The Adventures of Kit Carson

Season 1 Episode 12

Fury at Red Gulch

Aired Unknown Oct 27, 1951 on

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  • Lots of intimidation, beatings, shootings, and an's the Hollywood west on the small screen for sure. Skews towards younger audience with broad characterizations.

    There's big trouble in Red Gulch when a local gambling kingpin is willing to kill all who oppose his business.

    When watching this program, it's best to forget who Kit Carson really was and just assume he was a hero who roamed the west in search of high moral causes. In this case, he's helping a local newspaperman who is targetted by a gang. In great western fashion, Kit gets the chance to shoot the rope through when the paper's publisher is about to be unjustly lynched. Meanwhile, Kit's sidekick El Toro is "undercover" gathering information from his cousin, a heartless Mexican saloon girl.

    The conflict around the newspaper office is pretty hysterical, a gunfight at a distance of 10 feet and an undiscovered flaming bundle of dynamite at their feet. Perhaps my favorite part of this episode is that El Toro is a hero, he pretends to be a "bandito for hire" but actually has the most to do with defeating the gang leader and his evil henchmen.

    There's enough stereotypes to fill up a battleship here, but it's decently entertaining, and the cause is ultimately just. Middling to poor as far as TV westerns in general, though.