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The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Season 3 Episode 12

Das Bus

Aired Unknown Dec 21, 1995 on Nickelodeon

Episode Fan Reviews (2)

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  • Adventures in Bus Driving

    This is another one of the last great episodes the show has ever had and this is one of the best.

    The Bus Driving carrer is the last career anyone would ever take, though I'll admit the choice of careers at the job fair were kinda strange let alone seemed to be more blue collar, one was a cowboy and the other a bear what the heck kind of busness would being a bear bring. Anyway there were a lot of good moments, I loved seeing what happens everytime the word sustitute driver on the bus is brought up, suddenly the passangers would get riled up and attack, what the heck is everyones problem.

    Even liked Pete's interaction with Penelope whom is played by Selma Blair whom you might know as Liz from the "Hellboy" movie series, this was her debut man good start. Though I don't think there is nearly enough interaction time which is why the episode in my bookloses a point, it's just we don't get to know her enough as a character, she almost feels like one of those date of the week characters; this is probably because of time limitations so oh well.

    But most of all I felt Stu was at his best, he a guy that I feel takes his job a little too seriously. He just has a lot of great lines in this episode loved how he said "Your fired" to Pete. But also down to a part just when he thinks Pete has betrayed his trust and code, Stu then runs to where Pete is stationed with Penolpe in one of the funnest and best running sequences I've ever seen (sort of reminded me of the cartoon show "Filmore") where we see him knocking people down in random areas and jumping and getting past obsticle that almost came out of nowhere.

    Overall the episode does have a good message about commitment to sworn duty but also friendship.
  • "... and my favorite season is winter." This pretty much sums up the strangeness of the show, which always seems to have the better episodes be held during the winter/fall season.

    After seeing one reviewer talk about how bad the series got by the third season, I was a little worried to check out these episodes when I stumbled into them on YouTube. And even though there's a serious lacking of Artie in these later episodes, I found that Bus Driver Stu was a good substitute for him.

    Das Bus does a good job of bringing back the strangeness of the older episodes, especially with Stu's little anger montage near the end. And even though Older Pete seems to be as fickle as ever when it comes to girls, his little love story in this episode wasn't half bad. I also liked how Ellen has become more of a friend and less of a love interest in Older Pete, who's finally noticed that he's got options. As for younger Pete, he provided the perfect mix of being an adult-hating rebel in this episode, which was a breath of fresh air after the few odd episodes where he was merely the person Older Pete looked to for some brotherly advice. Even though he played such a small role in this episode, younger Pete wsa still able to bring on the funny.

    And of course, there's this episode being held during the fall/winter season. I don't know why, but for some reason, all the best P&P episodes take place during the fall/winter. Throw in an emotionally disturbed bus driver and some vending machine running gags and you've got yourself one of the better season 3 P&P episodes.
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