The Adventures of Jonny Quest

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The Adventures of Jonny Quest

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The Adventures of Jonny Quest is an animated action series about a boy who tags along with his dad on amazing adventures. Comic book artist Doug Wildey created the show for Hanna-Barbera Productions in the mid-1960s. Jonny (Tim Matheson) is an 11-year-old boy who is athletic, intelligent and emotionally mature for his age. Dr. Benton C. Quest (John Stephenson/Don Messick) is one of the "top three scientists in the world" and works on special assignments for the U.S. government. Joining Dr. Quest and Jonny on their adventures are Dr. Quest's adopted son, Hadji (Danny Bravo), Race Bannon (Mike Road) and Jonny's pet bulldog, Bandit (Don Messick). Bannon is the family's de facto bodyguard/pilot and works for the governmental agency Intelligence One. The Quests' primary foe is arch-villain Dr. Zin (Vic Perrin). The original pilot, "The Mysteries of the Lizard Men", sets the stage for the series as the team investigates a mysterious event only to discover a secret criminal base protected by men in lizard-style scuba suits. Jonny lives an exciting life and is integral to solving the mysteries the Quest team encounters.


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cool gadgets, gunfights, goodie two shoes, good vs. evil, futuristic technology