The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Season 3 Episode 12

Das Bus

Aired Unknown Dec 21, 1995 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

It's Career Week, and Big Pete absent-mindedly decides to take up bus driving with Bus Driver Stu Benedict. Stu brings Pete to what he calls "the nerve-center of the Wellsville Municipal Bus Depot." There, Stu introduces the basics to Pete, such as the time clock, the water cooler and (of course) a box of Krebbin' Donuts. On the way to the vending machine to get a moisty nap, Pete runs into Ellen, who has chosen to become a vending machine operator for Career Week. Pete does not take her job seriously, but Ellen says that soon all of our desires will be granted through "the modern miracle of vending."

Next, Pete dresses in the bus driver uniform. Aside from missing the bus driver underwear, Stu mentions that Pete is also missing the bus driver service pin which he must prove himself worthy of in order to get.

Pete then accompanies Stu on his bus route in picking up the students. However, it wasn't until the kids started snickering that Pete realized how dorky he looked in his new outfit. And to make matters worse, Pete had to face the humiliation in front of his current crush, Penelope Ghiruto, who happened to take that same bus to school. Things got even worse when Stu begins to introduce Pete to the kids, mentioning that he's their substitute bus driver. Just the sound of a substitute alerts a special gland in kids' brains telling them to destroy that sub at all costs. While on the bus the remainder of that day, Pete was barraged by trash by all of the crazed kids, including his younger brother, Pete.

Later at the bus center, while Ellen demonstrates the usefulness of vending machines, Pete goes over his nightmare afternoon on the bus. He could just quit and change to another job, but Pete does not want to let Stu down. So instead of quitting, Pete plans on being fired by being an open target to the substitute-gland-induced kids the next day.

Pete begins the next day on the bus by intentionally being late. He then ups the ante by putting a target sign over his uniform and openly mentions himself as being a substitute to the kids, who were actually trying to constrain themselves. He even gives a giant stuffed bear, as a prize, for his brother, who hit his target dead on. By the end of the ride, Stu was forced to fire Pete. But it was then that Pete noticed that Penelope was the last one to get off the bus. If he were able to actually do a good job and earn the bus driver service pin, allowing him to drive the bus without Stu, Pete would be able to have the whole bus to him and Penelope after dropping off the rest of the kids. Pete then persuades Stu into giving him another chance at earning the pin.

The next day at the bus center, Pete begins showing how worthy he is of the bus driver service pin by ironing his uniform… while wearing it! While spending his routine donut snack with Stu, Pete brings on the charm by getting him a moisty nap. Unfortunately, the vending machines replaced the moisty naps with meat from around the world. Oddly enough, Stu did not seem to mind and used some meat to wipe his face.

On the bus, Pete calms down the kids by tending to their every whim. First, he hands out hot towels to everyone. Next, he cuts Wayne's hair to match Englebert Humperdinck's. He then passes out grilled tenderloins out. It is then that he tries making conversation with Penelope, but is shut down when she says that she is a vegetarian. Everything seemed to be under control with the kids until Stu calls Pete a substitute again. The next second, the kids have readied a vegetable cannon (a KrebSter Veg-o-blaster 2000, to be precise) aimed right at Pete. But Pete was prepared for that occasion, with a salad bowl that caught the cannon's vegetables, which he offered to Penelope. It was not long until Pete would get that pin, now.

Unaware of Pete's secret intentions of being with Penelope, Stu gives him the pin as well as the keys to his bus. However, Pete must bring the bus back to the center by 5:11. This would mean that in order to spend the maximum time with Penelope, Pete would have to drop off the rest of the kids at warp speed.

The next day, Pete begins literally tossing the kids off at their stops. Meanwhile, Stu bakes a celebration cake for Pete "using the engine-block cooking method." After finally dropping off the last kids on the bus (Little Pete, Monica, and Wayne), Pete had a solid 29 minutes to spend with Penelope. Little does he know that as he starts making conversation with Penelope, Pete unknowingly turned on the transceiver connecting back to the bus center. While Pete offers to drive Penelope to Smedley's Creek, Stu's anger slowly begins to boil, with Ellen alongside him. Stu then punches the transceiver until it breaks and then stabs Pete's celebration cake with his stirring whisk. Afterwards, he runs out in search of Pete, with his whisk still at hand.

At Smedley's Creek, Pete and Penelope are completely bonding. But it is not until Penelope mentions that Stu must trust him that Pete begins to feel guilty. At the same time, Stu finally catches up with them and spies on their date through the back window. Seeing young love, Stu drops his whisk and looks as if he forgives Pete. Fully driven by his guilt, Pete postpones his date with Penelope and decides to finally drive her home. As Pete backs out the bus, Stu falls off the bus's roof.

Finally at the center, Ellen offers Pete a first-class ticket to Venezuela, courtesy from the vending machine. With the way Stu stormed off before, it seemed likely that the ticket would be necessary. Just then, a worn out Stu appears, with his whisk back at hand. And right when you think Stu will start pummeling Pete… he offers him to spend the snack break with him!

The episode then closes with Pete and Penelope together on the bus ride home as Stu drives (and watches with awe).