The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Season 3 Episode 6

Crisis in the Love Zone

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Crisis in the Love Zone
It seems like everyone is the town is falling in love. Younger Pete falls in love with the mail lady, Eunice Puell. Older Pete falls hard for a tennis player.

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  • Love Fever

    It's that common feeling we all have which is attraction, in this episode it is turned on maximum high. Where Young Pete and Nona are on a mission to prevent themselves from being contaminated by a virus they call Spring Fever which of course leads, as Young Pete state to that gut chuning feeling called Love. But like in all things unfortunately these two are not immune and when it come to Love there is no where to hide.

    I thought this episode was really funny because once again it easy to emphisize with both character's fear. It's not so much that when were age we hate the concept of love, it's more on the deep seeded fear on what it could do to us, destroy our identity where we can no longer recognize ourselves or worse never go back.

    But most of all on how beautiful a feeling love truely is that it's nothing to fear but to be endured and understood. It's easy for me to understand how this feeling just out of the blue hits, both Nona and Young Pete are at that age when it starts to hit. Young Pete who at first didn't think much about the female Mail Carrier he saw but then started to look at her differently from the smallest thing down to her herself. It was the same with me when I was about 14 or 15 though two things, from the littlest thing looking at a certain character Rei Hino/Sailor Mars off of my favorate program "Sailor Moon" in a certain way (please don't read into that too much, I mean it in a healthy sense not in a strange way). And then the biggest thing when, I started looking at a lot of girls in the middle school I usual go to differently. I don't know why I suddenly felt those feelings they just happened, and I'll admit whatever those feeling were they felt great.

    Our internal feelings for someone that are hidden away, once released we find certain truths about ourselves.

    It was really funny seeing Young Pete, Old Pete, and Pitstain all act contrary to themselves. Young Pete having that typical freudian crush of young boy attracted to an older woman, Old Pete who has became a pitiful slave to a snotty self centered female Tennis player, and Pitstain not acting like the scum he usual is. One scene I though was hilarous when both Young Pete and Pitstain sing a love song together very badily.

    The thing about this episode that really interesting is the fact that it's not really a Pete and Pete episode, in reality it's really a Ellen and Nona centered episode, indeed most of this episode is in their perspective. What I like is the self discovery process both go though. As Nona is watching the Lovecon emergency tapes and is constantly pursing to save Young Pete, she realizes how much Young Pete means to her, it's even in her eyes at times when she sees the tapes it looks like she desires to be with him. Likewise for Ellen, who is begining to get tired of helping Pete out with winning the snotty girl and you sense she wishes Pete pursued her.

    This and I don't think a lot of people will agree with me which is ok, I honest think was one of the last great episodes of the show. It's a shame we never will see another Nona and Ellen focused episode, both do make a good duo and characters. Even though Spring Fever is over and once again Nona and Ellen put their feeling inside again. You sense those feelings will surface once again, but when the time is right, because love never stays hidden it comes out whether any one wants it to or is even ready for it.moreless
Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle Trachtenberg

Nona F. Mecklenberg (1994-1996)

Danny Tamberelli

Danny Tamberelli

Little Pete Wrigley

Eric Kushnick

Eric Kushnick

Fran "Pit Stain"

Michael Marrona

Michael Marrona

Big Pete Wrigley

Alison Fanelli

Alison Fanelli

Ellen Hickle

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