The Adventures of Mini-Goddess

TBS (ended 2002)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Let's Tell A Fortune!
      Gan-chan the rat is in need of a woman. Urd uses her fortune-telling abilities to predict Gan-chan’s ideal mate. However, Urd's prediction are far from helpful, as they turn out to be inanimate objects. Will Gan-chan find his special someone?
    • Secret Treasure in the Attic, Part I
      When one of the rats crashes through the ceiling and mutters something about arms and piles of gold, Gan-Chan, Urd, and Skuld embark on a treasure hunting expedition in the attic. But when Skuld’s radar picks up an approaching creature, will their first encounter be their last?
    • Secret Treasure in the Attic, Part II
      Urd, Skuld, and Gan-chan battle a gigantic rat who is set on destroying them, as they strive to find the secret golden armed treasure in the thrilling conclusion to the attic caper.
    • Let's Fly in the Sky
      Gan-chan wants to fly like a bird, so the goddesses help him out with various evolutions of flying machines.
    • Let's Fly into Space
      After his thrill with flight, Gan-chan wants to go into space, and the goddesses help him realize his dream of being the first rat to land on the moon.
    • Slimming down! Go!
      Gan-chan has gotten very chunky, so the goddesses try out different weight loss strategies from Skuld’s inventive weight loss machines, to Urd’s pills of exercise accelerators. Will any of them work?
    • Gabira, the Giant Monster - The Birth
      Gan-chan is sick after eating some moldy cake. Urd and Skuld come up with different ways to make Gan-chan feel better, but they end up hurting Gan-chan more. Urd resorts to a cocktail that temporarily heals Gan-chan but then transforms him into Gabira, the giant green monster!
    • Gabira - The Final Battle
      The struggle continues as Urd and Skuld form a small goddesses army to battle the mighty Gabira, codenamed “G”. Urd and Skuld use many tactics similar to the old Godzilla movies, but it may take a miracle from above to bring this episode to its conclusion.
    • The Mysterious Can of Food
      After sampling a can of strange but delicious green food, Gan-chan and the goddesses embark on an adventure to find who made the product and discover something completely unexpected about the manufacturer.
    • The Secret of the Diamond
      A series of unlucky happenings fall on Gan-chan when he wears a newly found diamond ring. The goddesses, through some trial and error on Urd’s part, discover the diamond brings bad luck to whoever wears it, and it might take some demonic, or Goddess, powers to uncover the secret.
    • Gabira, the Giant Monster - The Strike Back
      Gan-chan’s stomach rumbles again and he transforms into the mighty monster Gabira. Urd and Skuld attempt to stop them with the same strategy as before, but it doesn’t work. They resort to a secret weapon: mecha-Gabira!
    • Let's Play Baseball!
      Urd and Skuld have an argument about who is better at baseball. So they play with their teams made of their duplicates. With the game going into extra innings, how will this exciting match conclude?
    • Urd's Babysitting Journal
      Urd is in for a big learning experience as she is asked to baby-sit three of the Morisato family rat children.
    • The Proposal Scheme
      Gan-chan is in love with Kaoru, a pink female rat, and they’ll be going on a date later that day! Urd helps Gan-chan out with not only some proper dating attire but a enchanted red rose, where if you propose to your lover on the rooftop at sunset, she will love you forever! But on the big day, Gan-chan forgets the rose. Can Urd get him the rose in time?moreless
    • Welcome, Newlyweds
      Welcome, Newlyweds
      Episode 15
      With Urd’s startling and accidental confession from the previous episode, Gan-chan and Urd are now living together. Urd is acting like a obedient housewife, which Gan-chan thinks is great. But will the newlywed’s relationship last?
    • Phone Me, Darling!
      Phone Me, Darling!
      Episode 16
      Keiichi’s desk is a mess, and it’s up to Gan-chan to clean it up. Urd helps him out so quickly, that it’s time to end the show. Or maybe not?
    • SOS in the Big Snowfield - Part One
      It’s a real cliffhanger as Urd, Skuld, and Gan-chan attempt to climb a snowy mountain.
    • SOS in the Big Snowfield - Part Two
      The adventure continues as Urd, Skuld, and Gan-chan scale a snowy mountain to reach the ever-elusive air conditioner. But they are in for a surprise when they arrive.
    • Kitchen Fighters
      Kitchen Fighters
      Episode 19
      The Morisato Rats hold a Martial Arts tournament which focuses mainly on boxing. But with Bruce Gan-chan fighting with nunchucks and Little Fighting Banpei from Skuld's Gym entering the tournament, this could be a colossal battle for the ages.
    • Gan-chan's Magnificent Days
      Urd speculates what is a normal day in Gan-chan’s life, and Gan-chan invites Urd to follow him around for the day to find out. But it isn’t as glorious as it seems.
    • Ah! My Buddha
      Ah! My Buddha
      Episode 21
      Thinking that Skuld has a crush on a Buddha statue, Urd mistakenly turns the statue to life! The Buddha bosses the gals around in an attempt to train them to be good followers.
    • The Story of Gan-chan - Love Me to the Bone
      Gan-chan announces he has a girlfriend! As the goddesses celebrate, Skuld and Urd observe the girlfriend's personality and discover a very disturbing habit!
    • Let's Form a Band, Side A
      Urd and Skuld decide to form a band. Gan-chan wants to join as a drummer, so Urd has him try out. They argue over who should be the lead singer, when Belldandy arrives and joins in the fun.
    • Let's Form a Band, Side B
      The story of the goddess’ band continues as they decide on the leader, try to sell tickets, and get ready for their first concert.
