The Adventures of Mini-Goddess

Season 1 Episode 25

Chu Hard - Gan-Chan's Desperate Situation

Aired Unknown Oct 05, 1998 on TBS



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    • Japanese Voice Credits for Chu Hard episodes (25-26): Koji Sekine, Tokuyoshi Kanashima, Kunihiko Higashi, Shinichi Namiki, Kaori Mutoi

    • Adventures of Mini-Goddess DVD Vol 3 credits partial list
      The credits are translated into English at the end of the volume (episode 36).

      The Japanese writers include:
      Executive Producers: Yasuo Katsuki, Kunihiko Ishizaki
      Teleplay: Shouji Yonemura, Chinatu Houjou, Atsuhiro Tomioka, Shinzo Fujita
      Storyboard: Kazuaki Mouri, Kiyotaka Isako, Minoru Senboku
      Character Designer / Chief Animator: Hirako Kazui

      The English voice talent are not assigned a character, but they include:
      ADR director and writer: Bridget Hoffman
      English voice cast:
      Anthony Mozdy (Tony Pope)
      Jane Allen (Mari Devon)
      Jim Taggert
      Noelle Michaels
      Matthew Austin
      Lena Williams
      Doug LaRosa (Doug Erholtz)
      Michelle Ruff
      Ruby Marlowe (Bridget Hoffman)
      Wendee Lee
      Frank Buck
      Rick Pagan
      Hilary Manor
      Wycliff Shaunessy
      Carol Stanzione
      Christy Mathewson (Eddie Frierson)
      Ian Hawke (Brianne Siddall)

    • Adventures of Mini-Goddess DVD Volume 3, The Urd Files, covers episode 25-36.

    • Character Introduction: First appearance of Marla, the first-class demon from the Ah! My Goddess series, who also assumes chibi (mini) form. The spelling for Marla comes from the Japanese subtitle translation, but she can also be spelled Mara according to the US Graphic Novels translation, or Marller as shown in a few of the US DVD credits.

    • Alternate Title: According to the US DVD, Chu Hard translated to Squeak Hard.

    • Opening narration: Starting with this episode, the verbiage is the same but we get a new set of video clips.

      Closing credits: They are all in Romanized Japanese, including their titles so I can't tell who's the director or writer. The voice credits are spelled out in English but in the asian (Lastname Firstname) format.

  • Allusions

    • Die Hard references:
      1. The title Chu Hard is formatted in a similar font as Die Hard.
      2. The terrorists hold hostage a group of rats playing. In the movie, the terrorists hold hostage a group of people at a company Christmas party.
      3. One of the terrorists is a computer hacker trying to unlock a safe.
      4. Gan-chan jumps off the roof, bounces off a tree, and breaks through a paper wall. In Die Hard, John McClaine jumped off the roof and crashed through a window.
      5. Gan-chan hides out and is on the defensive while the other terrorists look for him.

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