The Adventures of Mini-Goddess

Season 1 Episode 1

Let's Tell A Fortune!

Aired Unknown Apr 06, 1998 on TBS
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Let's Tell A Fortune!
Gan-chan the rat is in need of a woman. Urd uses her fortune-telling abilities to predict Gan-chan’s ideal mate. However, Urd's prediction are far from helpful, as they turn out to be inanimate objects. Will Gan-chan find his special someone?

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    Wendee Lee

    Wendee Lee

    Mrs. Kettle

    Guest Star

    Mako Hyoudou

    Mako Hyoudou

    Mrs. Kettle

    Guest Star

    William Knight

    William Knight


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    • QUOTES (6)

      • Urd: Welcome back!
        Gan-chan: I didn't come back! I was already here!

      • Gan-chan: I want the kind of woman who will set my mind and body afire with burning love. Someone who is passionate and hotblooded, who makes my temperature continue to rise! (his love is predicted to be... a lighter) I'm, I'm on fire!

      • Gan-chan: I've changed the type of woman I'm looking for. She's as sweet as can be. Oh so cuddly, she wants to stick by me. Even though she's sweet, she can stimulate my sensual pleasures. (Urd's prediction is... honey)

      • Gan-chan: I want to change it. She's got a warm heart, but not always on fire. She's gentle and she's tough, and she wants to take care of me more than anything. (he discovers his love to be... a tea kettle)

      • Mrs. Kettle: Forgive me, but I already have my heart promised to another. Mr. Kettle is my true love, and we've decided to elope. Farewell!

      • Urd: (narrating script) And that's how the sweet honeymoon of Gan-chan and Ms. Kettle ended before they ever had a chance to know one other. So, all's well that ends well.
        Gan-chan: How did that end well?! Ahhhh!!!

    • NOTES (2)

      • About the Credits:
        The Japanese credits are shown at the end of each episode, but are not translated. At the end of the DVD, some of the credits are as follows:

        Executive Producer: Yasuo Katsuki, Kunihiko Ishizaki
        Teleplay: Shouji Yonemara, Chinatu Houjou, Atsuhiro Tomioku, Shinzo Fujita
        Storyboards: Kazuaki Mouri, Kiyotaka Isako, Minoru Senboku
        Direction: Yasuhiro Matusmura

        Japanese cast
        Belldandy: Akemi Okamura
        Urd: Yumi Touma
        Skuld: Aya Hisakawa
        Gan-chan: Mitsuo Iwata

        English cast
        (more commonly known name in parens)

        Anthony Mozdy (Tony Pope)
        Rafael Antonio Oliver (Tony Oliver)
        Peter Elliott
        William Frederick (William Knight)
        Wendee Lee
        John Smallberries (Bob Papenbrook)
        Steve Cannon (Steve Staley)
        Ruby Marlowe (Bridget Hoffman)

        In the series, Sherry Lynn (Skuld) was not officially credited in the English cast due to the project being non-union. She has not posted the credit on her resume, although it is strongly suspected that it's her voice in the series.

      • Adventures of Mini-Goddess DVD Volume 1 covers episodes 1-12. Each episode is about five minutes long plus another two for the prologue and ending credits.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Prehistoric man:
        While casting a spell, Urd said, "Cro-Magnon, Peking, Java... Ha!" She is referring to the different stages of early man that people have found in digging up fossils.

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