    • Chu Hard - Gan-Chan's Desperate Situation
      The three goddesses leave to do an errand, leaving Gan-chan to guard a specially locked refrigerator. Little does he know a group of terrorist rats have come to take everyone hostage in order to hack into the fridge. What will Gan-chan do?
    • Chu Hard 2 - Descent of the Devil
      The action continues as Gan-chan struggles to protect his fellow rats and the big refrigerator from a gang of terrorist rats led by none other than the demon Marla!
    • Pop! Goes the Urd!
      Pop! Goes the Urd!
      Episode 27
      Gan-chan and Urd host a variety show where they field questions from the viewers about this series.
    • Rainy Day
      Rainy Day
      Episode 28
      Urd travels through town on an instrumental-driven episode of a rainy day.
    • Let's Meet In Our Dreams
      Urd saves the world from Marla's destruction. No wait, that was a dream! Skuld had invented a device that allows her to view someone's dreams on a monitor. What happens when they try it out on the other folks in the household?
    • Female Detective Skuld’s First Case - Mystery of the Three Stolen Treasures - The Dangerous Trap Hidden in Steamy Smoke
      Skuld and the gang investigate who's been stealing their favorite foods. With Marla as the prime suspect, will this be an open and shut case?
    • Goddess Love Theater - Goddess Blade
      Skuld, dressed in a brown tunic and carrying a sword, attempts to rescue Belldandy at a castle in the sands, not knowing who is friend or foe.
    • Quick Fix Division of the Temple
      Skuld, Urd, and Gan-chan start a Quick Fix troubleshooting service, and attempt to help a rat mom whose son is trapped in a kitchen crevice. What crazy solutions will they think of this time?
    • Fishing Journal
      Fishing Journal
      Episode 33
      As Gan-chan explains the subtleties of bass fishing, Urd decides she's had enough and challenges Gan-chan to a fishing competition.
    • Give Me Some Servants
      Marla and her servant rats set up an elaborate trap for each of the goddesses and Gan-chan in order to summon some strong diamond power. Will this be the goddess' downfall?
    • Rules of the Ninja - Volume I
      Marla summons a trio of ninjas and orders them to scout the goddesses and Gan-chan for weaknesses. In the meantime, Skuld builds a Banpei like robot called Mr. Patrol, who seems to have detected something!
    • Rules of the Ninja - Volume II
      Now that the three ninjas have scouted the goddesses and Gan-chan, it's time for them to launch their secret attack that is bound to cause fear and confusion!
    • Urd vs. Urd
      Urd vs. Urd
      Episode 37
      As Urd finishes taking a bath, she notices one of her earrings is missing. She makes clones of herself and sends them off to look for it, but after some time, only a few of them have reported back. Urd has to search for the other ones, but discovers a gathering of Urds worshipping a village leader Urd with the missing earring! What will Urd do as she confronts herself?moreless
    • Gan-chan Runs for Election - Being Self Made edition
      Gan-chan is running for public office. With the goddess’ support, it looks like he has a very good chance of winning. But it won't be easy when his opponent, Gon, makes a deal with the devil, or rather the demon Marla, and she gets the three ninja girls to run a smear campaign on Gan-chan’s good name.moreless
    • Gan-chan Runs for Election - Time of Change edition
      The election campaign drama continues as the two rats hold a public debate. With Gan-chan on the defensive, it looks like a landslide for Gon, but the goddesses are not about to give up yet!
    • Urd's Ultimate Diet
      Urd's skirt rips as she tries to zip it on. So Urd decides to try out dieting. But dieting without magic powers and pills may prove to be quite a challenge.
    • Happy Birthday, Gan-chan!
      The goddesses give Gan-chan a happy birthday present in the form of a Banpei Goddess Wish Maker. When it hears a wish it makes it true, but you only get three wishes on your birthday. As Gan-chan ponders what to wish, the Wish Maker hears Belldandy’s wish for soy sauce, and fulfills that one. Oh no! Two wishes left. What will Gan-chan do now?moreless
    • Ah! My Average College Student!
      Urd and Skuld help Gan-chan ponder life’s big questions: What is an average college student? What does he or she do? Maybe Gan-chan is one? Or he could meet one in his own house by the name of Keiichi?!
    • This Happens Once In Awhile
      Gan-chan and the goddesses are taking the day off, but they notice the camera is still rolling! Worse yet, they have no script or storyline! But thanks to Belldandy, they come up with an idea that's out of this world!
    • Gan-chan the Locomotive
      Inspired by the Galaxy Express storybooks, Gan-chan aspires to be a locomotive. Little does he know that the goddesses transform the entire gang to do just that! Tune in for the mini adventures of Gan-chan, the little engine that could.
    • The Miso Jar
      The Miso Jar
      Episode 45
      Gan-chan gets stuck inside a big miso sauce jar, and it's too slick to get out. As he calls for help, he hears Urd, who is preparing to rock out with her hot curry recipe. Will Gan-chan be able to escape this red-hot situation?
    • Deluxe Game of Life -- Satellite Version
      Gan-chan and the Goddesses play a life-size game of Life, where the results of the spinner turn into reality!
    • Mekimeki High School Memorial
      Gan-chan's had it with his lack of a love life, so Skuld zaps him into a high school Dating Simulation program. This could be Gan-chan's last chance at love, but he's more interested in eating and sleeping. Time to pull out the manual override!
    • What'll Happen Next?
      Now that the series is ending, Gan-chan ponders what he will do next? Skuld and Urd reveal to him a shocking secret as to why Gan-chan was so able to survive all the crazy adventures. And Belldandy just wants to party.