make a friendship contract, and they almost kiss. It was interrupted by another giant space rock, this time being an email from April. Cindy gets really angry at Jimmy and ripps their contract.

    Any way this was a great episode. Its wat started my obsession over JN and the JC, (i missed the first airing of LP and didnt get to see it until after WLK aired). This was one of nicks greatest accomplishements
  • The gang must work together to save Earth after a rock hits Earth.

    One of my favorite Nickelodeon movies and season premieres. This is my review for Jimmy Neutron: Win, Lose and KABOOM! Well what I thought about this movie was it really character developement and esciappaly for Jimmy. Jimmy thought he had all the power and genius-ness to save Earth in the intergalatic game show, but his plans don't work as well. And then nearby the end and the finale round, Jimmy started developing and well he really thought of the word "Teamwork". I can't believe the movie didn't end with "Jimmy-Cindy" love treatment. I think Jimmy and Cindy are a great couple.
  • Jimmy and the gang solve a message stone, and are taken into space to play a gmaeshow.

    A strange stone crash lands on earth, Jimmy recognizing that stone as a message stone, wants to decode it, and see what the message is.

    The gang flow the stone to a military base, where Jimmy finds out that its a riddle, once Jimmy figures it out they are wiped away to space to play a game show called Intergalactic Showdown.

    They are pitted against 3 other teams’ needle heads, Gorlocks, and Brains, and the losing teams get their home planets destroyed, while the winning team gets a new car and their planet not blown up.

    Tim Allen was perfect for Meldar, and I especially loved when Cindy tried to hide her jealously when Jimmy was flirting with April, especially after the two times they kissed, or as April called the first one the "Gorlocian seal of trust".
  • Jimmy and the gang are kidnapped into space to play on a gameshow that determines the fate of Earth.

    This is one of my favorite episodes ever!!! I don't really care for this show, but this movie was awesome. I didn't care for the beginning part though; it wasn't until after they were introduced into the game that it got good. My favorite scene is towards the end of the movie where Hugh trips over the cord of Jimmy's machine and he accidentally throws his nachos into the portal. Another favorite scene of mine is the very end where Jimmy and Cindy are making a truce and then they almost kiss. Too bad they were interrupted. In all, this movie was really good.
  • One of the most interesting episodes ever!

    "Win Lose or Kaboom" is one of the most exciting episodes. It's kinda adventure and romance (love triangle between Jimmy Cindy and April). It's a very first time when we meet some of the characters, mostly aliens. One of those aliens was April from Gorlock, who fell in love with Jimmy and kissed him two times (although first time it was only part of the custom for "trust") and Cindy becomes extremely jealous. In this episode we also learn that lima beans from Carl's dream ("I dream of Jimmy") are actually evil aliens. Besides that's the only episode when we see April and they don't show us her again. So, generally I liked the episode, it wasn't boring and I really enjoyed watching it.
  • Great episode!

    This was by far one of the best Jimmy Neutron episodes ever! Cindy is so jealous here! It really brings out the true power of the series and is the start of the 3rd season. Jimmy and Cindy were about to kiss, but that stupid space rock HAD to break it up! The plot was very good and the characters were all in their character. The backgrounds were awesome and the animation was amazing. This episode will continue to episodes that will have alot of Jimmy/Cindy in them. I hope they do, and I hope that they finally confess! Can\'t wait!
  • This episode is SO "Star Trek"!

    This episode has all the flavor of a classic "Star Trek" voyage from the 1960s, with Captain Kirk and the gang. When Jimmy Neutron and company first arrive at the game show, it takes on the atmosphere of Kirk and his men beaming down to a distant planet. The games that are played in this episode are deliciously deadly. It makes you feel like anyone could get killed, just like those Redshirts you see dying all the time on "Trek." How about those Gorlocks? Now THAT'S a WARRIOR RACE! And those alien girls? GrrrrrRRROWWWLLL! Now THERE'S something you don't see every day, unless you watch a lot of "Star Trek"! Then, you have Jimmy kissing a Gorlock girl ("April") -- man, to say that feels like something Captain Kirk would do would be a MAJOR understatement! And to cap it all off, how about that big fight scene at the end? Don't tell ME that hasn't got "Star Trek" written all over it!
  • Let\'s hope we never have to play Intergalactic Showdown!!

