The Adventures of Mini-Goddess

TBS (ended 2002)




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The Adventures of Mini-Goddess

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Three Goddesses, Urd, Skuld, and Belldandy, came down to Earth to live with Keiichi, an average college student. While Keiichi is away, the goddeses shrink themselves to the size of dolls, and have many adventures. Their adventures often involve a resident rat named Gan-chan. Urd and Skuld help Gan-chan find a girlfriend, lose weight, assist the local rat community, and a bunch of other silly and funny adventures, often parodying popular American and Asian movies. Some episodes occur in pairs, and others just end mysteriously. This is a spinoff of the popular manga series Oh My Goddess (or Ah! My Goddess) by Kosuke Fujishima, and forms of the mini-goddess adventures can be found on four-panel comic strips. This mini-series (sic) has 48 episodes but each episode is only about 5 minutes long (7 minutes if you include the credits). DVD Organization Vol 1 ep 1-12 The Gan-Chan Files Vol 2 ep 13-24 The Belldandy Files Vol 3 ep 25-36 The Urd Files Vol 4 ep 37-48 The Skuld Files Ending Themes: "Denwa Shite Iwa-chan" by Yuki Ishii "XXX (Kiss Kiss Kiss)" by Splash!moreless