The Adventures of Mini-Goddess

Season 1 Episode 45

The Miso Jar

Aired Unknown Mar 08, 1999 on TBS

Episode Recap

Gan-chan has fallen into a large red-orange jar of miso sauce. He tries to climb out but the walls are too slick. Then he tries some martial arts. He punches the wall and you hear his bones break. Then a kick to the wall; his foot bones break too. A head butt! Okay, now everything is broken.

After Gan-chan recovers a little, he decides he could call for help since goddesses can rescue people from anything! He starts calling for help but no one responds. He gives up and thinks maybe he can just get used to life in the miso jar. Flash forward a bit to a scene where Gan-chan is sitting on his miso couch and getting ready to watch a miso TV. Wondering what's on, Gan-chan grabs the miso remote control but it melts in his hand. That was a dumb idea.

A fly arrives and Gan-chan seizes the opportunity to tie a note to the fly asking for help. As the fly escapes the jar, Urd arrives wailing away loudly on her electric guitar. She's going to make some hot curry and needs some spices from the kitchen. The fly approaches Urd, but Urd doesn't want flies in the kitchen and blasts the fly back with a Sonic Beat Attack! So much for Gan-chan's idea.

Urd declares the curry will involve some miso - where can she find miso? Gan-chan gets excited and cries out to Urd, who doesn't hear him. The miso jar lid opens and Urd pours a bunch of hot spices into the miso jar. Ouch! It lands straight on Gan-chan! Gan-chan turns orange from the shock, although that could also be from the miso. The a ladle is lowered in to the miso. Gan-chan hangs on for dear life as Urd stirs the miso around and then lifts up the ladle. Gan-chan is almost free, but Urd sees that the miso is the right thickness, and pours out the ladle again. D'oh!

Gan-chan slips into unconsciousness. In his dream, he sees Belldandy, who tells him he will be reborn, and to just hang on, everything will be alright. Gan-chan wakes up and rises, completely covered in miso. The goddesses, who were about to eat dinner, freak out and run as Gan-chan chases them. It's the Attack of the Frightening Miso Eggplant!