The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet

Season 10 Episode 18

The Randolph's Niece

Aired Unknown Jan 25, 1962 on ABC

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  • A decent episode that shows the issues usually popping up in the series, and illustrating the style of the program. Not great TV but fun to watch.

    Rick and the visiting niece of Joe and Clara succeed in dating - not because they are attracted to each other but because they make their beaus more jealous.

    This is a very typical episode for the series, innocuous but extremely polished and good-natured. It features the age-old sitcom saw of the son being pressured to take out a visiting young lady even though he would rather be doing something else. It works in a fictitious world where all young men and women have dates practically every night without being in any particular relationship. Its a more or less gentle story with a twist at the end, standard fare in all aspects.

    Its most interesting to watch the acting, Ricky Nelson is so laid back you almost think he took a quaalude and Ozzie is so typically removed, sliding into the scenes, never really judging or stating a strong opinion, and laughing at the other characters' jokes almost like he is an audience member himself and helping out with the laugh track. The dialog is well-crafted, the editing is as well. Again, its interesting and sort of unique.