    I have to say that this is the best episode of Jimmy Neutron I’ve seen yet. Problem with the hour-long specials is that Nick doesn’t air them that often, which is a shame since this one, and League of Villains, are probably the best episodes of all. Of course, I’ve yet to see League of Villains because of its hour long time slot. Sometimes Nick sets aside a block for two hours of straight Jimmy Neutron, and I hope that they use that time to air these episodes again, or perhaps releasing some of the hour-long mini-movie episodes on DVD sometime.

    Win, Lose, and Kaboom brilliantly spoofs many popular games shows such as survivor, Wheel of Fortune, Who wants to be a Millionaire, Fear Factor, Great Race etc. Tim Allen performs as the voice of Meldar the host of the show “Intergalactic Showdown” who has the ability to alter space and time at will, which, as Jimmy points out, there’s just no defense against that.

    The show pits team earth (AKA The Jelly Bags) against three other alien races. There are the Needleheads (who bleep about looking like psychotic three limbed pencils), the Brains (who are just that, a brain with eyes and a spinal chord), and the Gorlocks (who appear to be human-like save for the obvious ram horns and large canines).

    Some hilarious moments happen when Carl is doomed to eat the alien gut chunks during “Wheel of Consumption,” and Huge warping in to be Jimmy’s life line during the Intergalactic Soap Opera Trivia.

    …and of course there’s some sprouting J/C romance as Cindy becomes insanely jealous of April, a Gorlock girl who befriends Jimmy and makes a pact to combine efforts to overthrow Meldar. The pact includes an inspired kiss on the lips, which is the Gorlock seal of trust. Seeing what appears to be an alien chick moving in on her territory, Cindy confronts April and the encounter eventually reduces to fisticuffs. Jimmy’s efforts to stop the two are unsuccessful but big daddy Gorlock simply plucks April from the melee and gives her a verbal reprimand.

    At the end Cindy’s friendship contract with Jimmy is in the final stages of being sealed i.e. with a kiss, but that’s all interrupted by the thunderous appearance of April’s warp-mail. April’s video message is typical of the everyday goings on of Gorlock life, but at the end blows Jimmy a kiss as if to say, “Come and visit me on my planet anytime Jimmy baby!” This, of course, riles Cindy further and she hits the “send” button before Jimmy can finish his response.

    This is still the best JN episode I’ve seen. I still would like to see League of Villains and I hope Nick will air it again soon.
  • Amazing full length episode with a ton of take-offs of game shows and reality TV shows. Tim Allen is great as the voice of the game show host.


    Along with the great entertainment this episode provides, it also is a great teaching tool about team work.

    I believe a take-off that most people don't catch on too is the segment when our heros and the needleheads are challenged to approach the cave with the 'horrible beast' in order to retrieve a mushroom. This has got to be a take-off of a 'Monty Pyton And The Holy Grail' scene in which the characters have got to approach a cave with a 'friendly' rabbit and end up getting mauled.

    My other favorite is when Bolbi votes himself off the island in the 'Survivor' take-off thinking it's a good thing.
  • A mysterious space rock lands in Retroville and has strange writing all over it.Jimmy translates the writing on the rock and him and his friends are transported to a place in space where they reicieve a challenge for "Intergalactic Showdown" a game the lo

    I love this movie!lots of j/c romance!plenty of humor also!I love the part where cindy gets jealous of the alien,April.I also love where they must vote someone off and they act just like on the show "survivor".Jimmy and Cindy almost kiss in this episode but are interrupted.Sheen and Libby also have many good moments together.I wish this movie was on dvd so i could buy it.The only thing I would change about this episode is the part where j/c almost kiss.If i wrote it they would kiss but after watching this movie I want to see more of Jimmy Neutron movies and episodes.
  • The coolest thing about this episode is the aliens. Nothing else but them.

    In this episode we visit a new planet were Jimmy, Sheen, Carl, Libby and Cindy have to battle three species from other planets in a game show called Intergalatic Showdown that is hosted by the most breathtaking villain; Meldar Prime. Must say, fine work from the director and writer. Ten fingers all the way up.
  • This is my favorite TV movie of the series. I like the team work and how Bolbi is involved even when he didn't want to be. The game show thing was very funny, Sheen was funny as usual and the animation much better. It was pretty good, one of best.

