The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Unknown Nov 23, 1995 on Nickelodeon

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  • In the Midst of Darkness

    This is another one of my favorite episodes that I think is a bit underrated, it was also another gem from my least favorite season. This episode plays and is formated like a slasher film, it's kinda similar to the underrated horror movie "Intruder" which was about grocery store clerks having to work the early after hours before opening but are not alone because a serial killer is in the store.

    The episode isn't just all fun and games but is actually rather dark and even kinda spooky. The fact that everything in the school is dark and there are no lights on along with the music really make the school a forbiding enviorment as well as adds to the isolation. And it all rings true because I've seen the inside of a school in the nighttime, it's pritty darn creepy, the quiet, the amount of darkness in a big space, I'm sometimes wondering if there is a presense I don't know about.

    It has it's funny moments like seeing all the kids mess around and have fun but my favorate and it's darkly funny as well is the character Wayne trying to stop the slasher by asking him for his hall pass, why the heck Wayne would think that would work I don't know. But you have to admire the kid for at least trying that takes guts and he was doing it to protect his friends. I really liked seeing that side of Wayne, it's too bad we didn't get to see that often it elevated his character if only we had one or two more seasons of the show.

    What also powers this episode is it kinda breaks some cleches in the slasher genere and makes me apreciate the characters more. Like going back to help Wayne even though it was probably too late, but that just shows that both Pete and Nona pritty much abide by the Army Ranger honor code "Leave no man behind" going back for Wayne is what true friends should do and shows they had guts. Even when they thoght they witnessed their friend in trouble they charged to stop the slasher.

    In a way the episode is kinda an aligory on coming of age. The thing about the institutes of schools are they always are place to teach and guide people but once school is out there are no rules/system to do any of that. At that point your your own person, you have to decide on what to do. Like for example, Wayne had a desire to be a hall monitor, Monica wanted to get to the top of the rope, Young Pete wanted to free his worm friends and their mishap gave them that opportunity and they seized it they did all this own their own, and that's true with life itself. You want to do something, do it don't let anyone tell you otherwise, they can't stop you.

    In the midst of darkness, Pete, Monica, and Wayne found sunlight.
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