The Adventures of Mini-Goddess

Season 1 Episode 25

Chu Hard - Gan-Chan's Desperate Situation

Aired Unknown Oct 05, 1998 on TBS

Episode Recap

Gan-chan and the three goddesses watch as a large refrigerator door closes. Skuld activates Mr. Safety. A set of chains wraps around the fridge and a lock is in the middle indicating the fridge is secure. The goddesses ask Gan-chan to guard the fridge while they go out, which Gan-chan agrees. After they leave, Gan-chan ponders: why guard a fridge when it's already locked so well? So he goes off to take a nap.

As the rats play and do activities, a group of rats with guns storm the place. They corral all the other rats. One of the bad rats pulls out a laptop, while another one goes trigger-happy and shoots the ceiling. One of the blue rats tries to escape and gets shot at back in line.

Gan-chan wakes up from the commotion and finds out his friends have been held hostage! The terrorist rats spot Gan-chan and chase after him. Gan-chan rushes out to the roof and has an idea; he'll shout for help at a nearby airplane. No, that didn't work. As the terrorist rats chase him, he jumps off the roof, bounces off a tree, and flies through the paper wall into another room, landing and spilling a bowl of rice crackers.

The terrorist rat enters the room. Gan-chan is hiding behind a table leg and tries to sneak away, but he steps on a rice cracker, making a crunch sound. The terrorist rats follow after the sound to a computer desk, but see nothing. Then they get summoned back to the main room. One of the computer mice start moving; it's Gan-chan. He narrates that the future remains uncertain, but he will do what he can to save his friends.


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