    This is my favorite TV movie of the series. I like the team work and how Bolbi is involved even when he didn't want to be. The game show thing was very funny, Sheen was funny as usual and the animation much better. It was pretty good, one of best.
  • Originally reviewed by aetius from TV Tome. The object of the story is for Jimmy to learn the importance of teamwork.

    This the second Jimmy Neutron full length movie. It is a made for T.V. movie and was never intended for theater release. It appears to represent a watershed in storyline for the series. The animation in general is a cut above the usual episodes with more emphasis placed on facial expressions than normal. For the first time Cindy is shown in a more positive light than Jimmy who not only causes the near destruction of earth but can't at first bring himself to be a team player.

    The story begins with a monolith inscribed with a riddle hurtling toward earth and Retroville. Meanwhile Jimmy and Cindy are attempting to negotiate a friendship agreement at Cindy's instigation. The military, wisely as it turns out, attempts to destroy the monolith before it hits the ground. Jimmy prevents this and later asks a town meeting to let him study it. Cindy however speaks against this with the intellectually compelling argument that the town has had enough trouble with hostile aliens to trust anymore of them. The monolith ends up in the park as a tourist attraction.

    Jimmy continues to study it and just as he makes sense of the inscription the military confiscates it. Jimmy with the help of his friends penetrates the base and incises the answer to the riddle on the stone. The six kids and Goddard are instantly transported to another world. They are greeted by Meldar an alien with power to alter matter and space who dragoons them into participating in an intergalactic game show where the stakes are the survival of their species. They aren't given any choice, refusal to play would result in the end of Earth. As the game begins the population of Earth is provided with intergalactic cable so that they can watch the show and ponder their fate. Hugh, Jimmy's father, becomes hooked on alien soap operas.

    Jimmy is unable at first to trust the rest of his friends in the competitions which demand teamwork. This causes the team from Earth to loose their first two matches and nearly be eliminated. Jimmy is approached by one of the opposing team members an alien girl named ... April. She proposes an alliance to rid the galaxy of the scourge of Meldar and his genocidal game show. Jimmy is skeptical but she wins him over which makes Cindy jealous. She and April get into a fight which is broken up by April's father.

    I won't detail the entire show from this point only give the most pertinent facts. The object of the story is for Jimmy to learn the importance of teamwork. Once he does the earth children win the competition with the timely help of Jimmy's father. Jimmy once again proves his mettle, rather than running for home in their new space cruiser he leads the Earthlings to return. They fight and defeat Meldar saving the other contestants who were about to have their home worlds destroyed. Meldar is reduced to making infomercials that are to say the least painful, for him that is.

    Jimmy is a genius and a true heroic figure but outside of math and science he is, well, kind of retarded. Keeping in mind that this is a cartoon Jimmy shows what is even for him incredibly bad judgment. In "The Eggpire Strikes Back" he is the lone voice warning of the Yokians treachery. In "Win Loose & Kaboom" he is the prime mover in trusting a completely unknown quantity with potentially disastrous results. The responsibility he feels for causing the danger makes him overcompensate by trying too hard to save the day all by himself. His inability to recognize his friends potential to contribute to a winning effort nearly costs him everything. After he swallows his pride and combines with Cindy, Sheen, Libby and Carl to overcome their opponents the Earth as well as the other planets are saved.

    If he is unreasonable and headstrong in pursing his goals, Cindy is both brave and reasonable. She provides leadership for the team in their hour of greatest need. She also shows her feelings for Jimmy in a number of ways up to and including fighting for him. Jimmy is a preadolescent boy who just doesn't get it. In many way this is the most likeable portrayal of Cindy so far in the series. She gives Jimmy multiple second chances even after she has really good reason to be sore at him. He responds with an insensitivity which is completely in character for a twelve year old boy. However he listens to her when the chips are down and everything rides on the decision. They show that as a team they are much more formidable than apart. They seem to be a perfect fit each one complimenting the other's weakness with a coresponding strength. At the end when we think we might actually see them seal their relationship with a kiss circumstance prevent it. Still I don't think we have seen the last of Jimmy and Cindy's romance.

    I liked this movie a lot. It is well and intelligently written giving more insight into the various characters. In some ways it is better than the original movie. The animation is greatly superior. Of course we already have a sense of the characters and the feature film devoted a fair amount of time to introducing the cast. Win, Loose & Kaboom proves once again DNA can strike that elusive balance between sophisticated humor, slapstick, and human feeling. That they can hit that mark time after time reflects great credit on their artistic abilities.
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