The Adventures of Lano and Woodley

ABC1 (ended 1999)



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The Adventures of Lano and Woodley

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Welcome to The Adventures of Lano and Woodley. This show ran for 2 seasons in the late nineties and was created by and starred the legendary Aussie comic duo of Colin Lane (Lano) and Frank Woodley (Woodley).
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  • This show follows the two central characters Colin and Frank living their lives normally, except in a half hour time slot. From politics to "beard fear", Their exploits seem to cover a range of subjects in hilarious detail.moreless

    I am a huge fan of the show and its creators, their amusingly innocent take on the world is a fresh brand of comedy. I was in hysterics from the very first episode, a personal highlight would be when Colin said the line:

    "You stole my imaginary girlfriend"

    Just from this sample you can predict what kind of a show you're in for.

    The show's brilliant use of strange last minute tie-ins and one liners will have you addicted. And because of its lack of excessive swearing and smut its fine to watch with your little sister in the room. However, this doesnt mean you're in for boring show, just that you'll laugh and she wont.

    Watch this show and you'll know what I mean.moreless
  • A pretty entertaing show

    Lano and Woodley are one of my favourite comedy duos in standup but the sitcom they created isn't quite as funny but is still good.

    Lano and Woodley's adventures are interesting and amusing a lot of the time but there aren't many times where you can laugh really loud but for an Aussie sitcom, it is definitely well developed, the firings at the start of each episode probably being the best parts and some great recurring jokes within episodes like "drop the wood" "Frankly" and penguin man.

    Overall, the show isn't the quality of their standup but is impressive given the material.moreless
  • Lano and Woodley are the two funniest men i have ever seen. they could tell the pope a really offensive catholic joke and still make him piss himself.

    I used to watch this show years ago and was pleased to see it released on dvd.

    The thing is, no matter how many times you watch it it never grows old.

    I was sad to hear that Lano and Woodley are spliting up after 20 years and that their final tour is under way.

    Ihave picked up tickets for their show and and bracing myself for a complete ballbuster.

    I saw their show Bruiser a couple of years ago and have been watching their tours ever since.

    Its a bummer it is of air but is also a relief because if they made more eps, I don\'t think they could live up to the old one.

  • This show totally rocks!!!. i love lano and woodley.

    Omg...lano and woodley so totally rock. Were do i start, i love the adventures of lano and woodley i have it on dvd, i have their cd lano and woodley sing songs & i have their live dvd the island. I saw them live in feb last year. They were so amazing and really funny. After the show i got stuff signed and a picture of them. It was the best night of my life. Lano and woodley are australian's finest comedians. You guys rock!!!moreless
  • The Adventures of Lano and Woodley was one of the funniest shows of the '90s.

    The Adventures of Lano and Woodley starred comedians Colin "Lano" Lane and Frank Woodley. They play themselves. In the show, they share a flat and are always getting fired (at the start of every ep except the final one). There were 13 episodes which are now out on a 2-disc set. The show was on in the late '90s and still gives me plenty of laughs. One of my favorite parts is in "Game Show God" when they're watching a game show to see which of them is smarter. Col keeps on saying the wrong answer while Frank (who is really stupid) always says "Albert Einstein" thinking that it will average out. They are both on 0 and the final question is "Who formulated the theory E=MC^2?" so Frank gets it right of course and thinks he's a genius.moreless