The Adventures of Mini-Goddess

Season 1 Episode 17

SOS in the Big Snowfield - Part One

Aired Unknown Aug 03, 1998 on TBS
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SOS in the Big Snowfield - Part One
It’s a real cliffhanger as Urd, Skuld, and Gan-chan attempt to climb a snowy mountain.

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      • Urd: The air conditioner is watching our every move and laughing!
        Gan-chan: No, it's not.
        Skuld: We can't let it humiliate us. It's a matter of honor!
        Gan-chan: It's a machine.
        Urd: We will accept your challenge and are not afraid to fight!
        Skuld: (nods) Mm-hmm.
        Gan-chan: What are you talking about?!
        Urd: Troops, let's move out. Follow the battle strategy AC/DC scenario!
        Skuld: Right!
        Gan-chan: Uh, what?

      • Gan-chan: You guys, I was just thinking that maybe we should go the other way, and try to get out of this room, get to a telephone and call a specialist to help us?
        Urd and Skuld: Say what?!
        (Gan-chan flails his arms and holds on the edge.)
        Urd: You want to give up our mission? You chicken-livered rat!
        Skuld: Well I'm not about to let some old fashioned air conditioning unit get the best of me. I will see the day when you are tossed into the dumpster, you metal monster.

      • (Gan-chan is about to cross the ruler bridge.)
        Gan-chan: I'm scared!
        Urd: Be a man and show some courage for once!
        Gan-chan: (turns around to Skuld) She knows I'm scared so why does she have to be such a bully?
        Urd: You don't have to look down; just look at me!
        Gan-chan: I don't want to!
        Urd: What are you saying? You don't like the way I look? Well right back at ya, buddy.

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      • Gan-chan: What we have here is a failure to communicate
        This is a popular quote from the movie Cool Hand Luke

      • AC/DC
        In the English dub, Urd orders the gang to follow the battle plan A-C-D-C. This is a both a reference to the band AC/DC and a pun on the fact they are trying to reach an A/C which is an air conditioner.